Written April 17, 2017     

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# 1. 4/17/17 9:55 AM by RC - Chapin, SC
thumbsup.gif I feel like I've read your column for free for over a decade. Giving back is the least I could do as a small repayment. You have mentioned your father many times, but never told the story that I can remember.

If nothing else, your column reminds me taht it is time to get out and start running again.

# 2. 4/17/17 11:07 AM by Tom
I am donating $500 in your father's honor.

Editor's Note: thank you, my friend.

# 3. 4/17/17 7:08 PM by Hamondale - Livonia
Bob, I'm in on the donation, in your name. The way you told of your tragedy brought back a strong memory. I lost a close friend the exact same way 35 years ago. He was 52 and I was 26. You know, that invincible age. We were talking at his desk when he was stricken and died in five minutes. It took a long time to heal. I'd started running shortly before that, and I've never stopped. I have all of the same fears and emotions that you described. God bless you for raising awareness - and funding.

Editor's Note: god bless you, my friend.

# 4. 4/18/17 4:47 PM by Fred
Stephens and Nojay were both cowards.

Editor's Note: add hernandez to that

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