Written March 3, 2017     

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# 1. 3/3/17 9:55 PM by Helen - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Thank you, Bob, for using the right words to portray this horrific murder.

# 2. 3/3/17 10:01 PM by Ron - Roc
Dear Lord please help us

# 3. 3/3/17 10:38 PM by Karen Kern Elliott - Hampstead, NC
thumbsup.gif Just about reduced me to tears... except that I am too angry to cry. Thank you for sharing the story here Bob, Char's story. There isn't anyone else who can express the humanity (and the lack thereof) like you do.

# 4. 3/3/17 10:49 PM by Chester Pester - Syracuse, NY
thumbsup.gif The revolving door 'catch and release' criminal justice system in NY needs to end. No more second chances.

# 5. 3/3/17 10:52 PM by Michael - Syracuse, NY
thumbsup.gif Spot on Bob ! Every single day I share a story on my Facebook page about the latest crime that was committed by the habitual inner-city hoodlums that have nothing better to do but rape, pillage and plunder. The sad fact is most of these POS are back out on the streets before the ink is dry on their police reports. When are criminals going to be held responsible for their actions ? I'm so sick and tired of these repeat offenders that prey on hard working citizens.

# 6. 3/4/17 12:35 AM by Phil - Provo, UT
So much of what goes on around us we have limited control in it's ultimate outcome. We can have opinions and make our thoughts known. However, the greatest influence we can project to the community and those who live in it is in how we raise our own families.

Watching your 10 year old son catch a fly ball in center field lets him know your involved in his life and love him. He doesn't need to know the level of anxiety parents drop on their own shoulders each day. He needs a role model to help him be a future citizen that will, in turn, do the same for his son.

Good citizens are cultured. They don't happen by chance. They care because they have memories of being cared for. They help the community prosper and can influence those around them. A good example does not make those around him question his actions.

It has been said "birds of a feather, flock together" I choose to be a good citizen. I choose to be productive. I choose to nurture my children and grandchildren. Those I associate with are of a similar mind set.

I feel Charolette Lahr was this type of citizen. She was murdered for merely being at the wrong place by a very sick person.

I will pray for her and hope others will also.

Good will triumph over evil. Good still needs us to nurture it in our families. Make the choice to be a good citizen.

# 7. 3/4/17 2:01 AM by Joe miller - New Woodstock, NY
thumbsup.gif Thank you Bob! Hug your children and wife. Say a prayer. I pray that after you share these stories that you are able to step away. So much pain and sadness. God bless you!

# 8. 3/4/17 7:11 AM by Bob - Avon, NY
Maybe...just maybe we should spend some our (unending) tax dollars to put additions on the homes of members of the parole board & judges so that anyone paroled can spend one year in and around their family and neighborhood...if parolees are safe enough to be around our families then this shouldn't be a problem...plus think of the increased property value.

# 9. 3/4/17 8:54 AM by Fgf - Rochester
Absolutely a horrific crime and you are the only one who reported on the degree of violence involved. Are violent felons that are considered mentally ill being housed at the Psychiartric center on South and Elmwood? Are some of these also sex offenders who were committed there rather than being released after their sentence? Are they free to come and go as they please? I doubt any of our other media will ask these questions . Maybe you can find out.

# 10. 3/4/17 9:57 AM by CARL - WEST WAYNE

# 11. 3/4/17 10:30 AM by Annmarie - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Remarkable insight and empathy for the victim. Beautifully written brought me to tears. Thank you for your thoughtfulness regarding this callous and heinous crime.

# 12. 3/4/17 10:34 AM
Very psychopathic indeed.

# 13. 3/4/17 11:10 AM by Dale E. Faro - Webster, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob, thanks for the story of Charlotte Lahr. You personalized another tragic, senseless death of a good person just trying to work hard and make their way in Rochester. I'm a retired State Trooper, 31 years in uniform and as an Investigator, 69 years old, and I find it necessary to "carry" when I'm in the city, and when I don't (Sound of Music Tuesday night)it makes me ultra aware of our surroundings. Long time listener, keep up the good work, DEF

# 14. 3/4/17 11:29 AM by Kimberly Jarrett - Rochester, NY
Thank you for reporting this horrific news about a woman who was so kind and harmless.

# 15. 3/4/17 12:27 PM by Joseph - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Thanks Bob as usual. This city is a joke! My office is in Dallas Texas and I commute weekly. Just got back last night to this! Why live in Rochester? The beautiful city? Taxes? The clean water and beautiful beaches? The clean air? Job Growth? Oh wait...it must be the great city school district!! It's so depressing to come home. Thanks for the great work and please don't let you foot off the gas....we need you!!

