Written January 3, 2013     

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# 1. 1/2/13 11:27 PM
He really pulled a Boehner this time.

# 2. 1/3/13 12:18 AM by dave
While we're wishful-thinking regarding clearing out Republican failures, can we also get rid of Tom Reed? What a RINO disappointment he's been since he went to Washington. If he didn't have (R) by his name, I'd think he was an Obama-loving Democrat.

Editor's Note: i actually like reed quite a bit. he represents a centrist district -- remember amo houghton? -- but i actually think reed is a pretty good conservative. i also think he's pretty smart. he has been a very good congressman so far.

# 3. 1/3/13 12:22 AM
I read were John Huntsma was talked of of being a contender for speaker. All he does is want to stay republican while telling them how they need to act like democrats basially. Reason he got clobbered in primary.

Editor's Note: don't you have to be in congress to be speaker?

# 4. 1/3/13 12:43 AM - slc ut
thumbsup.gif Just not the man for the job. We need some one tough as nails.

# 5. 1/3/13 12:47 AM - slc ut
thumbsup.gif Glad to have you back from your holiday. Hello to your family and wish all is well at the Lonsberry Clan. Can you tell us, just a little bit, how everyone is doing? We miss the updates.

# 6. 1/3/13 1:14 AM by BSP
"Take the spray on tan and the I-swear-I’m-not-drunk slurred and weepy speech and get out of the spotlight. These are the major leagues and you are playing Double-A ball."

The same can be said about channel 13's Don Alhart. He's been on TV for so long that I think he assumes that we can still understand what he's saying.

Editor's Note: actually, alhart is rock steady. he's good not just for a guy his age, he's good for anybody of any age.

# 7. 1/3/13 1:59 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY

I thought that the leadership got it exactly right in avoiding the fiscal cliff at this point! Otherwise chaos! Both sides gave up a lot. True they are still kicking the can down the road. Meanwhile the unemployed will still be solvent, even with no employment available. And seniors still have their medicare. I thought some compassion was restored for the little guy. But no compassion for the flood victims in NY and NJ. Hopefully that will come soon. I know that Gov Christie is livid. But I think all of this has avoided a dreadful depression! And Obama will be in deep sh@t with his broken pledge not to increase taxes under the $240,000 level of income! But the bigger fight is coming up over increasing the debt ceiling. The Repubs hold the spending power of the government by controlling the House. If they do not let the debt ceiling rise, this too could bring on a depression. I still think they will stick together to give Obama real worries about who is really running things. And if things go wrong now the dems will be given the fault and just think, Obama needing Biden to close the deal with the Repubs! It`s not going to be pretty! There is also a large majority of Repub Governors... Bob, I know that you usually are right and we all hope for the best!

# 8. 1/3/13 4:53 AM by Bob H. - Henrietta, NY
thumbsup.gif True conservatives must be willing to stick to their principles, even if it means defeat at the next election.

Then if the roof falls in the voters have no one else to blame but themselves.

# 9. 1/3/13 5:21 AM by Larry - Greece,NY
I agree in principal,but there is no check on Barry Hussein & his gang, and there won't be no matter who is Speaker. They have done & will do whatever they want! On another note, how about Al & his boys selling their network to the the peace lovers?

# 10. 1/3/13 5:42 AM
thumbsdown.gif Yes, the Country deserves better -- a better Republican caucus!

No way can anyone get it to speak with one voice as it stands. The Tea Party contingent is steadfastly opposed to being brought into the larger Republican fold, and doesn't have the strength of numbers to remake the caucus.

What would you have Boehner do, exactly?

And I wouldn't say he's Obama's "bitch" by a long shot. Remember there are at least as many of us "progressives" out there who are just as pissed off about the fiscal cliff deal.

We just made permanent a whole lot of Bush tax cuts, but we STILL need revenue and we haven't done squat to cut spending yet.

How do you strike any kind of Grand Bargain when you just took one half of the equation off the table??

We are too dysfunctional for words.....

