Written March 27, 2017     

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# 1. 3/27/17 12:54 AM
Which is EXACTLY why Romney-Ryan lost in 2012.

# 2. 3/27/17 7:37 AM by jen
The republicans proved themselves useless. Not because they didn't pass their plan, but because they didn't HAVE a plan. I am against Obamacare - I couldn't wait to see it repealed and replaced. But the new plan my party came up with basically changed a couple small things about the plan and called it a replacement. The things they changed didn't make health care better, but worse. In the end, I'm glad they failed.

I am against an individual mandate, but anyone who can add realizes you cannot do away with pre-existing conditions and also have no way to entice anyone to buy insurance. It just doesn't work. I'm not sure of the solution to this, but this problem needs to be solved. I want a replacement that addresses rising costs, which this plan did not. Giving poor people subsidies to pay their premiums and then expecting them to pay huge deductibles out of pocket doesn't work. I want that fixed. I'd like to see catastrophic plans allowed again. I so wish my party had given this a lot more thought. But as things are, I guess I'm happy we are stuck with Obamacare for now.

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