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# 1. 1/2/13 12:16 AM
Christ also said to love thy neighbor as thyself, to judge not lest thee be judged, to help the poor and downtrodden, and to render unto Caesar what is Caesar.

# 2. 1/2/13 12:29 AM by Paul - Rhode Island
Progressive "grab" of political power? That's how you see it when your side loses elections, I guess. Actually, if there's any power grab going on, it's the House of Representatives which is only a Republican majority due to gerrymandering.

I think your tendency to blame progressives for America's decline overlooks important factors related to capitalism: Wall Street shenanigans, CEOs like Antonio Perez, boards of directors who allow CEOs like Antonio Perez to keep their jobs, corporate lobbyists, people who employ illegal aliens, corporations shipping American jobs overseas, etc.

Editor's Note: the same antonio perez who is on barack obama's council of economic advisors?

# 3. 1/2/13 12:44 AM by Rick - Lehi, Ut
thumbsup.gif I see this everyday around me at work,. There are people at my work who call evil good and good evil. one particular co-worker thinks the "Obummer" is the best thing our country has ever had. He thinks everone, including police, should not have guns. He thinks that the most vile, wicked serial killers should be never be sentenced to death. He thought Mitt Romney was the worst person ever to run for political office. Bob, I can only think of one reason why we have wicked evil people running our country.. it is because of the good people who were to damned lazy to to vote..

# 4. 1/2/13 12:52 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
Right wing zealots are not hated when they mind their own affairs. You are only hated when you insist that everyone follow your beliefs. You can't control the rest of us anymore and that is good. In your mind your all good and that makes everyone else bad just doesn't fly and that is something to celebrate. Just nice to know that your type is not in control and you know it.

# 5. 1/2/13 1:05 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob,

This is one of your best columns yet... And IN THE WORLD BUT NOT OF THE WORLD is sure a challenge among Christians especially with some church denominations members who are less than 20% who call themselves Christian and do not believe that there is evil in this world, no hell, no devil and that everyone is going to heaven. Most people seem to be their own god who make their own rules as they go along in life while evil is erupting all over the place, like in Webster and Sandy Hook. Now there are stories of devil worship in Sandy Hook. But true Christians can "move mountains" with prayer and Godly obedience, like with our Founding Fathers of Christian America.

# 6. 1/2/13 2:58 AM by JamesBlonde - Conesus, NY
Outstanding commentary, Bob. I agree wholeheartedly.

# 7. 1/2/13 3:10 AM by hunter - e. bethany, ny
When you are on the fiscal cliff, become a cliff dweller. Happy New Year.

# 8. 1/2/13 4:45 AM by Abner D

Somewhere in Mt. Morris on January 1, 2013 - 12 days after the last update ...

Knock knock knock

Hello, anybody home?

Knock knock ... knock knock knock

The porch light is on, Martha, but nobody's answering the door.

You don't suppose he's done something rash, do you, Marvin? I mean, you know how he churns inside over us seniors catching a free ride on the SS Gravy Train.

I hope not, Martha. We need guys like Bob to work 'til they drop. Maybe he took a jog through the woods, tripped, and hit his head on a tree root. It wouldn't be the 1st time.

Oh, well, let's go home and have a warm cup of cocoa before bed. We can discuss our free healthcare benefits in the morning.


Yes, dear?

Do you still think 2013 will be the year Mr. Lonsberry pushes open the closet door and declares himself to be a liberal?

Ha ha ha ... Martha, my dear, I think 2013 will be the year we see hordes of liberals pushing open closet doors. A well-managed Adoption Agency Portfolio Fund is the place to be in 2013, dear!

# 9. 1/2/13 5:20 AM
One whole contiguous parangelagerellegeraph?


# 10. 1/2/13 5:23 AM by Ed D'ettore
You missed at least one period. Are you pregnant again?

# 11. 1/2/13 5:39 AM
I finally finished reading today's column, and boy are my eyes sore.

You are 100% right on this one.

It's been too short of a time to be completely statistically valid, but the raw statistics show shootings are down per diem in California since the recent rush to acquire guns began. The bad guys must be getting the message we so sorely need to deliver to them.

And as far as our political "leaders" and "representatives" are concerned, they now have proven their true "worth" - less than zero, for sure.

They are no more interested in solving our nation's problems than the dog crap on the sidewalk.

# 12. 1/2/13 6:15 AM by jim - ROchester NY
Why would anybody take moral and spiritual advice from someone whom self admittedly is going to hell

# 13. 1/2/13 6:23 AM by Scott - Henrietta, New York
thumbsup.gif I agree with you on this one, Bob.

Conservatives, set the example, be the example. hopefully others will follow our example.

