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# 1. 12/18/12 7:49 AM by hc
thumbsup.gif If they can convince hunters and householders that assault rifles and high-capacity magazines are “too much,” they will succeed.

Up until about 20 seconds ago, I was squarely in this camp.

Okay, Now I get it.


# 2. 12/18/12 7:52 AM by Richard - Penfield
thumbsdown.gif By all means, keep beating the drum of defense for unlimited gun ownership less than a week after the Newtown massacre. Keep doing what the NRA itself knows better than to do. There's no better way I can think of for you to define yourself irrevocably to your audience as a fringe lunatic with an irresponsible, violent agenda directly at odds with the interests of the American people.

As you were.

Editor's Note: on friday, the victims still in a heap in the school, my governor called for gun control. yesterday, in a newspaper, one of my senators called for gun control. the other, on the floor of the senate, called for gun control. i guess two sides of an argument are problematic for you?

# 3. 12/18/12 7:54 AM by Scott - Henrietta, New York
I'm not going to get into the AR-15, assault weapon-musket-baseball bat argument.

I would just like to point out that the folks I see on TV and hear on the radio talking about banning firearms are surrounded by armed guards.

The Honorable Mr. Obama, well we know millions of dollars are spent on his and his family's security and I am sure all members of their Personal Security Detail are well armed. May even have a few assault weapons in the bunch.

Mayor Bloomberg has a security detail. Betcha' they're carrying something more lethal than a harsh warning.

Remember Rosie O'Donnell's tirade against private gun ownership a few years ago. Then it came out that she had armed guards protecting her children wherever they went.

The government wants an unarmed population so we, the people, are even more dependent on the government. The government does NOT want us protecting ourselves.

We have a saying where I work: "When seconds count, the police will be there in minutes".

# 4. 12/18/12 7:56 AM by Dave B - Elma, NY
thumbsup.gif Great arguments. It's easy to get swayed by emotion with all the propaganda that bombards us from the news media. What surprised me yesterday though is how restrained governor Cuomo has been, directing action to the feds instead of pushing through more restrictions in this state. Now that might make for stronger gun control overall, but you would think a liberal state would try to enact more control while their seems to be momentum.

# 5. 12/18/12 7:57 AM by Jodi - Wayne County East
To a voting majority of the country liberty is a goverment paycheck.

To hell with the Bill of Rights just keep the greenbacks coming.

Cowards and fools who deserve neither.

# 6. 12/18/12 8:00 AM
I notice while watching the evening news that every muslim male carries an AR-15 and are referred to as 'freedom fighters'.

Maybe John Kerry's first middle east peace mission should be to tell the muslims that they have to ban the Ar-15 to protect the children.

Our ban on drugs doesn't seem to work to well and our friends South of the Border who have Ar-15's courtesy of the US Gov't are making billions of dollars smuggling drugs into the US. A US ban on guns will do little more than provide the Mexican warlords with another product that can enhance their earning power.

Those like Obama, Cuomo, Bloomberg & Weinstein know that they can never have unlimited power unless they take our guns.

# 7. 12/18/12 8:17 AM by Abner D

A pseudo-journalist, who also happens to be a spoiled little marxist brat, seemed overwhelmed with grief and sorrow by the tragedy in Conn.

But, trooper that she is, she didn't let grief, sorrow, or facts, keep her from pushing the marxist agenda of disarming the masses.

When it comes to using children to advance an agenda, the commie libs are pros.

# 8. 12/18/12 8:20 AM by Jerry White - Chittenango, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob,

I'd like to personally thank you for being the local voice of reason in the darkness.

You, keeping the faith of GOD, as well as in Our blessed country goes a long way in lifting the spirits of your 'gentle-listeners', and it's always 'a great day for a radio program' as you so smartly put it when you are on air.

Thank you for your opinions and insights.

God Bless you and yours, Merry Christmas,

Jerry White

# 9. 12/18/12 8:27 AM by DD
thumbsdown.gif Shortly after that massacre democrats asked for control of assault weapons, while the republicans scrambled to keep them.

You tell me who has a heart.

You tell me who is grieving that terrible loss of little lives.

You tell me who wants to protect children from a future assault.

Don't one for second think I'm anti-gun. I own a pistol and a shotgun, and they are not for hunting.

Nobody needs a gun in the home that fires hundreds of rounds in less than a minute.

I'm on their side for once. We're not "comin' fer yer guns", you foolish people. That's a republican lie. We're coming for the assault weapons...and we're going to get them this time.

# 10. 12/18/12 8:55 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Yea! We should remember also that the Jewish citizens of Warsaw Poland, in 1939, were an unarmed people,never having owned firearms,and completely unfamiliar with guns.Like their German co-religionists and neighbors to the west,however, they never suspected that they would be murdered-men, women, and children, by heavily armed men of the German government.What wouldn't any Jew have given in 1940 for an "assault weapon",and the knowledge of its use? How can anyone not know that the most egregious crimes against innocents, by men using firearms, have been perpetrated by Governments?Instead of pissing and moaning about the rights w/in our Constituion allowing us to arm ourselves against tyranny, we'd be wise to buy a gun,and learn how to use it.

