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# 1. 12/19/12 12:10 AM
I don't own a gun never been hunting myself. A bit leary around guns when I do use them. However beleive in 2nd amendment.

KSl will temporarily take guns out of there classified ads, and Walmart, Dicks Sporting and other retails are taking guns off. Private companies can do what they want. However why pander tohysteria and use a tragedy to advance an agenda. MSLBS does a good job of that totally classless.

# 2. 12/19/12 12:15 AM
thumbsup.gif Well, FINALLY you have given Ron Paul (and his fanbase) a little love. About time.

# 3. 12/19/12 1:00 AM by dave
And yet Chicago, with 12,000 police officers, strict gun control laws, and home to such anti-2nd Amendment zealots as Rahm Emanuel and POtuS BHO, has had about 450 homicides this year. The reports on the news? Crickets. Nada. We never hear of the crimes that happen right in their back yard. Gun control as a deterrent to crime is a failed policy that the POtuS and most of Congress seem to completely ignore.

# 4. 12/19/12 1:12 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
Ok, you and the rest of the far right hate Obama, but please tell us how Obama produced some crazy person to kill all those innocent children. This fight has been forced on him and he now has no choice but to step up to the plate. We had an assault ban before, just like we had higher income tax rates under Clinton and we all survived.

From today's news it sounds like even the NRA is ready to compromise. Are they now your enemy too?

Editor's Note: truth is my only ally. everyone else can pound salt.

# 5. 12/19/12 1:18 AM by BSP
Bob, this infatuation you have with guns is scary! Let the subject go for a change. You remind me of all the smokers who cried when they couldn't smoke in bars anymore!

# 6. 12/19/12 1:33 AM by prick - webster

Big, big talk from a little, little man. Enjoy the rest of your life living back in the woods with your fellow wing nuts, 37 kids, and venison (that someone else gave to you because you never seem to be able to bag a deer yourself).

What does "bearing arms" mean? In its broadest scope it might allow dickheads like you to have chemical weapons and atom bombs---and we know that isn't what the founding fathers wanted or meant. Just as "freedom of speech" has its limits (e.g. hate speech, libel, etc.), so does "the right to bear arms". All "freedoms" have their limits or society would be in chaos.

But spare us your tough guy talk. When WHAM fires you again (and they will), you will regret being such an a$$hole.

You're in the shrinking minority on this issue and turning against Republicans/ Conservatives will only allow the Left to further their agenda in other more important areas.

# 7. 12/19/12 1:36 AM by Darius - Durham, NC
thumbsup.gif Right on, Bob! I love your libertarian fervor! Of course, it'll go right away as soon as the next primary is over and the Grand Old Party has settled on a candidate to take on the Demon-rats! You'll get back in line, like you always have.

# 8. 12/19/12 1:44 AM by G Brown - Plain City, Utah
thumbsup.gif We have had guns in this country from its Divine origins and semi automatic weapons for at least one hundred years but we have had school shootings for only about 15 years. Deductively that means there is something else recently added to the mathematic equation. Could it be that we have allowed liberals to take God out of the equation?

Liberals would have murdered by abortion all of the Sandy Hook children just a month before they were born and thought it was a noble act.

# 9. 12/19/12 2:58 AM by The 6%
Gee, now you sound exactly like I felt on election morning. You have come around and completely validated my voting for Andersen, Perot, and Buchanan. And my quiet support of Ron Paul, even considering the fallacy of voting for third party freaks.

What makes the argument about the capacity of the magazine sound totally stupid and irrelevant is the underlying concept that less shots kill people less. Killed is killed! One shot from a derringer killed McKinley, and just one shot killed Martin Luther King Jr., regardless of who really pulled the trigger. John Kennedy was probably killed by the first shot too, along with his brother Bobby.

If any of us are going to stand for anything, it should be for COMMON SENSE!

Why is America sometimes a country of such a-holes? People don't seem to know apples from oranges from bananas anymore.

Let's get rid of some of the loose bolts out there, then maybe, eventually, we will again get a good president.

