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# 1. 1/8/13 7:56 AM by Big Buck
thumbsdown.gif What a beautiful idea! Then in years ending in 5 and 0, hunters can blast these big magnificent animals with their AK-47's, slice off their heads and mount them on the walls of their man caves. Hunting for food is one thing but trophy hunting is shameful.

Editor's Note: nice to hear from you, obama.

# 2. 1/8/13 8:03 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I've noticed just as you describe. My friend got an 8-point at our place this season and that's about as big as I see. And the bigger the buck, the more hunters will die to bag him. One friend has this HUGE mounted head. I never realized they naturally get that BIG! Absolutely awesome. To see Bambi's dad alpha buck alive and well would be wonderful. I take it the chicks would dig him.


I couldn't bring myself to go out and blow up deer, unless I was hungry. Very Hungry. If I was that hungry, my inhibitions toward blowing up anything would take the back seat. Think Elmer Fudd.

Having said that, I don't have a problem with others hunting and in fact support it. I, unlike #1, whose name apparently is Dick Head, will not let my squeamishness get in the way of others going out to hunt.

Sounds like a great idea Bob. Maybe if N.Y. state does it, other states will follow.

# 4. 1/8/13 8:25 AM by jay
#1: Where does the column advocate trophy hunting ?

# 5. 1/8/13 8:41 AM by Carl
thumbsup.gif Makes sense to me. They all taste the same.

Editor's Note: amen

# 6. 1/8/13 8:47 AM by Chad - Owego, NY
thumbsup.gif As a lifetime hunter with a lifetime license, I really like this idea. I'm one of those people you mention who has never seen (aside from TV) a fully mature buck, despite being out in the field for 20 years now, hunting spring and fall turkey, deer, and small game for late fall/winter. I'm only 34, so implementing a program like this would give me decades of fantastic opportunities to hunt a real buck.

# 7. 1/8/13 8:51 AM by jim - ROchester NY
I always though the younger bucks were more preferable because the meat was more tender. And it would be interesting to see if there would be a changes with deer herds. Would the bucks start leading the way for does to follow,

# 8. 1/8/13 9:01 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif What about wild boar hunting?

Editor's Note: we hope we never have it. those feral hogs destroy habitat and dessimate nature and native species. hogs in the woods are a very, very terrible thing. shoot on sight.

# 9. 1/8/13 9:04 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
I don't think I've ever been to Letchworth when i haven't seen deer, so this would be very cool indeed.

# 10. 1/8/13 9:07 AM by pp
thumbsup.gif I really can't see a downside to this, other than overpopulation of deer. More doe should be culled to make room.

I'm in Brighton, and we have deer in my neighborhood. In Brighton. There is very little open space in Brighton. Many times I'll see deer that have had broken legs that have healed. They limp around quite happily. This means they have been hit by a car, and survived. It also means there are no predators to take care of the weak deer. A pity to have such beautiful animals suffer because the natural balance of nature is unbalanced.

They also like to munch on my plants, the buggers.

# 11. 1/8/13 9:17 AM by Milt B - CT
Why not 3,6,9 ? There would be an extra year of hunting in the decade and there would be a many large deer.

Editor's Note: you'd have one-third mature bucks, instead of 60 percent.

# 12. 1/8/13 9:22 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed your column. At least someone is thinking about something beautiful and natural...The 0 and 5 sounds good but maybe even and odd years would show an effective forbearance of 3 to five years for some bucks to avoid being put down...

True sportmanship is not fully understood by most urban college graduates, especially masters and Phd's. One does not learn true respect for the majestic magnificence of nature without being

In the world of nature,

NOT Of the world of nature...

Editor's Note: skipping years -- even and odd -- wouldn't let them mature, you'd just have more two-year-old bucks.

# 13. 1/8/13 9:25 AM
There actually are people that manage game preserves were they find big buck and use them to breed so there will be more trophy deer to hunt. Farmers save some domestic animals for breeding nice to have some type of breeding for game too.

