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# 1. 3/18/17 9:15 AM by Missy - Greecr
thumbsup.gif As always, you are a class act. I don't think much more of Ms Warren either, and was just as enraged as you after the news story. A good (wo)man admits when he is wrong, and I was wrong as well. Besides, there will be plenty of other things the mayor will screw up for us to complain about!

# 2. 3/18/17 9:32 AM by George Roffe - Willis, TX
I don't blame the reporter. As you describe this Bob, the reporter was simply doing his/her job in an honorable fashion.

The editor, however, should be on notice and a short leash. Journalism in this country has hit a real low almost universally. Speed matters more than truth. Sound bites are all we get and as in this case, they are often manipulated and/or misrepresented.

The media in this country needs to develop some self respect and that begins with editors, as it used to be. They are and always have been the gatekeepers.

# 3. 3/18/17 9:37 AM by WaterMan - Naples,NY
thumbsup.gif It takes a big person to truly admit they were wrong and apologize. You are that person. Fake news is a blind shepherd and can lead the flock off a cliff. My Grandpa used to tell me, " A text taken out of context is a pretext". He also used to say, " Believe none of what you hear and only half of what you see". Shame on Channel 10. THEY need to apologize.

# 4. 3/18/17 9:38 AM by Carol - Central Square, NY
thumbsup.gif What a shame we can't trust the media and "journalists" for fair reporting. This seems to have been done purposefully to me, after reading what you wrote in your column. I feel badly for her in this case. I know very little about her, only what I have heard from you; and I am not from your area. Kudos for you, however, for being a stand-up kind of guy and telling the story the way it should have been told. That is the way it's supposed to be.

# 5. 3/18/17 9:42 AM by Shelly - Dansville, NY
thumbsdown.gif I don't stay in Rochester politics so I can't comment on this situation. BUT, I can comment on Mayor "Lovely". I had a situation, just last year. It was a situation that I thought was important between Monroe Cty lock up and RPD. It seems that when RPD makes an arrest in the city of Roch; they don't have any place to put the accused. So they have a Union agreement to use space at the Monroe Cty lock up. The problem is- Monroe Cty thinks the prisoner is still RPD's problem and RPD thinks...once handed off- Monroe cty takes responsibility until arraignment. I took this all the way up the chain- getting one story from one side and another story from the other side. Meanwhile - ppl arrested by RPD are being taken to Monroe Cty lock up and, some, in very bad shape- are being left without medical attn.; because Monroe cty lock up doesn't believe that prisoner is their responsibility; and RPD believes - once handed off; their responsibility ends. And ppl are being left in lock up to suffer while no one tends to them. Some of these are victims of domestic abuse where RPD could not distinguish who was the instigator; in my situation a badly beaten and stab victim- left for over 15 hours before someone realized they needed medical attn. And the Mayors response. A true politician. Not her job. Not her responsibility. So - was she deserving a scathing in the recent incident? I don't know. Is she deserving a scathing overall. You betcha

# 6. 3/18/17 11:54 AM by Jeff Simek - New Smyrna Beach, Florida
thumbsup.gif Selective editing to bias a story is the most nepharious form of fake news. This is what is used against President Trump and it is harmful to individuals and a free society. But the Warren administration showed it's amateur status by failing to immediately react. Everybody involved needs to step up their game...

# 7. 3/18/17 3:19 PM by Rita H, Fancher - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Shame on me. Such a vollitle comment, reaction and I didnt investigate and do my homework before shooting my mouth off. Should have learned from her election. Her opponent never even felt the need to declare his canidency. We pick and choose our battles with information we put through a sieve. Channel 10 needs to understand the fake news term is not a badge of honor. Let me decide which piece of information I deem in necessary

# 8. 3/18/17 3:38 PM by Mary - Rochester NY
It takes a big man to admit he got it wrong. Thank you for speaking up and admitting you got it wrong. Wish the Mayor and her staff would communicate directly with you. I do enjoy your show.

# 9. 3/18/17 6:21 PM by Roger Levy - Rochester NY
thumbsup.gif Ch. 10 has been pushing their campaign as investigators in recent months. Sensationalism in their promos, rarely any real meat on the bones. Reporters are at the mercy of the loss of advertisers caused in part by the plethora of alternate channels. We are all part of the problem, I guess.

# 10. 3/18/17 7:57 PM by Philip Night - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob Lobsberry, fair and balanced.

# 11. 3/19/17 3:28 AM by Amy
Your article on Mark Christy was a misinformed and inaccurate piece of The Savaged MAN who He was.

Editor's Note: the guy who killed viola manville and kalyee poulton?

# 12. 3/19/17 9:37 AM by Mike - Fairport New York
thumbsdown.gif Regardless of editing or how grearful she may have appeared or sounded the only sound bite that matters is "George Eastman would have paid the whole thing" that's bull spit and you know it. Tom has done nothing but bend over backwards for this community. You can try to spin it how ever you want... that quote is ridiculous.

# 13. 3/19/17 2:31 PM by Fifi collier - Rochester NY
thumbsdown.gif I feel as if the mayor made the right decision.Plans were already in the makings until it didn't go through. Ok, so what, he's want to give $25 million the cost is $80 million were is the rest of the money coming from. Sounds like the ferry deal to me.

# 14. 3/20/17 10:23 AM by Josh J. Porte - Fairport,NY
thumbsdown.gif "in fairness to Lovely", that fairness goes both ways. Let me state it in a clear and understandable way, if Lovely Warren was employed by a real company (you know the one that has to actually make the money/profit to survive) she would have been fired long ago. People in "public service" don't possess that understanding. Out of context? Maybe. But she should have never placed or talked herself into this predicament in the first place. Build that performance center (if you really feel you have to) in Henrietta. Better access for all we would like to attend.

# 15. 3/22/17 7:05 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater
That's cool Bob, your explanation and clarification. One of those "Hate it when that happens" moments. And reminds me of the ubiquitous instances where e.g. politicians and National News outlets INTENTIONALLY, selectively edit quotes to unfairly distort. Tom

# 16. 3/22/17 3:01 PM by Randy - Beckham
Enjoy your commentaries,after watching Sen. Dianne Feinstein, oops here comes that heartburn again, articulating again about the Constitution as "a living, breathing document" during the confirmation hearings for Judge Neil Gorsuch,I was wondering if you have ever wrote on this subject. Always appreciate your thoughts, good stuff

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