P.S. - I like you best when you are mad! I like you even better when you are angry!

# 10. 12/19/12 3:12 AM by Emily Litella - Never Mind!
One, cold, windy night downtown last year, I was passing by a newsstand.

The blind fellow who runs it was stooping down to try and find a quarter that he had dropped.

A gust of wind blew over a rack of Chiclets that was on the counter, and that rack hit him squarely on the head. Not to worry, as it just bounced right of of his head, leaving him unhurt.

Another gust knocked over a rack of magazines. They were Bloomberg/Business Week magazines. It crushed his skull, and alas, he was dead!

Just as Michael Bloomberg says: That is proof! Gums don't kill people, magazines do!

# 11. 12/19/12 5:06 AM by timmy
Seems that as time goes on your time has come and gone. Sad that your opinions on a limited number of subjects could silence you on the many others that are relevant today.

# 12. 12/19/12 6:04 AM by Chris - Mumford, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob,

I think we're going to lose this battle, too. It'll be a narrow defeat, much like the election was, but we'll lose. Just like we lost on "Obama-care" and are going to lose on the "fiscal cliff." It seems this country has fallen off a much steeper cliff than the fiscal one. Keep on fightin' Bob but prepare for the worst.

Editor's Note: roger that

# 13. 12/19/12 6:07 AM by Brian

1. New legislation will not make high-capacity magazines and scary-looking firearms disappear;

2. Criminals will not obey legislation and will get whatever they want (see: pot, crack, meth, heroine, etc.);

3. Only individuals predisposed to obeying the law will effectively be denied access to firearms thus creating a safer work environment for criminals.

Therefore, those in favor of onerous gun control legislation either lack the intelligence to think this out for themselves, or they do understand and wish to give a monopoly on force to the government and criminals (assuming there's a difference these days).

# 14. 12/19/12 6:13 AM - Fairport
Typical rant from a boy who replaces his lack of a penis with a gun. You spouting off like this does nothing for convincing people why you NEED your guns. On the contrary, it makes you look unstable and the rest of us will be safer if you don't have your gun.

Stop crying in the sandbox, bob, over the thought of someone taking away your toys.

# 15. 12/19/12 6:20 AM by Frankie - Rochester,NY
thumbsup.gif While I agree with all you wrote and stand for,what's up with all the nasty words?

# 16. 12/19/12 6:34 AM by mlc
thumbsup.gif Freaking, BRAVO!

# 17. 12/19/12 6:36 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif "Flattery will get you nowhere." (look where it got me...) Butt I understand your feelings. It is though, those who believe in their "right to bear arms" as a religion, are being persecuted by mass punishment for the evil actions of a statistically miniscule percentage of the general population...In a way it is freedom of religion, like freedom of speech, and both are being attacked by subjective ad hominem sensationalism, rather than the insight and rational thought of objectivity...More people, (and small children), are being killed by psychotropic drug trials gone bad, (collateral damage),than by the guns that the "shrinks" want to do away with...FDA on Columbine...(actually the FDA whistle-blower who lost his job, his family, his home, and everything American, and was left homeless and destitute for telling the truth...)(What in Hell did he know??? compared to the political psychiatrists who became millionaires selling psychotropic drugs "legally"...supplying the demand???)

# 18. 12/19/12 6:42 AM
The focus in the past few days on responsible gun ownership, and how the availability of assault weapons, large capacity magazines and unlimited ammunition has clarified the issue for me. Probably for a lot of others too.

If you believe that the Second Amendment protects your right to own firearms for hunting, shooting sports, and for personal and family protection, you can have an "adult conversation" about sensible gun ownership.

If you believe that the Second Amendment protects your right to keep and bear arms to protect yourself from a tyrannical government, you cannot. You're a nut, not to be listened or catered to.

Bob, you are clearly in the latter category.

# 19. 12/19/12 6:45 AM
thumbsdown.gif You're wrong on this one, Bob. No way do people need assault weapons, and no way should they have them. I agree with you on nearly everything else, but definitely not this.

