Written April 26, 2006     

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Ten percent of Mexico is in America.

Not the territory, the population.

Ten percent of the population of the Republic of Mexico lives illegally in the United States of America.

And it’s only getting worse. The number of Mexican citizens crossing illegally into the United States each day is in the tens of thousands. Which proves Mexico has a better president than we do.

Here’s how I figure.

The vast majority of Mexicans want free immigration into the United States. The vast majority of Americans don’t.

Score one for them.

The vast majority of Americans want a physical wall built along the Mexican border. The vast majority of Mexicans don’t.

Score two for them.

Illegal Mexican immigration into the United States helps the economy of Mexico and hurts the economy of the United States.

Score three for them.

Their president says he will encourage illegal immigration. Our president says he will discourage it.

Their president actually did and our president actually didn’t.

Score four for them.

Which is about game, set, match.

And it only got worse this week when George W. Bush stood up in Orange County, California, and said things that could only make Mexicans cheer and Americans sob. Our captain seems to be playing for the wrong team.

Here are some examples.

George W. Bush said two things were certain: We can’t deport illegal aliens and we can’t punish businesses that employ them. The problem with that is that a full 50 percent of Americans – a number far higher than his own personal popularity – favor deportation for all illegal aliens in this country.

And an even higher percentage favor strict sanctions on people who hire illegals.

Which essentially means the president has thumbed his nose at the people.

The president says the cornerstone of his immigration reform is a guest worker program and eventual citizenship for illegals here now. Both those viewpoints are also opposed by the majority of Americans.

Further, George W. Bush said that the Border Patrol was not in the business of capturing or stopping illegal aliens. Rather, he wants them to look for contraband and terrorists. He specifically does not want the Border Patrol involved in stopping the people streaming across our border.

Which, again, is just opposite of what the American people want and expect.

The president also described legislation being discussed in the Senate as an “important compromise.” It is, of course, nothing of the sort. It is one extreme position. It is the wildly pro-illegal immigration position. A compromise would be the middle ground between to points, not one point at the exclusion of the other.

He has essentially endorsed the Teddy Kennedy plan for alien normalization. Which explains why one of the first and loudest voices of praise for the president’s remarks came from Senator Kennedy.

Finally, the president told the Orange County crowd – a group of businesspeople generally uncomfortable with the flood of aliens – that the illegal immigrants are “decent, hard-working people” who “need to be treated with respect.”

Which gets back to the point that Mexico has a better president than we do. There’s no doubt that the Mexican president stands up for his country. There’s no evidence that the American president stands up for his.

Rather, he seems to sell our interests – and our opinions – down the river.

Which gets back to the midterm elections. George W. Bush is about 12 months away from impeachment hearings if the Democrats take over the Congress, and the way things are going they’re apt to get at least half of it come November.


Because the Republican Party has turned off the Republicans.

Half the country hated Bush the day he was elected. The other half liked him. The dramatic swing in support numbers shows that it’s not Democrats who are ticked at Bush, it’s Republicans. His support has evaporated – among the people who put him in office. Among the Republicans. Especially the conservative Republicans.

And the president’s stance on illegal immigration is one of the major reasons for that. Between the debt he has accumulated and the millions of illegals he has let sneak into our country, it is quite likely that the negative effect of this presidency will be felt for decades and decades.

And that’s not a Democrat saying that, it’s a Republican.

George W. Bush has abandoned our values and our borders. And we’re abandoning him.

And that might leave us with a Democrat next go ‘round, but it’s hard to believe that could be any worse.

- by Bob Lonsberry © 2006

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