# 16. 3/4/17 2:32 PM by Chuck
thumbsup.gif When I first heard this story (about the murder, before I even knew of who the alleged perp was), I thought that it was a disgusting shame that a productive member of society was killed by a predator. Now that I know about "it," (I won't dignify with a human appellation) I feel even stronger. What a waste of breathe and energy this Quander is. He is a perfect example of why we need a death penalty, executed as soon as practicable after conviction.

# 17. 3/4/17 3:18 PM by Joanne Naujokas - WEbster NY

Thanks Bob you added some humanity to Charlotte. loved it and hate that man who took the life of a good person.

thanks, Jan

# 18. 3/4/17 5:41 PM by David Kramer - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Like to share this article on Char Lahr's murals


# 19. 3/4/17 7:09 PM by Liz Parker - S. Daytona, FL 32119
Although it didn't happen in Rochester, my daughter Corey who grew up there was murdered in FL when she was 25, stabbed 101 times. After 2 1/2 yrs her murderer was found. And today he is being housed, fed and cared for with tax payers money. Life, no parole. What a waste of money. He doesn't deserve to live. What does he have to offer? People say the death penalty is a cruel punishment. Are you kidding? Being stabbed 101 times is cruel!

# 20. 3/4/17 11:46 PM by Tony leone - Batavia New York
thumbsup.gif That was awesome,

# 21. 3/5/17 12:25 PM by Phillip Yatteau - Honeoye Falls
Yet another heart wrenching story that brings insight on how fast we're "circling the drain".

# 22. 3/5/17 4:50 PM by Steve - Malone, NY
thumbsup.gif "the best of us preyed upon by the worst of us"-yes, that pretty much sums it up. A wonderful lady, very much liked by her local community, doing her best each day-and doing well-taken from us by a waste of oxygen career criminal whose taxpayer supported public defender will most likely attempt to mount an insanity defense. An innocent woman, stabbed multiple times-then struck with a bottle 39 times. Yes, I believe in the death penalty-which most unfortunately will never happen in this state.

# 23. 3/5/17 5:08 PM by sheldon Lopatin - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Very gruesome and sad story of Rochester...

# 24. 3/6/17 9:17 AM by Marty - Tax-me-very-much, NY
As per your survey today; YES

Especially in this case!

# 25. 3/6/17 7:33 PM
And, Mayor Warren, please note this horrific murder was not due to a gun. Take away guns and there still are weapons all around .... Knives, fists, bottles, etc. Murders are because the bad guys aren't scared and know Richester isn't willing to take them on!

# 26. 3/7/17 3:13 AM by Bob H. - Henrietta, NY
thumbsup.gif If those protesters who are disrupting town halls of Republican congressmen (and women) would direct all their energy toward putting pressure on Governor Cuomo to keep violent parolees off the streets, we would see an actual drop in crime.

The question is, are those protesters even interested in doing so?

# 27. 3/7/17 12:23 PM by Felipe - Rochester,N.Y.
thumbsup.gif Why doesn't N.Y. Put these animals to sleep?!These filthy animals deserve to die! Maybe...just maybe,these dirtbags would think twice about taking another life,if they knew they themselves were going to be killed.As for the mayor,she cares nothing about any thing but her own comfort in city hall.Charlotte was a kind,beautiful women.She did not deserve this horrible atrocity.This scum should never be allowed on the street again!

# 28. 3/8/17 6:41 AM by Mark
I've come to the conclusion that you only post comments now when they favor your writing or your opinion.

Anyway, this was a preventable tragedy but more importantly it was a wake up call for folks who live in these trendy pockets in the city and think they are immune to crime because it's a cool place to be.

# 29. 3/8/17 12:51 PM
What a piece of !*&!@!!!

# 30. 3/10/17 11:38 AM by Glenn - Rochester
For 28 years I was a City Cop. I swear to you it was NEVER this violent sadly if the Criminals had better ammunition ,better marksmen skills, the carnage would be horrific. They don't even count shots fired if they do not strike anything that matters. I know and learned through " crime stats" how to manipulate the numbers. The Mayor is telling an "untruth". Please keep on them.

# 31. 3/15/17 7:06 AM by David Williams - Hilton, NY
thumbsup.gif I knew and loved Charlotte Lahr years ago. She was a lovely woman and a wonderful friend. We had lost touch, but I always hoped I'd see her again, but I'll never have the chance now. One of the brightest lights ever to grace my life has been murdered by a brutal criminal -- and the New York State parole system. The judge who released Kevin Quander should serve hard time for this, too.

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