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Should people be allowed to own assault rifles with high-capacity magazines?

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Yes, let’s have an adult conversation about guns.

That was the phrase yesterday, as politician after politician jumped aboard the gun-banner express.

Let’s have an adult conversation about guns.

The implication, of course, is that those who don’t agree with castrating the Second Amendment are somehow children. The gun banners’ position is the mature position and any other view is somehow immature and irresponsible.

So, yes, by all means, let’s have an adult conversation about guns.

Here it goes: Every one of you bastards who votes to limit Americans' gun rights is on the permanent crap list.

The next election, the election after that, the election after that.

Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, bend over and kiss it good bye.

Is that adult enough for you?

Republicans and Democrats alike, it’s all on the line on this one issue. The liberty-loving heart of this country is feeling pretty disaffected right about now and if you want to play “The Straw that Broke the Camel’s Back,” bring it on.

There are still a bunch of us bitter clingers out here and we’ve had it up to here with getting shafted by our own government. This tax-slave role you’ve picked for us has gotten about as tiresome as we’re willing to take.

And we’ll be damned if some hillbilly senator is going to lecture us about how many bullets he puts in his deer rifle. To be honest, a community organizer from Chicago and a professional politician from New York City might as well be from Mars when it comes to understanding the culture, values and lifestyles of broad swathes of the nation they presume to reign over.

The next elect-a-whore who pops up on the evening news to ask “Why do people need guns like that?” can go screw himself.

That goes for the Democrats who capitalized on mass murder before the sun had even set on the crime, and for the Republicans who have started playing me too, me too with the gun-banner crap.

Here’s some more adult conversation about guns: To hell with you both.

See, you elect-a-whores don’t understand that, for us stupid people out here in the sticks, the Constitution is kind of like our wife.

And rolling back the Second Amendment “just a little bit” is like screwing our wife “just a little bit.”

It infuriates the hell out of us.

It makes us fighting mad.

You may not remember your oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States, but we do.

And we intend to live up to it.

What’s that line about “all enemies, foreign and domestic?”

You skunked us pretty good in this last election. The party that supposedly stood for us, crapped the bed. The party that stood against us, crapped on us. So we and our values get four more years of leering contempt from an administration that seems intent on leaving the country crippled, weak and broke before it gives up the White House.

This gun grab is just the first sign of things to come. Everybody knew the war on guns began in the second term, but nobody suspected it would come this quick and this ferocious.

And nobody knew the Republicans would be in on it.

So, by way of an adult conversation on guns: Screw you both, may both your parties rot in hell.

You are liars and despots, with no more sense of what it means to be a free American than the man in the moon. You dishonestly grab onto the murder of children to advance your long-standing agenda, to reintroduce your long-rejected legislation, to further your long-endured oppression of individual freedom.

And the Republicans are sounding complicit.

So here’s the deal: Vote however you will, and live with the consequences.

In this last election, the disenchantment with both parties saw the most expensive election in history produce markedly lower voter turnout. That’s the contempt quotient. It’s directly proportional to the percentage of Americans who hate you both.

And with this charade on guns, the percentage is going up.

And, for me, it’s going to stay up.

You backstab us on this, and there is no forgiveness.

If you vote to limit our Second Amendment rights, we will never vote for you, we will always vote against you.

So help me, I’ll vote for a Green Party wing nut or whoever takes Ron Paul’s place before I’ll vote for any bastard who spits on my Constitution – whether he’s a Democrat or a Republican.

That’s our adult conversation: You can go to hell.

It’s clear you rat bastards can’t stand the regular people of America, and we just want it to be crystal clear that it’s a two-way street.

We can’t stand you either.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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