# 11. 1/3/13 6:00 AM by Roscoe - Red Creek
A Limp Boehner

# 12. 1/3/13 6:02 AM by Al - Brockport
The GOP is finished. Even their own are turning on them.

# 13. 1/3/13 6:05 AM by Charley - Colorado
Boehner only speaks for the top 1%!!!! Thats it. Ohio should be ashamed to have that guy represent them. Repugs are not friends of the middle class.

Vote more out in 2014. A lot more.

# 14. 1/3/13 6:07 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
Extreme right wingers are out and more will go they way of your darling Buerkle in the next election. Yeah, compromise is really bad for business as the stock market was up over 300 points yesterday. The biggest one day increase in over a year.

# 15. 1/3/13 6:09 AM by Harvey - Webster
Thank you Bob. Two great columns back to back and on the first two working days of the month.

I answer your poll questions before I read your column, although sometimes you are able to change my mind. Wow, today's poll is one of the largest majorities that I've ever agreed with.

I hope the speaker gets replaced. The most important problem is cutting spending and getting out of debt.

BUT, the Republicans are shooting themselves in the foot by refusing to tax the rich. It was a big factor in Romney's loss and it's why Republicans get so little support, or agreement with any of their ideas, from the vast majority of the voters. That attitude of not wanting to tax the rich could kill the GOP and defeat many Repubs that run for election.

# 16. 1/3/13 6:22 AM by Kurt - Fairport
He is a major player for the leadership team that performed so badly and was publicly beaten so soundly. He's been finished since November 6th. The shock is just now wearing off enough for even Lonsberry to understand it's over.

# 17. 1/3/13 6:24 AM by Dave - Fulton, NY
It doesn't matter who the speaker is because the GOP simply reloads the same Party of "NO!" anyway.

# 18. 1/3/13 6:27 AM by Joe Wilson
“YOU LIE !!!"

# 19. 1/3/13 6:31 AM by Hockey Mom - Gates
The teabaggers in Congress are extremists focused on destroying the government.  They will not follow even their own party leader and have total disregard for the  well being of 98% of all Americans.

# 20. 1/3/13 6:35 AM by Bill - Rochester NY
Are you kidding me? Obama has been dubbed the conceder in chief for a reason. The guy has no backbone and thinks negotiating with congressmen is beneath him. It doesn't matter who the GOP picks. How sad that both the left and the right have contempt for their leaders.

# 21. 1/3/13 6:48 AM by Glen Coco
Boehner does not have the respect of his right wing-nuts, the group who's rigid ideological stance holds America's economy hostage.

These are the very congressmen who vetoed more funds for embassy security and a jobs bill for veterans.

# 22. 1/3/13 6:51 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif There ought to be a "Lemon Law" for all three branches, both parties, at all levels...New does not always bring better...Take pork states for example...(Not new pork steaks, either)

# 23. 1/3/13 6:52 AM by Sandman - Henrietta
Do you mean this guy is an actual speaker? I thought he was just a mouth piece for the Koch Bro's and Limbaugh .

# 24. 1/3/13 6:56 AM by Misty - Fairport
Sounds like you are admitting that your party is imploding. You have become so accustomed to blaming and cursing Obama that your brain could not fathom the problem was the GOP all along.

# 25. 1/3/13 7:00 AM by Poplar Beach
The republicans should have come out right after the election and said lets do Bowles Simpson!

They knew the tax raise was coming anyway, they could have agreed to Bowles Simpson, the Presidents Own Commission, and gotten the spending cuts on the table right away!

Boehner dropped the ball!

# 26. 1/3/13 7:00 AM by Gray Wolf - Letchworth
This is the same guy that brought you Plan B, and was totally down with Mitten being the next president.

Fire his arse and appoint Orly Taitz.

# 27. 1/3/13 7:03 AM by Dave
Boehner is the tip of the Republican iceberg. He is the true representation of the a party that is dysfunctional and out of touch.

Hope he does not survive after what he did to New York and New Jersey in the way of disaster relief. Maybe we should watch him and Christie in a room together and watch Boehner cry like a baby, again.