In my heart I know there is a strong core of Americans who still believe in America and the values that made us the United States of America.

We will overcome, we will bring the light back to our country.

# 14. 1/2/13 6:23 AM
thumbsdown.gif Does this mean you will be advocating for more war in the name of your concept of truth?

# 15. 1/2/13 6:38 AM by Patrick - Lockport,NY
thumbsup.gif Best column you've written in a while.

# 16. 1/2/13 6:43 AM by rjd
I agree with this essay, but I do wonder how much of this is just from getting older and further away from where we were comfortable in life. Societal values do change if you look at history. Take someone from one era and plop him in another and they would probably think they were in a mad house. However I believe as you believe that there is true "right and wrong" and we still have a choice no matter what the back ground noise is at the time.

# 17. 1/2/13 6:51 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Things could be worse, and will probably become so in the near future. Our Nation has already changed.And that change has been nearly disastrous,as Barry Goldwater foresaw in 1962. There is no putting Humpty back togeather again.It's been a long slide, and only the residuals of spiritual and material wealth have staved off calamity.The end will not be pretty.Social mayhem, a collapsing economy,a demagogic President and a distracted citizenry portend bad things.Hang on, the going will get rough.But remember that the good news for modern man is found where its always been found before-in the New Testament.

# 18. 1/2/13 7:29 AM
Well, if I were you, I would grab a sled and hit the hills. Not as popular as it once was, it really is as pure as it gets. Just think if for once, everybody turned off the computer and cell phones and hit the hills, just the way it used to be. It seems that for those in politics, it might just be all they have in life. However, its not for me.

# 19. 1/2/13 7:37 AM by Goahed Setmeoff
Antonio Perez - what a piece of work!

Kay Whitmore - what a visionary!

George Fisher - another hack job! He doesn't know a "core business" from a "whore business". He had no concept of obsolescence or true innovation. He systematically dismantled what Whitmore and generations of real leaders at Kodak built. Every one of the enterprises that Fisher (and Perez) sold off at bargain basement prices (probably to their whore friends) is extremely profitable for their current owners. With those multiple "cash cows" Kodak today would own the digital markets, and would be bigger than Apple or HP!

Kodak made many mistakes over the years, but poor leadership made everything worse.

And when you steal the "Golden Years" away from your retirees, like Kodak and GM, for the sake of "executive bonuses", you are doing the work of the devil.

When I go to hell, I am going the look up both Perez and Fisher first thing and beat the living snot out of the both of them!

# 20. 1/2/13 7:44 AM by Abner D

"The progressive grab of political and social power is waxing, not waning, and has taken on the characteristics of a purge."

Stacked Deck

a liberal\marxist infested educational system

a liberal infested judicial system

a Supreme Court more concerned with legislating from the bench than defending the Constitution

a main-stream press that makes the Vichy French look patriotic in comparison

# 21. 1/2/13 7:46 AM by Poplar Beach
We need to do more than hold the torch, we need to point it out to folks when they do not follow the 'do unto others rule'.

I am not a religious person, for me god has nothing to do with it, good has everything to do with it. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you has pretty much ruled my life.

Years ago a friend stopped by, he told me a story of switching price tags at a store, as he put it, it was a masterful feat, I was silent for awhile, then I told a story about when I was a kid and one of my friends stole a 10 cent balsa glider plane, he showed it to me after we left the store, as I remember, we had quite an argument. I don't remember the outcome, but I did not play with that friend for a long time. My tag switching friend finished his coffee and left.

Many years later, the kid who stole the plane is one of my best friends, and like me, he is honest to a fault, the tag switcher is still a “friend” too, but I think he never really got the message. One out of two is not bad!

# 22. 1/2/13 7:50 AM by Harvey - Webster
Thank you for giving us a column and that is a fine way to start the year.

Two decades ago I started doing a family survey, mostly over the death penalty issue. My family is small perhaps compared to larger families, but half were in favor of the death penalty and half were against it for any reason.

Every few years a take a poll of what my family believes, and most members answer me, and I'm always surprised and grateful. The family is growing older and there are many more liberals now and far fewer conservatives.

Homosexuals are the new normal and have equal rights including marriage. The death penalty is out for any reason. Nothing is wrong with abortion anytime or anyhow.

Obamacare is great, including forcing businesses to pay for the abortion pill even when it's against their religious believes.

That is the way that most of my family now thinks and feels. They feel free to stand up for their beliefs all of the time. If I stand up for my beliefs then as the minimum I get defriended on facebook.

# 23. 1/2/13 8:00 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY

RE: # 19. 1/2/13 7:37 AM by Goahed Setmeoff

And here is another thing to set you off... What about Kodak`s main competitor Fugi Photo of Japan? They surely are prospering now with their excellent leadership! They are having Kodak for lunch... while I am now looking at the shell of Kodak Park...

