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# 1. 12/20/12 8:34 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
If you want to protect your home, you do not put up a sign in your front yard that says "We Don't Have Firearms." Well, same logic applies with schools. Bad people plan these attacks, so it makes sense that we start checking things off the list that make schools targets. Nothing says we mean business like a bunch of laser dots when the crap hits the fan.

# 2. 12/20/12 8:36 AM by james - avon, ny
thumbsdown.gif So you think it is a good idea to put numerous loaded hand guns in schools, including inner city schools where students have been known to shoot guns and stab other students and teachers with knives. You reaaly are an idiot!

# 3. 12/20/12 8:36 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
At the very least, restrictions preventing teachers and administrators from carrying a concealed hand gun should be removed. Just the knowledge that teachers may be carrying a gun will deter many threats. These killers may be crazy but they are not necessarily stupid. I would have complete confidence in many of the teachers I know or have known.

Banning guns will have no measurable benefit.

# 4. 12/20/12 8:38 AM by Peter - Pittsford
thumbsdown.gif This is the dumbest idea I have heard yet.

From a parent of small kids no less.

At some point you have to step thinking backwards from the proposition that everyone should have the right to be armed in all settings, and exercise some common sense.

You are getting farther and farther out on the lunatic fringe, despite your convoluted justifications.

Today's article is just a dishonest and craven attempt to try to make up for the lack of compassion in your last three columns.

It's not about children's safety, it's about your core belief: "guns equal freedom".

You'll pay any price and make any argument you need to. But however the argument is disguised, more and more of us just don't buy it.

# 5. 12/20/12 8:39 AM by Poplar Beach
Bob, I agree with you, but in addition to firearms training, any school personnel who want to carry would be subject to psychological testing, just as most cops and professional firemen are.

# 6. 12/20/12 8:42 AM by Ace
Another Lonsberry knee jerk reaction.

# 7. 12/20/12 8:44 AM by Ben
Here's a better idea:

Hire and arm all the homeless veterans and have them do school security.

Editor's Note: how about non-homeless veterans. i'd trust them more.

# 8. 12/20/12 8:50 AM by Charley
You arm school employees and the next death toll will be three times larger. They would invite more fire. The next perp might not act alone, knowing there was a gun or two in the school.

Earlier this year, there was a shooter in the Emipre State Building. Police officers [trained one] shot nine civilians.

# 9. 12/20/12 8:50 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif In a hypothetical godless police state they take the guns away from the parents and give them to the "teachers" who already have the dominant control of the children's minds...Home school protection should be protected too??? The dubious "authorities" should always be able to outgun the common people, for their own good...(and the best interests of the children...)Home Economics should have the anti tank weapons to fend off the think tanks of overreaction...1984 deja vu...

# 10. 12/20/12 8:53 AM
Those who think teachers should not be armed are lying when they say we should protect our children. What are they supposed to do the next time this happens? Hide in a bathroom and wait to be shot with their students?

# 11. 12/20/12 8:54 AM by Donna - Hamlin
Teacher wanted:

Must be reliable and defendable, an expert shot and look good in flak vest. Educational qualifications optional.

# 12. 12/20/12 8:55 AM by Jodi - Wayne County East
Every responsible adult that cares anything about their own family, neighbors, country should receive basic lawful use of force and proficiency training, practice, and carry a concealed handgun.

Every responsible adult.

Just common sense. Just saying.

# 13. 12/20/12 8:55 AM
Do you have any ideas or suggestions that don't involve still more guns in an already gun saturated country? Too many guns? Then bring in more guns. No logic (or common sense) whatsoever.

# 14. 12/20/12 9:01 AM by Emma - Lancaster
There are around 99,000 public schools in the USA. What a grand idea arming teachers and introducing a minimum of 99,000 MORE guns into our schools - and that's with only one armed teacher per school. Would this actually result in a net decrease in gun violence in schools? Does that REALLY seem plausible to the non gun nuts out there?

# 15. 12/20/12 9:05 AM by Floyd - Williamsville
Republicans don't trust teachers to teach our kids and they blame them for every social ill...... yet they want to arm them.

# 16. 12/20/12 9:08 AM by tom - penfield, ny
Another stupid idea from a member of the Nutty Redneck Association (NRA). Why don't the schools, malls, banks, etc, etc, etc, just hire a bunch of old gray haired guys with guns to sit by the door and take long naps. You are still trying to think of anything you can to avoid giving up your assault type rifles and hand guns. Not going to work, Bob, they are coming to pry them out of your "cold, dead, fingers". It's about time.