# 28. 1/3/13 7:08 AM
As much as I dislike Boehner, I would hate to see Cantor step into the job. Every photo of him reminds me of a Judas, sneering at all, most especially the American people.

# 29. 1/3/13 7:14 AM by MrsPhartootski
thumbsup.gif The Speaker of the House doesn’t need to be someone who is a Representative. It’s time to have someone with knowledge of past legislation and history, someone who can communicate smoothly to low-information consumers of propaganda, someone who is use to taking the heat of smearing, someone who doesn’t need to worry about campaign fundraising for the next election, someone who is likely to resist the trinkets of lobbyists, and someone who will just concentrate on the leadership of the House, legislation, and messaging to save our Republic and capitalism.

Someone who will stop the private end around Congress “negotiating” behind closed doors at the last possible moment of the manufactured crisis by BHOle acolytes; have short, concise, limited one-item bills on paper instead of generalized, omnibus, porky project amendment add-ons fabricated word-of-mouth that has legislation written for it years after the vote as in ObamaTaxCare and Dodd-Frank Regulatory Reform Act; buy TV-Radio-Paper Ads to get messaging out to the public and to call out the crony-capitalism the MSM fails to cover.

Seniority members such as Eric Cantor or Kevin McCarthy won't do it either. John Boehner failed in 2006 when he took over for Tom DeLay, and he was silent for the most part the past two years. Why subject the Country to more RINOship when half the Country pines for an alternative leadership to the marxism in power with the Presidency, Senate, and DNC destroying the Republic, capitalism, prosperity, individuals, and freedoms.

# 30. 1/3/13 7:32 AM by Abner D

You gotta say one thing for the commie libs - they march in lockstep. Sadly for us, 'Yes We Can Destroy America!' is their marching song.

# 31. 1/3/13 7:36 AM by Ann - Avon, NY
I had serious doubts when he was elected speaker, but I had hoped I was wrong. Unfortunately, he proved me right! If he was a true patriot he would do what is best for the country and step down, but I doubt his ego will allow him to do that. As far as I am concerned they (senate/house) are all a bunch of bandits.

# 32. 1/3/13 7:44 AM
bye bye birdie.... i agree with your perspective. from the get go, i didn't see him as CLEAR FOCUSED and SHARP. no doubt the man is a good guy and a great dad, etc. just not right for the position.

# 33. 1/3/13 7:56 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
We saw the movie, Lincoln, over the weekend. Why can't we find a Republican with even a fraction of his intelligence, moxie, spirt, humor, respect and common sense to serve in public office? Did they stop making men like this in 1809?

# 34. 1/3/13 7:58 AM by Sam Malone
What idiots the right wingers are. No wonder they lost the election

# 35. 1/3/13 8:06 AM by Liz - Penfield
I finally have something in common with a republican. I am not concerned about Boehner losing his seat either.

# 36. 1/3/13 8:12 AM by Tex
We are witnessing a Republican party in its death throes. And it's BEAUTIFUL sight.

The baggers are already pulling the bus around to through him under it.

# 37. 1/3/13 8:14 AM by Ray - Gates
Hannity's BS finally caught up to him. His viewership is down significantly. Let that be a lesson Bob.....clean up your act.

# 38. 1/3/13 8:19 AM by Big Head Tom
Almost 2/3 of the exit polled from November and reliable polls since show the voters have a clear awareness that the Republican economic agenda is against them. The people know who to blame and the demographic voter trends support a rout in 2014 if the Teapublicans continue to stall out recovery of the economy.

# 39. 1/3/13 8:20 AM by Rich - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif #6- If you can't understand Don Alhart, maybe you need to lay off the booze before the news. Mr. Alhart is not only clear and precise in his broadcasting, but he is national network quality.

# 40. 1/3/13 8:25 AM by Stan Monroe
That weasel Eric the Canker is busy imagining being Speaker of the House. Eric is absolutely giddy with anticipation and wet dreams--being the sniveling little twerp that he is.

# 41. 1/3/13 8:30 AM by Zeke - Greece
"Republicans are competing to see who can become the bigger joke."

I'll take, "Who Is John Bonner", for $100, Alex.