# 24. 1/2/13 8:11 AM by drummerpa - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Well said. Those who refuse to listen and take heed are doomed to reap what they sow. Time is running out for individuals to make a personal commitment to turn to God through Jesus Christ.

# 25. 1/2/13 8:16 AM
Balsa wood plane - ten cents and hours and hours of fun!

But if you stole it, hours and hours of guilt!

All for one thin dime!

When you sell your soul to the devil, it doesn't matter if it's for a dime or for tens of millions of dollars...

# 26. 1/2/13 8:21 AM
Hey Bob,

I will be recommending my son for, you know, that vacant job opening.

# 27. 1/2/13 8:24 AM
thumbsdown.gif "Our neighbors can do what they choose to do, but we must do what is right to do."

Precisely. So stop trying to control everyone else's choices.

# 28. 1/2/13 8:30 AM
thumbsdown.gif Rick #3 says: "There are people at my work who call evil good and good evil. one particular co-worker thinks the "Obummer" is the best thing our country has ever had. He thinks everyone, including police, should not have guns. He thinks that the most vile, wicked serial killers should be never be sentenced to death. He thought Mitt Romney was the worst person ever to run for political office. Bob, I can only think of one reason why we have wicked evil people running our country.. it is because of the good people who were to damned lazy to to vote.. "

So that co-worker is not a "good person"? Because his/her opinions happen to be opposite of Rick's?

That's the problem with your absolutist approach. You can't accept that people can have a different position than you do.

They MUST be not only wrong, but EVIL!

# 29. 1/2/13 8:35 AM by Tom - Columbus, Ohio
Lonsberry Math

“....let’s contrast the lethality of an AR-15 – America’s most-common assault rifle – with the lethality of a 12-gauge shotgun – America’s most-common hunting gun. Which one would you rather get shot by? If it helps you decide, the average person shot by an AR-15 survives, while the average person shot by a 12 gauge dies – in pieces.” - Bob Lonsberry, December 18, 2012

December 24, 2012... four firefighters shot by an AR-15 and two survived.

Looks like a 50% survival rate.

# 30. 1/2/13 8:43 AM by MrsPhartootski
thumbsup.gif Poverty president's goal is to overwhelm us with bureaucracy, welfare revolutionary militants, and chaos to destroy capitalism, civilization, and a free Republic. The evil-stupid-secular lunatics are in charge worldwide now.

# 31. 1/2/13 8:45 AM by Leslie - Pittsford
If only there could be some sort of contest, something like an election, that would tell us how the American public feels. Something that would show how people feel by electing a leader or improving a party's standing in the Senate and the House. Something that would show a clear choice about the direction the country should go in.

If only...

# 32. 1/2/13 8:49 AM by DJ - Brockport
Bob furiously writes his column each day in a futile effort to remain relevant.

# 33. 1/2/13 8:53 AM by DJ - Brockport
Bob furiously writes his column each day in a futile effort to remain relevant.

# 34. 1/2/13 9:00 AM by Wayne - Webster
A sign of the times that the first baby of the year is born to two unmarried blacks with 2 more at home

# 35. 1/2/13 9:03 AM by Ariel - Fairport
The guy who filled in for you was fantastic!! It was a pleasure to listen to someone who respected his callers. Not once did he say "I appreciate the call" and then hang up. There was no "here's the deal" or "everything is cool and copasetic" or "you know what I am saying".

You should be on from 2 a.m. until 4 a.m. Let the person who filled in for you become the permanent host from nine to noon.

# 36. 1/2/13 9:06 AM by Sam - Medina
THIS is the problem with conservatives like you. They care MORE about what Drudge & Limpo have to say than they care about the American people.

# 37. 1/2/13 9:07 AM
It seems to me that the same things are happening as in generations and centuries past - but where we used to hide our sins and keep them secreted away, and be ashamed of them, now people seem to find pride in trying to force society to view and accept their sins as normal and good. Mass media has slowly desensitized us to all that used to be taboo, and continues to make sins the norm.

Now every other tv show is full of homosexuality, when in reality I know no one in or around my circle of acquaintances who is gay. If real life were like tv, shouldn't I have 20 gay friends?

People used to deny masturbating and view it as sinful and definitely as something that wouldn't be bragged about. Now it's something to brag and make jokes about. Let me ask you this: Are you the master of your domain?

# 38. 1/2/13 9:10 AM by Ted - Mendon
Maybe you should accept God's Will...God wants Obama and his policies.

Jesus was a liberal after all.

# 39. 1/2/13 9:12 AM by Jay
thumbsup.gif And the left-wing beat goes on. In the months ahead, progressives will push immigration reform designed to broaden their constituency. It will utimately Increase the number of entitlement recipients to the benefit of politicians dispensing them.