# 14. 1/8/13 10:25 AM by kittynana - Lewiston NY
"More precisely, they don’t live to get very old. They all die as immature adolescents."

Huh. Sounds like a sentiment on a certain inner city population.

# 15. 1/8/13 10:31 AM by Paul - Rhode Island
thumbsup.gif And in years ending in 6 and 1, the bucks that didn't get shot are going to have some fuuuunnn!

# 16. 1/8/13 10:45 AM by Beth - Beautiful Canisteo Valley
thumbsup.gif Bob, is this similar to what was done, years ago, at the old Sampson Air Force Base?

# 17. 1/8/13 10:55 AM by Poplar Beach
A great idea Bob, most bucks their first fall (born that spring)are button bucks. Where I live now, I get to see them from spots to their second fall, they are then spikes, fork horns, or small six pointers, maybe 130 pounds hog dressed. Last year and this year there were two 2.5 year old bucks, nice 8 pointers, but nothing bigger than that, both of them got shot, they hog dressed 140 & 145 pounds.

Many years ago I had a friend call to ask me to help him drag his bow buck out of the woods, I kind of laughed, but when I found him and another friend deep in the woods, it was the biggest 10 pointer I had ever seen, hog dressed 216 pounds, I took three of us over an hour to get him to the truck. God it would be great if there were more bucks like that one in the woods! Your plan would do that!

# 18. 1/8/13 11:04 AM
I have never been fond of venison. My dad hunted deer and elk. I used to get very excited about elk meat on the table and grumblingly tolerated the deer meat. I have found that my dad prepared venison steaks better than anyone else whose recipes I've tasted, but still not a preferred meal for me.

Elk. It's all about the elk.

# 19. 1/8/13 12:07 PM by Abner D
I'm not a hunter, so I don't have a dog in this race - I just wish they would stop congregating along side the road at those Deer Crossing signs.

On the other hand, I guess full-grown bucks would provide bigger targets for hunters who can't hit the broad side of a barn, so that's a good thing.

# 20. 1/8/13 12:12 PM by Rick - Lehi, Ut
In regards to #2, Tom. You people back East count your antlers differently than we in the West do... We count the antlers on the one side, so what you call 8 pt buck we might call a 4 pt. we count the one side of the rack that has the most points... I agree in part with #1.. I don't have a hoot what weapon you use.. I don't like when a hunter passes up on a smaller "rack" and only looks for huge racks. I think you should hunt for food, not for a trophy... and I HATE the obummer

# 21. 1/8/13 12:28 PM
Then you would get a whole lot of gay bucks. And a lot more does would turn into lesbians, seeing as there would not be enough hetero bucks left. It would be very dangerous for you to go out hunting. You might get rear ended, or at the very least t-boned.

# 22. 1/8/13 2:32 PM by Patrick - Syracuse
A few years back I had the privilege of lifting a tiny fawn over wall in Letchworth. The doe easily jumped the 5 foot high wall on the roadway, but the little guy couldn't follow. I have cats that weigh more than this guy did, but boy, he sure could bleat loudly.

# 23. 1/8/13 5:01 PM by Marv - Rio Medina, TX
Meat is murder! Tasty, tasty murder.-- Marv

# 24. 1/8/13 6:34 PM by dj
I'd imagine a mature white-tailed buck would be majestic in the wild.

While snowshoeing through the forested hills above the cabin, I occasionally encounter full-grown elk bucks. The first time was quite a rush! We just stared at each other, silently.

But I gotta say I've never felt the least desire to shoot one.

# 25. 1/11/13 2:33 AM by Emily - Garland, Utah
Same situation with mule deer here in Utah which is why my husband will only try for doe permits. If you want antlers for your wall just go out and find them when they are shed.

# 26. 1/18/13 8:59 PM by saverio campano - port st lucie, florida
thumbsup.gif so very simple, it's the right thing to do. Someone should have come up with this years ago, but it's too simple, there's no money to be made on it, that's why it will probably never happen. I feel it's the least we can do for "OUR" deer. We owe it to them, because they have been very good to us for a long, long time.

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