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Today’s column is different.

It’s not a rant, it’s a pitch.

A sales pitch.

It’s gift-giving time, and I’m in gift-selling mode, and I wanted to bend your ear about some Lonsberry products you might want to consider.

I know, this is self-serving. It’s cheesy. It’s beneath the dignity of people like you and me.

But I preach capitalism, so I thought I’d engage in a bit of it myself.

I’m selling books and shirts.

I’ll be honest with you, none of them are any great shakes. But you might like them.

First, the books.

I’ve got some copies around of the last two Christmas books I wrote. They are small and short, and quickly read.

One is called “Joseph Avenue Christmas” and it is a piece of fiction about some events set in a neighborhood of the city of Rochester, New York.

The other is titled “Santa Monica Christmas” and is a non-fiction memoir of the Christmas I was in first-grade.

Each of these is for sale over the Internet from my wife. E-mail me – bob@lonsberry.com – and I will forward her note to her.

I don’t know how much they cost.

Like I said, I’m not particularly good at this.

But if you write, she will tell you.

Now, to the shirts.

Just under four years ago, during a commercial break in a radio show, I went into the t-shirt business. I mentioned a phrase that had just come to me and some folks who make t-shirts by the thousands said maybe that phrase would work on a shirt.

And so FUBO was born.

It’s a coined word which generally expresses discontent with the president – hence the BO half of the word.

We put FUBO on everything from shirts to hats, patches to stickers, banners to signs.

And it sold pretty well. It really took off. One guy mowed FUBO across a pasture, for the planes to read as they flew over. Others drew it in dust on the back of their cars.

For four years FUBO has spoken for a lot of people, and been on a lot of shirts and hats.

And, to be honest, we have been planning over the last several months to retire the FUBO line. We figured, after Mitt got elected, there’d be no market or need.

We were so certain that FUBO would become obsolete that we began thinking about a replacement line, and have put together a line of Christian t-shirts. We want to focus on God, family and country – conservative values, but not conservative politics. And all of it with a healthy dose of faith, hoping to serve people of faith.

We’re still going to do that, and hope to have everything up and launched before too much more time passes.

Anyway, our various wares are at www.FUBOwear.com and I wonder if I could get you to hop on that site and browse around.

The top of the page is heavy on FUBO stuff, and if that speaks for you, or someone you’d like to give a gift to, I’m certain you’ll find something you like.

But if you look to the left of the page, you will see something that says “Conservative Store” and a link beneath that that says “t-shirts.”

Click there and browse through.

Please particularly notice shirts that say, “Smaller Government – Freer People,” “When Democrats are in charge, stupid things happen,” “I earned it – you can’t have it.”

There are also messages such as “GOD, FAMILY, COUNTRY” and “Live Long, Live Right, Live Free” and “Leave the woodpile a little higher than you found it.” We’ve also got various pro-gun t-shirts, like “Second Amendment – First Priority,” one of my favorites.

There’s also my personal motto “PERSIST AND PREVAIL.”

And there are probably a couple of dozen others. Some with Ronald Reagan, some with Benjamin Franklin and some with little smart alecky comments written by me or the folks at the t-shirt company.

We even have urinal cakes and motorcycle-vest patches, in case your tastes go that way. And as you click around you’ll see a bunch of stuff that might be just right.

The point is this: Christmas is coming, and somebody you know might be delighted to get something we’re peddling. I figure your favorite conservative would enjoy something from my site.

Or maybe you’d just have a good laugh looking at my stuff – a good laugh either with me or at me.

Either way, come to the website and nose around. We’d appreciate the business.

Thanks for listening, thanks for buying, and have a wonderful Christmas.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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