# 17. 12/20/12 9:08 AM by Glenn
How about a sign on every door stating "SOME EMPLOYEES ARE ARMED". Lot cheaper.

# 18. 12/20/12 9:13 AM by jim - ROchester NY
thumbsdown.gif Bob, its hard to watch you in a testosterone driven act of desperation. I've heard you in action and you seem to think life is like the movies. I know you've been to the gun range, but have you even been in a large, or small fire fight? NO, just stayed behind a typewriter. I doubt you've even been to a splat ball game.

They call it the fog of war for a reason. They call it collateral damage and friendly fire for a reason. EVEN if its the good guys with a gun. Handguns are notoriously inaccurate. But don't believe me. Believe the police

On 8-25-12, the NYPD responded to a shooting at the empire state building. They were 8 feet away from the shooter, and they managed to hit 9 bystanders. COPS, who go through annual weapons training. Now you want to turn schools into the wild wild west where everybody has a 6 shooter

This isn't "Dirty Harry" This isn't "Die Hard" this is real life. what happens to a teacher who misses and kills a student instead? maybe you'll have to live with a weapons ban, and maybe you should take a few steps towards developing a peaceful solution instead of a violent one.

# 19. 12/20/12 9:22 AM by Steve - Penfield, NY
Bob - I think you need to consider a couple of other facts before coming to the conclusion that it's a good idea to arm teachers: 1) Homes that have guns in them are actually MORE likely to have a shooting occur in them. The statistics are indisputable. Why would schools be any different? 2) Teachers are as fallible as the rest of us - arming them with guns gives them easy access to a weapon to commit an atrocity when that fallibility rears its ugly head.

# 20. 12/20/12 9:23 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
Uping the arms race is no answer. We need real gun control. Are we going to arm all the school bus drivers too. Can just see everyone running around with guns and what will surely happen is that more guns will fall into the hands of the unstable just like what happened in this case. Lanza's mom was one of these gun enthusiasts who couldn't or wouldn't see the real danger right under her nose.

Enough of this stupidity. All the right wing talkers have been having fits for weeks over he killing of our people in Benghazi because this is one they could hang on Obama. People who work in foreign countries know the danger and it was those on your side wanted to cut their budget for security. Yet now when a group of innocent children are slaughtered right here in our country, the only answer is more guns.

# 21. 12/20/12 9:36 AM by Jodi - Wayne County East
Tomorrow is the 2012 winter solstice.

If aliens show up don't believe them.

They're lying.

# 22. 12/20/12 9:44 AM
One day teachers are union thugs and the next day they're asked to arm themselves with assault weapons. Wouldn't want YOUR 2nd amendment rights inconvenienced now would we Bob?

# 23. 12/20/12 9:47 AM by Have Gun WILL Travel
Let's FULLY implement the 2nd amendment:

The President calls up the "unorganized militia" (i.e., all gun owners) and subjects them to military-style discipline, testing, and monitoring. Not only would this not violate the 2nd Amendment, but in fact the Constitution explicitly mandates it as the purpose of guaranteeing the right to bear arms.

Basically, this would mean everyone who purchases and owns a gun subjects themselves to this rigor and they CANNOT shirk the requirements without being brought up on charges equivalent to AWOL or desertion. We could then use their service (similar to jury duty) to guard our schools. When you are called up you must serve.

What's that.....you didn't really mean we should follow the entire 2nd Amendment as it is written?

# 24. 12/20/12 9:51 AM by Bob - Buffalo, NY
thumbsup.gif I wonder why the majority of these incidents happen in gun free zones?

# 25. 12/20/12 9:56 AM
You finally said it the right way. Most of those smart teachers with Masters degrees like to be stroked a little. By saying they're as smart as cops and they could handle the certifications and training, you might get somewhere.

Even though I think we all know it takes nothing but time, money, and commitment to earn the sorts of degrees most teachers are working with...intelligence and common sense are not necessarily required. A truly intelligent teacher is a bonus.

# 26. 12/20/12 10:02 AM by DD
thumbsdown.gif You want teachers to be cops for the same pay they're getting now?

Do they wear that gun on their hips all day?

What type of guns should they have? AK-47s?

How many bullets and magazines?

What should they do with that gun when they're tired of carrying it?

Should they always be mindful of any student who approaches them with a question...always turning their gun side away from the student?

While teachers are concerned about protecting their guns, who's concentrating on teaching the students?

# 27. 12/20/12 10:04 AM by Blake Karrington - Salt lake City
thumbsup.gif Are you on the radio in SLC yet. If so where, I miss you.

