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Carl Wimmer – like the truth – doesn’t change.

He has been a principle-based defender of the Constitution for the 10 years I’ve known him. He has stood valiantly and unfailingly for smaller government and freer people.

Before anyone had ever heard of the Tea Party, and over the years of its rise and fall, Carl Wimmer has been Carl Wimmer.

A rough-hewn, dyed-in-the-wool patriot.

The kind of man the Founders envisioned when they created the House of Representatives.

The kind of man the Republican Party and the state of Utah should send to Washington.

Because the Constitution is dangling, and Carl Wimmer is ready and worthy to grab the thread.

This isn’t about the politics of a district, or the machinations of a party, it’s about the salvation of a Republic. It’s about duty. It’s about jumping into the breach to push back the evil doctrine of a failed and sinister adversary.

This is today’s Delaware River, and it’s time to cross to Trenton.

It won’t be enough to send a president, we will have to send an army of right-minded and selfless warriors. Representatives of the people and their noblest, freest aspirations. Patriots who can be known by their fruits.

Carl Wimmer is such a patriot.

His campaign for Congress is not a political opportunism based on expediency and opportunity. It is the next step in a lifelong mission. He has shown in the state legislature, session after session, that he courageously and insightfully stands for conservative, constitutional principle. People know his name because of the power of his ideas and the persistence of his efforts. He has been the star of the legislature because he is the star of the legislature.

And he has not compromised.

Not with truth.

His constituents, and his God, have been able to count on him.

Certainly, Carl Wimmer lacks the wealth and sophistication of some. But he is second to none when it comes to moral commitment. He has a laser lock on what he believes and what it means.

And he has fought for what he believes in the halls of the state Capitol, on the airwaves of American television, and in the hearts of his fellow Utahns.

He has no money, he has no fancy degrees, but he has his sacred honor.

And he is placing that on the altar.

I have eaten his wife’s cooking, I have heard his testimony, I have seen his tears.

And I have measured his heart.

He is not perfect, but he is true – to his faith and his family and his flag. He is unpolished and thick necked. His grin is toothy and his skin is burned. But he is an American through and through, and he is a true representative of the people in his district and in his state.

He is a Republican not of convenience, but of conscience.

And over the last several years in Utah, his ideas have been in the forefront of the state’s constitutional passion. He has applied principle-based, conservative, constitutional ideals to the problems of today and shown the practical and principled way forward.

Nothing illustrates that better than his declaration years ago that the fundamental problem in Washington was ignorance of and contempt for the Tenth Amendment. He correctly and wisely saw that the imbalance of power between the federal government and the states was perverting federalism and threatening individual freedom and state powers.

That view today has been adopted by the state’s governor, as well as majorities of legislators in both the state’s House and Senate.

It is also held by patriots and pundits across the country – many having been alerted to the problem and the principle by Carl Wimmer’s appearances on national television.

He is not a Johnny Come Lately. He is not an opportunist. He is not a weather vane blowing with the vagaries and fads of the day.

He is – like the truth – unchanging.

Utah has sent Chaffetz and Lee. Now it must send Wimmer. The storm is gathering and the battle is in array, and the soldiers must move to the front.

That front is the halls of Congress and the minds of the American people. We must fight for truth and save the Constitution. We must preserve this God-ordained Republic and we must stand for liberty.

That’s what this election is about.

That’s what Carl Wimmer is about.

And that’s why I support his campaign for Congress.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2012

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