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As I see it, the only people dumber than Democrat politicians are the commie libs who vote for them.

In terms of mental function, I’m not impressed.

They vote for stupid people who do stupid things.

In my book, that makes them stupid, too.

And yet, they are Americans. And their votes count as much as the votes of normal people. The franchise is deaf, dumb and blind. It doesn’t care who exercises it, only that its exercise be respected.

In America, when it comes to voting, we must have one rule, and it must provide absolute equality to all. First, last and always, it must be fair.

Which is what bothers me about yesterday’s deal to take over the New York state Senate.

It is not fair.

It cheats the interests of Democrat voters, and it perpetuates the disproportionality of representation that characterizes New York’s legislature. Some voters’ will has great power and influence in Albany, while other voters’ will has no power whatsoever.

Here’s the background: After the election seemed to show more Democrats were elected to the state Senate than Republicans, and control of the body was destined to swing from the GOP to the commie libs, the Republican leadership forged a deal with four or five breakaway Democrats to wrest power from the Democrat caucus by having the breakaways jump ship and form an “independent” caucus.

The breakaway Democrats got to play kingmaker, and they got to bring to themselves a power way out of proportion to their numbers, abilities or seniority.

Under the agreement, the presidency of the Senate will change every two weeks. First it will be the GOP leader, then the breakaway leader, then the GOP leader, then the breakaway leader.

The GOP leader has 31 senators in his caucus, the breakaway leader has five senators in his caucus, and yet the two men will have equal power to set the legislative agenda in the Senate.

At the same time, the leader of the real Democrats – who has a caucus of 27 senators – is out in the cold.

There are five times more real Democrats than breakaway Democrats, and yet while the breakaway Democrats become the most powerful senators in the body, the real Democrats become the least powerful.

People represented by a breakaway Democrat will have a commanding voice in the Senate, while people represented by a real Democrat will have virtually no voice at all.

And that’s not right.

The ironic thing in all this is that, as a practical matter, the Republicans and breakaway Democrats will do a far better job leading the Senate than real Democrats ever could. In the end, it is quite likely that liberals and normal people alike will see their legislation get fair and open votes under the new arrangement – something that would not happen under the Democrats.

It is quite possible that this power-sharing deal will work out very well. It may begin the process of kicking open Albany and its systemic failure.

But you can’t do the right thing the wrong way.

And this is the wrong way.

In part because it relies on misrepresentation and betrayal. These five breakaway Democrats rose to power on the back of the wallets, efforts and votes of real Democrats – Joe and Betty New York who somehow got so confused they decided to be commie libs.

I think those folks are daft, but they had an implicit promise from the politicians they elected. If a guy runs as a Democrat, you’ve got to presume that he is a Democrat. Further, it is completely reasonable to presume that he is going to caucus as a Democrat.

In fact, I’d bet most of the commie libs who voted for these breakaway Democrats did so not because of the individual senators involved, but because they believed in and wanted to advance the Democratic Party.

Again, that makes no sense to me, but it is what these people wanted to accomplish. And their assumption that their votes for a Democrat candidate would help build a Democrat majority in the Senate is reasonable.

It’s quite likely that most Democrat voters wanted the Democrats to take over the Senate.

And so, these turncoat Democrats, who took the party’s money and support and then backstabbed it, deceived the voters. They won by lying.

And that’s neither fair nor honorable.

What happened yesterday is a tiny handful of Democrats who put personal ambition above loyalty to party and advancement of principle were able to negotiate themselves a deal that benefits them while screwing the voters.

And that’s not reform.

That’s Albany as usual.

The fact Albany politicians have found a new way to be crooked doesn’t mean a new day has dawned.

It’s the same old crap, just a different smell.

We won, but we cheated to do it. And when you cheat in politics, you rob the voter, you debase the franchise, you impede freedom.

On Election Day, more Democrats won state Senate seats than Republicans did. In the real world, that would make Democrats the majority.

But New York hasn’t been in the real world in a long time.

It would be good for Republicans to control the Senate. But you can’t do the right thing the wrong way.

And making a deal with people willing to betray their principles, party and voters is the wrong way.

Right makes might, Abraham Lincoln said.

So, too, apparently, does rounding up a bunch of Benedict Arnolds, and ignoring the will and voice of the voters.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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