# 28. 12/20/12 10:16 AM by Philip
Another f'ing pro-gun rant? Really Bob, really?

I am sure there will be supporters, but I would suggest that your plan should be thought out just as well as you want to think your pro-gun arguments are.

Mental health is a big issue. Teachers are human too, say one of them is pissed off at his ex-wife, or just life in general. The armed teacher could then use the gun you demand he/she has to slaughter more innocent chldren whose only crime was showing up to school eager to learn.

I support sane gun regulations, the inability to purchase a weapon that can easily be converted to full auto, the removal of large capacity magizines from the market, and psychological testing in addition to background checks.

Call me crazy, but this will lead to less deaths from firearms.

# 29. 12/20/12 10:21 AM by kittynana - Lewiston NY
thumbsup.gif My daughter will be first in line for that training. With her AAS in Criminal Justice combined with her Masters AND the population she teaches, she'd be a perfect candidate. And just think- she's already fingerprinted. Money saved.

# 30. 12/20/12 10:22 AM by Unarmed U.S. Taxpayer
No, no, no a thousand times NO!!! Let's do a better job of preventing unauthorized access to the school buildings first. Bulletproof glass, an armed sentinel at the door, all kinds of ID required to gain access, etc., anything but arming our teachers. They are there to teach our kids, help them to become better educated citizens, learn to read and write, draw, enjoy music, encourage their hidden talents, etc.

Over the door of my old high school in Webster, was a quote from Daniel Webster: "The intelligence of the people is the security of the nation." I still hold to that. But arming our teachers, please don't let that have to ever happen.

# 31. 12/20/12 10:27 AM by Wing-nut - ogden, utah
thumbsup.gif Israel learned this lesson years ago. The school kids are not only an easy target but a highly emotional one as well. You wanna get some press? attack a class of elementary kids. Now when ever you see a group of kids on a field trip in Israel, their teacher will have an uzzi slung over her shoulder and she will know how to use it.

# 32. 12/20/12 10:36 AM
thumbsup.gif 100% pure common sense. When seconds count the cops are only minutes away and the only thing that will stop an evil person with a gun is a good person with a gun.

# 33. 12/20/12 10:48 AM by Jodi - Wayne County East
This is why B.O. Was elected twice, we are broke, severely in debt, continuing to spend like drunken sailors on shore leave, and he continues to overextend and gut our military budget.

And the liberals love him.

Cowards and Fools abound.

If you hate our constitution please move to Canada, Mexico, Russia, China, Australia or western Europe.

# 34. 12/20/12 10:56 AM by tom - penfield, ny
#23 That is a wonderful idea. How many members of the Nutty Redneck Association (NRA) can do even one push-up? Those that could do the push-up would flunk the intelligence and mental heath tests. I think you are on to something. Force them into the military and make them prove themselves worthy. That would be fair.

# 35. 12/20/12 11:12 AM by Mark
thumbsup.gif #2 - would you prefer that the students have guns and knives with the teachers being defenseless? Who is the idiot here?

# 36. 12/20/12 11:17 AM
thumbsup.gif #26- No we wouldn't want teachers to have to take a pay cut - to be paid the same as a cop.

Seems like people really don't want to protect the kids.

# 37. 12/20/12 11:24 AM
So, Jodi, you are familiar with how drunken sailors act when on shore leave.

# 38. 12/20/12 11:33 AM by A Patriot - Lockport, NY
No worries....Joe Biden will have our backs!

# 39. 12/20/12 11:43 AM by Ultra Bob - salt lake city Utah
thumbsdown.gif Not all people who kill other people with guns are mentally ill. Sometimes they kill because they get mad. I’m not sure that teachers are immune to that sort of temporary insanity that may even hit any of us at one time or another.

If a teacher finds a mouse in her desk drawer, and has a gun, she may just shoot the stinking, rotten, little brat that put it there.

I recall an incident after driving all day standing in a long line at a hamburger stand, when a new line opened up beside us and a guy from way back ran up and placed his order. I was too tired and too much a coward to fight, but if I had had a gun I would have blown that guy to kingdom come.

The only really effective option for reducing gun deaths is not having that option for settling arguments.

# 40. 12/20/12 11:47 AM by Poplar Beach
I am amazed at how little non gun owners and anti gun folks know about guns. Yes, #19 Steve, because I have guns in my home, if someone breaks in they are more likely to be the victim of a shooting than at a non gun owning home.