# 42. 1/3/13 8:33 AM by Mike
thumbsup.gif I agree and remember a time when republicans were alright with funding birth control as it meant less women on the welfare roles. Now it's become a tea party circus event with time wasted on redefining rape with a party that could have impeached Obama easily with the democrats even supporting it.

# 43. 1/3/13 8:48 AM by Beth - Beautiful Canisteo Valley
thumbsup.gif My choice would be Paul Ryan.

Editor's Note: i could go for that

# 44. 1/3/13 8:48 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Speaker Boehner has a tough job bringing any sort of unity to the Republican Party.A senior Republican senator has referred to fellow Republicans,because of their conservative inclinations as Hobbits.A prominent Republican Governor,after a devastating hurricane, blubbers all over the President during the Presidents "undercover boss" appearance. In fact, the Republican Party has called on the conservative voters of this Nation once too often to rally round the cause, only to hold them up to ridicule when it comes time to deliver. Maybe its time the voters of this Nation dumped the country club Republican Party and formed a new Party, dedicated to conservative principles.Like the old Whig Party, I think the Republican Party has had its day-they're finished.And I think the conniving-commander-in-chief agrees.

# 45. 1/3/13 8:53 AM by jim - ROchester NY
Once again back to the red whine for Bob. I assume that most of this tirade has to do with the fact that a deal was cut before the fiscal cliff really kicked in. However, Bob, You fail to realize that taxes are not going up on just those earning 400,000 or more . Its being reported that taxes are going up on 77% of americans, (including the middle class.) So what was negotiated was a bad deal for everyone. Which means congress did its job.

But you can't blame Boner for a dysfunctional party. Your ship has been on the shoals since the primaries. And the real blame goes to the Tea Party. Which ,by the way, where have they been. 2 years ago, they were wearing tricorner hats, and pantaloons, or tea bags sown to anything they could be sown to. They were even nominating candidates who had to go on TV and claim "I am not a witch". Now there is not a T-bagger in site. What happened to your party ? (If I remember correctly you even went to some demonstrations and developed a bromance) Your party had become a fringe win or die at all cost party. And your dying. Remember, Extremist aren't just Muslims

# 46. 1/3/13 9:05 AM by jim - ROchester NY
# 28, When did Judas get his picture taken?

# 47. 1/3/13 9:11 AM by Beth - Canandaigua, NY
thumbsup.gif Boehner is a symptom of what is wrong with the GOP and the RNC. The RINO's are killing us and our leader's lack of chutzpah is doing us in as well.

Tom Reed spit in the face of the Tea Party that supported him by voting to increase the debt ceiling. Chris Collins is a RINO in camouflage.

This is why our once great party is going to hell. It has nothing to do Obama, the Tea Party. It has all to do with folks calling themselves "Republican" and acting otherwise.

# 48. 1/3/13 9:19 AM by john - rochester
He's got to go. These Republicans hate the Tea Party, but we are the sole reason they are in power. The Tea Party will also be the sole reason Republicans will lose power in the future.

It's time we got one of our own to lead. The leader cannot be part of the current leadership and cannot have supported this fiscal cliff bill. Sorry Paul Ryan, than includes you.

# 49. 1/3/13 9:22 AM by Jeffrey m Coene - AZ
thumbsup.gif I was all for this so called fiscal cliff coming! The middle class re elected Obama, they should live with the decision. They want no increase in taxes, unless it's someone else's and want no reduction in spending. Well gang, i thought it was a good time for every one to pony up and pay the tab. Will it hurt the middle class more? More than likely. Elections have consequences! As it is, what a deal we got! $41 dollars in taxes for every 1$ in reduced spending! Thanks Boehner! People whine about Bush and Reagan, but those ratio's were 3:1 and 2:1. Happy New Year, Bob, hope you're well rested and welcome back!

# 50. 1/3/13 9:25 AM by jay
Predictably, a large percentage of today's comments come from Democrats. While they revel in the momentum behind entitlement-oriented, tax-and-spend government, the federal budget deficit and debt burden remain unaddressed. Let's hear it for the free lunch and the quick fix.

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