# 20. 12/19/12 6:51 AM by Jack
Ditto to everything you said! If anything starts another civil war in this country this will. Just try to take guns away from the law abiding citizens of this country! God help us all with the direction this country is heading in!!!!

# 21. 12/19/12 7:04 AM by jg
I am an American fighting man......

Editor's Note: hoo-ah

# 22. 12/19/12 7:15 AM by gdm - bergen
Could not agree more. I am sick and tired of elected representatives that feel they must "vote their conscience" rather then listening to the wishes of the people who elected them.

# 23. 12/19/12 7:17 AM by Chris
thumbsdown.gif Gun column for a third day in a row? I usually listen to your show every day but haven't been able to this week because of work, though I'm pretty sure I know what you've been incessantly talking about. Glad I'm missing it.

# 24. 12/19/12 7:17 AM
Still waiting for the column expressing profound sadness over the senseless Newtown slaughter, and vowing to do whatever it takes to reduce the chances of anything like that happening again.

# 25. 12/19/12 7:35 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Yea. And lets have that conversation avoiding the use of certain habitual words and phrases favored by the media,and their pals in the government.Lets not use the bland and blameless "Gun violence" for instance,in place of murder,or "shooter" as the preferred tag for "murderer". These euphemisms,selectively aimed,serve to qualify the crime as something less,and help set the stage for the murderer as "victim". Then the social science mob can dutifully follow with their take-"he's autistic" or"he has ADD",or simply the big blanket- "he's mentally ill". And all of this "reporting" takes place while the media is frantically whipping up the hysteria to further limit our constitutionally guranteed rights as free citizens.

# 26. 12/19/12 7:42 AM
I can say that I truly believe that anyone who wants to take our guns away does not love our dear country. Further, anyone who doesn't love America must not believe in God. Not at all. Not even one teeny, tiny bit at all.

When you look at Friday's events, it becomes very clear that God was not a part of Adam's life nor that of his family's. And if God was in their lives, they did not make Him a very significant part.

Everybody has their own analysis of what went awry in the life of that young man. Blame it on mental health, video games, schools, guns, magazines, or whatever, but it is obvious that God was missing in his life.

All the two-bit politicians want to feed us the drivel of a thousand excuses and agendas, but it is they themselves who are most in denial as to what is really wrong with America today.

And now, once again, we in this great land are being fed Adolf Hitler's favorite commodity - The BIG LIE!

# 27. 12/19/12 7:45 AM by Dave - Henrietta
Hey Bob, are there any good stats on how many lives are saved by guns every year. People get mugged and shot and they get killed in their homes even with the criminals knowing the victim MIGHT have a gun. You know that would increase dramatically if everyone had to turn their guns in.

# 28. 12/19/12 7:45 AM by prick - webster
Good luck #24 on Lonsberry ever exhibiting the traits you were hoping for in a column about the Newtown tragedy. Hence, you now realize why he has difficulties with wives and jobs.

It's hard for those of us who may agree with a majority of the things he espouses to get past his rudeness to people who disagree with him.

Editor's Note: ... and the horse you rode in on.

# 29. 12/19/12 7:46 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
Joe Biden is in charge of of the task force to curb gun violence and the NRA is holding a press conference on Friday. Something tells me this has only begun to get interesting.

# 30. 12/19/12 7:49 AM by Jim Phalen - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif The concept of banning so-called assault weapons and large capacity magazines and such doesn't bother me but I don't see how we can responsibly do it. Too much of "it" is already out there. If we disarm the people it is also necessary to disarm the state (law enforcement) and I respect our officers too much to send them into situations where they would be seriously out gunned. If you wonder why I would insist on the same rules for law enforcement as the people ask the question: How many children were deliberately murdered in Nazi Germany? The answer is more than 26.

