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Dear Utah,

Don’t be stupid.

A vote for Evan McMullin is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Period. End of story.

He is not some prophet come to call the Republican Party out of the wilderness. He is not the genesis of some new conservative movement. He is not the future of anything.

He is some odd ball who popped up late in a campaign on an undertaking that would be called quixotic at best and psychotic at worst.

Not trying to be cruel. Just trying to be honest.

Some in Utah have decided that Donald Trump is going to lose and Utah’s six electoral votes won’t impact the outcome anyway so folks might as well vote for the nice Mormon guy in the white shirt and Mr. Mac suit.

And it does sound like a good idea.

Unless you can do math.

In which case the necessity of using every vote possible as a bulwark against the soul-destroying progressive agenda of Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party is pretty obvious.

It’s one thing to be beat and it’s another thing to quit, and Utahns have never been known to be quitters. But a vote for Evan McMullin is exactly that – quitting.

And it is quitting when the stakes are at the very highest.

And it means being blind at a time when it stands to do the absolute most harm possible.

For generations, Mormons have rued a time when the Constitution would hang by a thread. And now that it hangs by that thread, as the very nature of the Republic teeters in uncertain balance, Utahns seem intent on sending a message as opposed to making a stand.

This isn’t the time for stunts, this is the time for action.

And the appropriate action is voting for Donald Trump.

An imperfect candidate? Absolutely. A wicked man? Quite likely. The best candidate? Without a doubt.

The issue isn’t his past, it is our future. The answer to this mystery isn’t found in the tabloids, it’s found in the platforms – of the two parties. One believes in late-term abortion, the other believes in freedom-of-religion protection. One considers the Constitution a relic, the other considers it a Liahona. One defends the Second Amendment, the other threatens it.

Those are the things that matter, and Utahns should vote for those things.

Voting for Donald Trump is voting for those things, not just for him. Voting for Donald Trump is not an endorsement of his history or character. It is not an embrace of his lifestyle or his morals or values.

But it is an endorsement of his vision for America, which is far brighter and wiser than the alternative offered by Hillary Clinton.

Nebuchadnezzar was a wicked man, who seems to have been used at least in part to do the Lord’s will. The writers of the Constitution were men of frequent weakness and moral failing who nonetheless did an inspired work and who Mormons believe were ultimately accepted of the Lord.

You don’t have to be perfect to advance a worthy cause – and neither does Donald Trump. And to the extent he is defending and advancing constitutional principles, he is on the side of right – and Utahns should be standing beside him.

To the extent Utahns weaken the Trump candidacy, and thereby empower the Clinton agenda, they are complicit in the weakening of America and the advancement of evil.

Not trying to be cruel. Just trying to be honest.

Sometimes Utah voters can strain at a gnat, trying to out-conservative one another. Ever quick to see deviation from conservative orthodoxy, or declare their opponents RINOs or ignorers of the Constitution, sometimes the warnings are more about ambition and contention than they are patriotism or wisdom.

The rally to Evan McMullin, in some part, may be about that.

The notion that a vote for him lays the foundation for a conservative resurgence in the Republican Party is nuts. There already is a strong vein of conservatism in the Republican Party. Utah – through Sen. Mike Lee – is clearly one of its capitals. There is a whole long list of genuinely conservative Republicans who will continue to assert and expand their influence in the Republican Party and in the nation, no matter who wins the presidency. The idea that neophyte Evan McMullin, holding no office and having no influence outside the Wasatch Front, will rise to lead American conservatives is not logical. It’s not going to happen.

And Utah is not wise to burn its bridges and endanger its country pretending that it is.

Yes, in many ways Donald Trump is a disappointment. Yes, much of Donald Trump’s lifestyle is contrary to how many Utah Republicans live.

But Donald Trump’s political priorities – and the platform of the Republican Party – are exactly how conservative Utahns have voted and believed for years on end. It would be illogical to vote for anything different now.

Sometimes you have to believe.

Not in polls, but in principles.

And the principles Donald Trump has pledged to advance if elected are the principles Utahns have been committed to since before statehood.

Evan McMullin is a good man. You should introduce him to your sister.

But Donald Trump is a capable man. You should elect him your president.


- by Bob Lonsberry © 2016

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