Class envy and reliance on government is here to stay.

# 40. 1/2/13 9:13 AM by Ella - Alfred, NY
Why did God allow those precious children and now those firefighters to be killed? The assault rifle is the devil's weapon.

# 41. 1/2/13 9:26 AM by notof - WA
thumbsup.gif Well said Bob, We are being crushed by Satan and his loopy, plastic and incandescent banning minions, These people are so arrogant they assume their way IS the way. and they KNOW they're wrong because they allow no discourse. classic liberal tactics.

# 42. 1/2/13 9:27 AM by S J - Rochester, NY
The first Americans did something dangerous and radical. The founding fathers did something equally dangerous and radical. But now the term "American" has been hijacked to mean traditional - do what's been done before, do as you're told, do what the church says without thinking about it, live in an idyllic American small town and gossip like crazy about your neighbors. That's the version of "American" that gets mocked. That's nothing like the original America. And to say that there's no longer an understanding of good and evil is ridiculous and paranoid.

# 43. 1/2/13 9:29 AM by tom - penfield
After a week of ranting about putting a gun on the hip of every elementary teacher in the country, now you are the holy prophet again. Get any guns and ammo clips under the tree this Christmas? You are right about one thing, you live in the past. When you think about the reason Bob Lonsberry wants many guns and tons of ammo to protect his home it is hilarious. Here is a guy who claims to have faith in God, but he is afraid that in the coming Apocalypse, the starving, insane, masses are going to pick out his house (YES, HIS HOUSE) to break into and steal his stash of canned goods and powdered milk. Tell you what Bob, when the police circle your house with their red lights flashing and an officer tells you to lay down your guns and come out so he can take your AR-15 and high capacity ammo clips that you refused to turn in, don't fight it. You just ain't got that much to protect that's important or much of anything anybody would want.

# 44. 1/2/13 9:34 AM by Adk Hiker
"...know this, that in the last days perilous times will come: For men will be lovers of themselves, lovers of money, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy, unloving, unforgiving, slanderers, without self-control, brutal, despisers of good, traitors, headstrong, haughty, lovers of pleasure rather than lovers of God, having a form of godliness but denying its power. And from such people turn away!

"...Yes, and all who desire to live godly in Christ Jesus will suffer persecution. But evil men and impostors will grow worse and worse, deceiving and being deceived. But you must continue in the things which you have learned...." 2 Timothy 3:1-5, 12-14

# 45. 1/2/13 9:49 AM by Bart - Webster
Obama got his tax hike. He promised his liberal base he would screw 'the rich'. He campaigned on it and worked harder on it than anything else he's done in office. I hope we can all agree to commemorate his legislative accomplishment by naming it for him (his ego demands it):the OBAMA TAX HIKE

# 46. 1/2/13 10:19 AM by kittynana - Lewiston NY
MAN I'm getting tired of people talking about assault rifles as if they know what they're talking about.

Those children were NOT killed by an assault rifle. Those firemen were NOT killed by an assault rifle. AR-15s are NOT true assault rifles. The action itself was an assault but the rifles were just that: rifles. Bob's right: Shotguns create more of a lethality situation than rifles.

As with anything in life: Educate yourselves before you go on a rant. While you're at it, try to help the situation by looking at all of the variables. For example, there seems to be a correlation between an increase in assaults and an increase in psychotropic drugs. Side effects, maybe? Lack of proper psychotherapy in conjunction with those drugs? Lack of qualified mental health therapists and social workers?

The guns were always there. The nuts weren't.

# 47. 1/2/13 10:24 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
I try not to get all doom and gloom about the downfall of society because we still have choices. Many people who disagree with the way things are going will become insulated in the shadows, which doesn't help society one bit.

I think the American culture, if there is one, is best maintained with natural diversity by having all viewpoints discussed and considered. Attrition should sort out the bad ideas, not legislation.

# 48. 1/2/13 10:28 AM by Patricia - Penfield
You bastard!!! How dare you to be so callous as to negate the efforts of people attempting remember those slain in Newtown by sending teddy bears.

Why don't you do something that would really have an impact? Turn in your assault rifle and then proclaim that it is to preserve the memory of those young children.

# 49. 1/2/13 10:30 AM by Big Mike

Did you ever find your NRA hat? You could have worn it to the firefighters funerals. That would have sent a real message.

# 50. 1/2/13 10:33 AM by Rick - Lehi, Ut
Rebuttle to #28... I was not calling my co-worker and evil person. I believe he is wrong in what he believes and that is his right. He's actually a nice guy. Just because we don't agree doesn't mean he's a bad man.

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