# 31. 12/19/12 7:55 AM by Tim - Canandaigua
thumbsdown.gif A majority of Americans want to ban high capacity magazines A majority of Americans want to ban Assault Weapons This is America where the majority wins. It was the way it was designed. You sound like a “my way or the highway” type of guy and that my friend is not America. Sure laws are passed that I don’t like but in the end it is majority rule brother… If you don’t like the way things are going then you can either:

A: Back like minded people running for office and hope they win (sadly you have a poor record on this)

B: Leave (I’ll help you pack.)

C: Adapt and overcome (unlikely as you are a stick in the mud)

D: Continue to whine (Most likely outcome)

Editor's Note: civil rights have never been based on majority rule, they have been based on constitutional protection. civil rights are almost always asserted in contravention of majority opinion.

# 32. 12/19/12 8:00 AM by DB - Pittsford, NY
thumbsdown.gif Just another rant from a spoiled child.

Welcome to a democracy, Bob. You claim to love our form of government, but when you end up in the minority you can't take it.

The Constitution was designed and written to be a flexible document. Look how how you and the NRA flex it to your interpretation. Now the majority wants to flex it back and you can't handle it.

You want a conversation on your adult level? FUBL. You are a little cry baby. Any you are scary. Hope we don't read about you and your cold kiddie fingers in the paper one day.

# 33. 12/19/12 8:01 AM by Adk Hiker
Why isn't everyone angry about all of the unborn babies and partial-birth babies being murdered by the millions every year in this country? Planned Parenthood refers to abortions as a mothers right to "health care". Really?

I'll tell you what, I'll happily trade in my AR-15 if abortions are no longer legal. Until then, I have my right to choose as well.

# 34. 12/19/12 8:01 AM by Paul - GenEseo
You actually ARE crazier than I thought you were!


This may be the final issue that destroys the Republican party and foments a new 'Conservative' party.

Sadly, it may also be the issue that gives the White House to the Democrats for eight more years in 2016.

Editor's Note: i think that's a pretty fair assessment. though i think both parties feel safe with it because it's now -- almost two full years before midterms and almost four full years before the next presidential. by the time we get to vote again this will be forgotten and passions will have cooled, no matter which way it goes. they played it perfectly, and we lose.

# 36. 12/19/12 8:07 AM by Common Sense
I don't see a problem with restricting the capacity of magazines. Magazine capacity is already restricted in NY and it's not that hard to carry an extra loaded mag.It is extremely unlikely that you'll ever be in a shoot-out where you need more than 11 bullets in a row. Practice dropping a mag and reloading if you're worried.

Gun rights people are going to have to give a little or they will lose more. The 17 bullet magazine can easily be sacrificed as can the large capacity rifle magazine. You have to be realistic about the image this portrays. It makes all gun owners look like bloodthirsty killers.

# 37. 12/19/12 8:10 AM by jim - walworth
Gun Ownership in America: News from 12/18/12

"A Colorado man who had just been released from jail on domestic violence charges shot and killed three people Tuesday, including his ex-girlfriend, who was on the phone with a 911 dispatcher when she was killed, authorities said."


"Ga. officer died of gunshot wound Officer Sean Callahan was shot in the head responding to a domestic dispute call"

and how many other firearm homicides didn't make CNN yesterday? How many people killed themselves yesterday with a firearm? Its a high price to pay....

# 38. 12/19/12 8:10 AM by Bart - Webster
One of today's headlines reads "Obama taps Biden to craft new policies on gun violence". Joe Biden is the appropriate choice for this: a loose cannon who is always shooting his mouth off as well as shooting himself in the foot.

# 39. 12/19/12 8:27 AM by Deanna - Rochester (Gates), NY
thumbsup.gif BRAVO!!!! Thank you!!!!

# 40. 12/19/12 8:37 AM by Fred - Honeoye Falls

Dear Bob, When the next mass murderer uses a single shot shotgun sawed off, with double ought buck,(15 pellets per shot) the next ban should be on politicians seeking re-election. Voter imposed term limits.

# 41. 12/19/12 8:42 AM by Paul - Rhode Island
You might continue to get your way for another few years, maybe as much as a decade.