And you arm the teachers, or administrators people who claim there will be more deadlier shootouts if that is done. Do you folks actually think that had the principle, and or one of the teachers (trained and psych tested) at that school had a gun, more folks would be dead?

If you really think banning the sale of assault weapons will save more folks than arming qualified school personnel, you are delusional.

The truth for many of you, what you really want is the ban of all guns with confiscation, if that is your desire, why do you not just move to a country that has that, because it will not happen, in your lifetime, in the USA.

# 41. 12/20/12 11:53 AM by John - SLC
Many teachers and administrators in Utah ALREADY carry in schools.

Under Utah law (but not in less enlightened states which distrust their subjects and serfs) people with a Concealed Weapons Permit are allowed to carry in schools. And, that has been the case since 1995 with ZERO problems, so spare me the hypothetical fears about how that will make schools more dangerous.

This is different from what Bob proposes, which would make it more officially sanctioned and bureaucratized. Part of the value of the Utah approach is that no one knows how many teachers are carrying, or who they are. (Remember that, criminals and crazies looking for a defenseless victim zone- this might not be your lucky day!)

Pro-gun groups in Utah have been very good over the years helping educators get their permits. And, every permit holder gets a background check every day, so permits can be pulled if their behavior slips below the required standards.

# 42. 12/20/12 12:10 PM by Mike - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif This has got to be the stupidest idea I have ever heard. What kind of a moron thinks MORE bullets flying around would make kids safer?

Having armed guards at schools is one thing. Having armed teachers running around is another. Packing schools with guns is just asking for trouble.

Btw...its kinda funny how you right wing plutocrats run around demonizing teachers and their benefits and their pay and their unions yet now suddenly they should be trained to be cops as well as teachers? Huh. Who is gonna pay for that?

# 43. 12/20/12 12:32 PM
Ultra Bob, your colors are showing. Truly, liberalism is a mental disorder.

# 44. 12/20/12 12:32 PM by Luke - Lima
To #23 Have Gun Will Travel

What a super idea! Call up the unorganized militia. They can be trained during summer months and on weekends.

Wasn't that the whole premise raised by our founders that the militia is a way to have ordinary citizens involved with and balancing out the professional government forces?

Having trained civilians in an official capacity as both a backup and to serve as you suggested as guards in schools only enhances the true meaning of the 2nd amendment.

Mr. President, please call up the unorganized militia and give them the training that they need to protect our schools. Calling all gun owners to serve your country...no excuses now. The 2nd amendment mandates it.

# 45. 12/20/12 12:36 PM by Virginia Blake
thumbsup.gif In my teaching career I had worked for two elementary principals who carried handguns. It was well known in the community, especially by the drug dealers and gangs that they carried.

In these schools teachers conducted duck and cover drills on the playyards when there was gunfire on neighboring streets.

The elementary students ran numbers bets, and sold drugs during lunch hour

Teachers and parents were very comfortable knowing that someone in school was armed. the school was safer because of guns in the schools.

Some forty years ago.

# 46. 12/20/12 12:39 PM by Joe S - Rochester
Hmm ... how about instead of arming teachers with guns if each classroom had a can of bear-strength pepper spray? Those cans are about the size of a can of wasp spray and have a decent reach - probably sufficient for distances inside a class room.

# 47. 12/20/12 12:40 PM by Dafydd
You are right on Bob. We hunted when we were kids and knew how to handle a firearm and then the military helped to make a firearm near and dear to my heart. Love those Ma Duce.

I have been told that the only theater where firearms were not allowed was the one in the Colorado shooting.

My wife teaches first grade and would love to have a concealed carry permit. All you that think bob's idea is stupid are the ones that would run screaming like a little girl if faced with someone wielding a firearm.

You are right on Bob. Miss you in Utah.

# 48. 12/20/12 12:45 PM by Cuomo
Hey Popular Beach (#40)....you are hereby notified that you have been called to serve in the unorganized militia. Training begins the weekend after Christmas.

After completion of your training you will be assigned to help protect a school of your choice.

Thank you for buying a gun(s) and thank you for supporting the Second Amendment.

# 49. 12/20/12 12:49 PM
#1 said it all. Cowards won't attack someone who is armed.

# 50. 12/20/12 12:50 PM by Steve - Penfield, NY
#40 - I'll forgive you for jumping to conclusions about the intent of what I wrote. How could you possibly know whether I support gun rights or the fact the I own guns myself? I'll also forgive you for being unlikely to keep up with an intelligent argument. By the way, maybe you should check a dictionary before spelling words like "principle." I think what you meant to write was "principal" but I'll probably never know for sure.

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