Written March 30, 2017     

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# 1. 3/30/17 8:50 AM
Russia, China, Iran, and North Korea are still our biggest threats. They are allies of terrorism. Our open "system" has the most to lose in a nuclear war. Or a WMD terror attack. Russia and China must above all be put on notice of the dire consequences of siding with a rogue North Korea and Iran and the terrorist states. When they don't police the "rogues", we will have to take matters into our own hands. It is our duty regardless of the perceived risks. And punishment must be swift and deliberate. Otherwise we are wasting our precious time and resources. Trade should be used as the weapon when appropriate. President Trump is doing exactly what he promised us. And it is the duty of ALL Americans to support him. I propose we offer the doubting snowflakes free passage to any other country if that is what they want. And after a month of living there give them just one more chance to live here again as loyal and patriotic Americans. Else we abandon all hope of keeping them as citizens.

# 2. 3/30/17 9:29 AM by Carl - West Wayne
Been done since the beginning of time. Only wrong when you get caught.

# 3. 3/30/17 12:06 PM by Dave - Webster, NY
thumbsup.gif I think I see Wormwood heading towards earth!

# 4. 3/30/17 12:34 PM by Chuck - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif You do have a unique perspective on many issues that I admire. The dem vs rep perspective is great. By the way, no mention in the press of Obama interference in Israel or Brexit votes.

# 5. 3/30/17 2:33 PM by Poplar Beach
Good points Bob. On your poll question, our track record influencing who should be leaders of other countries pretty much sucks, see Egypt, Iraq, Libya, heck, you can even go back to Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, we did not pick any winners; Do ourselves, or any of those countries any favors.

# 6. 3/30/17 3:48 PM by alan costich - rochester ny
thumbsup.gif Thank you for pointing out that the US is not be held blameless in influencing other country's politics. Witness the assassination of Diem in Viet Nam. Of course, we have had our own internal struggles: the assassination Of both JFK and RFK.

# 7. 3/30/17 9:24 PM
This should be mandatory reading in both houses. A roll call vote should then be called as to who agrees with its message and who does not.

One of your best Bob!

# 8. 3/31/17 6:34 PM by Che's youthful minions - Spiral Confetti, Utah


# 9. 4/1/17 2:58 PM by Wayne D. - Woods Cross, Utah
Russia or the Soviet Union only wanted one thing and that's an unstable US government no matter who the President is so they can screw around in the world while we fight among ourselves. And it has worked for years because the Dems are their useful idiots that can be manipulated so easily.

# 10. 4/2/17 5:31 PM by Jerry - Rochester
"The Russians have long had a hand in our politics, secretly funding and guiding any number of student, union, environmental, peace, civil rights, entertainment and progressive groups."

...and I would add churches in the past 30 years or so.

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