But there aren't enough of what you call "regular people" to counteract all the people you despise, and assault rifles (and things like AR-15s that are close enough) will soon fall into the category of arms like hand grenades, tanks, and artillery pieces that you can't have either.

So whether you are fundamentally "right" or "wrong" in your interpretation of the 2nd Amendment, lots of people think they are being held hostage by the views of an ever smaller minority, and think of Newtown as: Merry Christmas From The NRA.

# 42. 12/19/12 8:43 AM
thumbsup.gif Guns are life saving if used properly.

# 43. 12/19/12 8:43 AM by Ken - Webster,NY
thumbsup.gif The liberal politicians are jumping on this opportunity because of the timing of it-it is after the elections. If this sad incident happened before, do you think they would be pushing their agenda like they are now? I don't think so. Why not focus on the ban of violent video games or the violence in movies and tv that is made by the liberal hollywood actors of today? Parents of today are afraid to discipline their children today because of some lawyer peeking around the corner. There are too many lawyers today that are actually creating the society we have today. We need more doctors, but wit OBummer care coming soon, how many are willing to get into that profession? Too many lawyers; not enough doctors.

# 44. 12/19/12 8:46 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
I'd love it if the liberals would truly have an adult conversation. The problem is that they use emotion rather than logic. The "assault weapons" ban was tried from 1994 through 2004 and it failed to produce any positive results.

The plain and simple truth is that guns in the hands of law abiding citizens prevents and deters crime on a daily basis. You just don't hear about it.

# 45. 12/19/12 8:50 AM by jim - ROchester NY
Bob, Bob, Bob, I gotta tell you this column today was hilarious. I haven't laughed so hard at one of your columns in a long time. Why is it that we have to think like you do, to be freedom loving patriots? And just because you can't own an assault weapon with a 30 round clip, does not mean that the 2nd amendment has been gutted. BTW, what is the police departments position on this ban. Do you think they would feel safer knowing that they didn't walk into a dark movie theater to face an assault rifle? And don't forget, neither party was up in arms over the summer time trying to get an assault weapons ban after the movie theater massacre. Neither party started banning weapons after Jared laughner shot all of those people in Arizona. It just so happens that after time after time after time something like this occurs and eventually you have to find an answer to the problem.

You on the other hand, have a problem with anger. And Im afraid you just might snap, with all those guns in your house.

# 46. 12/19/12 8:56 AM by JJ
#33 ADk Hiker - mind your own business about abortion and deal with men issues like violence you wimp! Maybe if men were more responsible women wouldn't have to get abortions and what do you say about women who spontaneously abort you moron. Get an education or something@ loser

as for adult conversation on guns, what are the conservatives/tea party/republicans going to do now? expect someone else to protest for you? You have burnt all your bridges and have contributed to this catastrophe.

You sure go into denial about federal mandatory minimum prison sentencing which are unconstitutional. Now it's hitting home with you. Others get angry and protest about your denials and you're the first to bash them.

# 47. 12/19/12 9:08 AM
"For all the attention they receive, mass killings still accounted for only a tiny fraction — about 1% — of all the Americans who were murdered over those five years. During those five years, more died from migraines and falling out of chairs than were murdered by mass killers, according to death records kept by the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Three times as many people perished from sunstroke."

USA Today.

# 48. 12/19/12 9:19 AM
You claim truth is your only ally - you can't handle the truth. As you said only yesterday, "I guess two sides of an argument are problematic for you." And "adults" don't say hoo-ah. Peace.

# 49. 12/19/12 9:27 AM by Heather - Fairport
Your so-called adult conversation sounds more like a spoiled brat teenaged rant. Grow the hell up

# 50. 12/19/12 9:28 AM by Thomas M. - Arkport, NY
thumbsup.gif Insane levels of taxation, the take over of our healthcare system, crushing national debt, the promise to gut our 2nd amendment...

The colonists would have mustered at Lexington and Concord by now.

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