Written March 17, 2017     

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# 1. 3/17/17 6:19 AM by Joe - Sparta
thumbsup.gif Tom Golisano's life matters. Stark contrast.

# 2. 3/17/17 6:26 AM by Scott - Livonia
thumbsup.gif 100% spot on

# 3. 3/17/17 6:55 AM
With government funding of the "arts" being drastically cut, beggars cannot be choosers. Mr. Golisano's $25 million should be the seed donation to spearhead an effort to "privatize" local theater and other arts. An immediate private fund raising effort should be started to enlist financial and other support from the local regional arts community.

# 4. 3/17/17 6:57 AM by Fred
This should make it easier to count Warren's votes. All it should take is one hand.

# 5. 3/17/17 7:17 AM by Mike - Webster, NY
I understand that Mr Golisano's offer had no stipulation on location. He should now add a stipulation that the location will NOT be in Rochester.

# 6. 3/17/17 8:06 AM by Fred Calcagno - Honeoye Falls NY
Dear Bob, I was ashamed, embarrassed, and disgusted, when the Town of Mendon assessed his house at 6 million dollars when in fact he later sold it for under 3 million. That caused him to move his residence and his tax money to Florida. That was bad enough but this takes the cake. Lovely Warren should resign for she's done nothing to improve the City of Rochester during her tenure, and now she's insulted a gracious donor whose 25 million grant could have improved it.

# 7. 3/17/17 8:10 AM - Fairport, NY
thumbsup.gif Think about where Lovely has come from, Bob. Her law school tuition was paid for by Betty Strasenburgh, presumably to reduce her perceived "white privilege." She was appointed to city council after running and losing by her daddy - David Gantt - who moved an existing council member out of the way to clear a spot for her. The wheels for Lovely's career have been greased for her every step of the way, so when you come from this sort of entitled background, I guess you're not impressed when you meet someone who actually created wealth from scratch. Face it - Lovely is a disgrace to this town, and one hopes and prays that she loses in the primary so we will be done with her in the near future.

# 8. 3/17/17 8:26 AM by Joe - Sparta
And if I might comment again. On occasion, I've donated to the Golisano Children's Hospital (in the city of Rochester), what in comparison to Golisano, amounts to a pittance. And I've had occasion to enter the Golisano Institute for Sustainability at RIT. And I remember thinking each time as I open this giant glass door 12 feet high and look inside the place, "I couldn't even afford to donate this door, and this guy donated this whole fricking building." And now the Lovely Warrens of this world deeply resent the Tom Golisanos. Unbelievable.

# 9. 3/17/17 8:42 AM by phelpschick - phelps ny
thumbsup.gif Tom should donate the 25 million to Mr. Sheppard's campaign. "Lovely" is a joke.

# 10. 3/17/17 9:30 AM by robert borsching - geneva ny
The present city administration want a high rise apartment project at the former Midtown Mall site. Isn't this another "if you build it they will come" pipe dream ala "The Fast Ferry" fiasco. Wasn't there talk about selling apartments at nearly vacant Xerox and Times towers some time ago? What happened to that? Do we need a new high rise slum at the former Midtown Mall site? I grew up in Rochester. I remember clean streets and sidewalks. I remember when people used to dress to go downtown. I remember stores that attracted the middle and upper classes. Looking at the storefronts today is so sad. Trash and filth blowing around. Beggars, drunks, dope heads are frequent sights. Rochester is a dump now. What happened?

# 11. 3/17/17 11:01 AM by Mark - Greece
Something rotten in Denmark. 80 million for a perhaps 3 story performing arts center yet her contractor of choice is willing to build a 20-plus story deluxe hotel complex for about a third? The graft has already been promised,they just need to get enough ignorant fools' wallets on board.

# 12. 3/17/17 11:47 AM by Mudd - Wayne County
thumbsup.gif Good Ol Ugly Warren, and her big mouth. Dumber than a box of rocks. Kiss that $25 million goodbye. Vote her out of office ASAP. She will ruin Rottenchester.

# 13. 3/17/17 12:29 PM by Lee, LPN - Greece, NY
thumbsup.gif What passes for 'leadership' these days boggles the mind. How can someone permit a frivolou$ parade in sub-freezing wind-chills just to sell some green beer, but throw away million$ for a frivolou$ theater? There is no logic, no fi$cal sense, no fore$sight of any kind. We don't need a high-priced 'leader' for this kind of nonsense; any fool could do it for minimum wage and no benefits.

# 14. 3/17/17 2:57 PM by Steve - Livonia
The other day you had a commentary on the radio that said Rachel Barnhart ought to withdraw from the race because there's no way she can mathematically get to a win. That's what everyone said about Donald Trump. Much like Hillary kept helping out by saying stupid things, if Lovely Warren keeps saying things like that, she could be in for a big surprise come election time.

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