# 11. 12/18/12 8:58 AM by Thomas M. - Arkport, NY
thumbsup.gif Unfortunately Dick's Sporting Goods has already flipped. They have suspended the sale of "Modern Sporting Rifles" nationwide.

Being the ardent supporter of the 2nd amendment that I am, I will never again give them a dime of my money. Freakin' turncoats.


With liberals, it is all about optics. They have no problem with rifles until you stick that other word in front; assault. Make the word go away and 'presto-changeo' most of the liberal objections will go away too.

Because of the millions of guns in private ownership, there is no way that 'gun control' which to our liberal friend means 'seizure' can be implemented. Just can't happen. So what the liberals mean is 'gun registration'. That is a feel good programme that makes every liberal feel that they have finally done something about the 'gun problem'.

Well, we in Canada, where we have developed government bureaucracy into a fine science, we had a gun registration programme and it had exactly NO effect on gun crime. But liberal politicians loved the programme because it made them feel good and allowed them to collect another tax. Fortunately our Conservative government recognized a boondoggle when they saw one a cancelled the programme and enraged all liberals in the process.

My only advice to your government, and as you know they are on my phone every day asking for my guidance, would be to forget the costly registration programmes, and not to even try seizure, unless they want another civil war. But that is a different subject.

The lesson we can draw from this latest horrific mass murder is that if the guns had not been available to the perp, there would probably be 20 children happily attending school today. So make proper, safe storage of guns mandatory. Adjust the laws so that every gun owner is equally responsible for a crime committed with that owners gun, if it can be proven that the gun was improperly stored. In most cases like this latest one, had the guns not been accessible there would have been no crime.

There is a special place in hell for politicians who have used this slaughter to advance their political agenda before those 20 little bodies were even cold.

# 13. 12/18/12 9:05 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
Banning "assault rifles" will not reduce these types of tragedies. Understandably, emotions are very high now. Making policy that will have no positive affect on reducing these tragedies is simply a waste of time, a distraction from the real problem and an infringement on the 2nd amendment.

More attention should be given to the mental health aspect of these crimes.

# 14. 12/18/12 9:15 AM by Carl - Williamson
thumbsup.gif Can't answer your survey. Assault is too broad of statement. My 10 shot semi auto 22 could be an assault rifle. There is an evil creeping in here. We most pray that it will not infect us. Holiday reading...."Animal Farm".

Editor's Note: and "1984." the ruger 10/22 has to be next on their list. seriously.

# 15. 12/18/12 9:15 AM by Tom - Geneseo
@dd "Nobody needs a gun in the home that fires hundreds of rounds in less than a minute.". The cyclic rate of a Glock 21 .45 ACP is around 800 rounds per minute The cyclic rate of an AR-15 is around 750 rounds per minute So without doing more research I would say that it is safe to assume that most of todays semi auto pistols have a firing rate close the the Glock. So we should just ban all of those right ?? Because fast shooting weaposn are the problem and nobody needs them, right?

# 16. 12/18/12 9:17 AM
Why do they want to ban guns but still allow these lunatics to drive a car and have access to explosive materials.

# 17. 12/18/12 9:26 AM by tom - penfield, ny
What we have here is a dumb redneck rant. Guys like Bob love their guns because it compensates for other social and physical deficiencies. He and his buddies in the NRA are quick to get in a technical discussion of the merits of one type of firearm over the other like he did here. Those of us who are sane and want to get assault rifles out of the hands of preppers like Bob and Adam lanzas mother are sick of the arguments. The time has come to remove some of these killing machines from society. Bob has the misguided idea that if he is well armed he can protect his family and society. He sees himself as a super hero running to a scene like Newtown with has cape flapping in the wind and his gun drawn to save the day. Poor misguided Bob, can't see how foolish this is so we will have to remove some of his guns and ammo from him so he or someone in his family can't do much more harm than good. I find it interesting how the NRA took down it's facebook site and are not allowing any access through their web site. Like all cowards they are hiding in the shadows and hoping the whole thing blows over so they can get back to their normal ways. I think it is not going back to normal this time Bob. Better get ready to make good on that "cold, dead, fingers" promise.

# 18. 12/18/12 9:37 AM by An Unarmed U.S. Citizen
I'm betting when this sad incident fades away, nothing about gun ownership will have changed. If the Congress didn't act when one of their own was almost killed, and will be a victim for the rest of her life, and innocent victims, including a young child, were killed nothing will be done AGAIN.

# 19. 12/18/12 9:40 AM by kittynana - Lewiston NY
thumbsup.gif Why is the AR-15 even considered an assault rifle? Because of its shape? It's a semi-automatic rifle. Nothing more.

I am one of the ones who voted on the poll that I'd like to have one. My son has one. My husband and I were talking just this morning that we're afraid America will descend into civil war if this gun thing gets heated up.

Guess who'll win. ;)

# 20. 12/18/12 9:51 AM by Richard - Penfield
thumbsdown.gif Editor's Note: on friday, the victims still in a heap in the school, my governor called for gun control. yesterday, in a newspaper, one of my senators called for gun control. the other, on the floor of the senate, called for gun control. i guess two sides of an argument are problematic for you?

Hey, I'm the guy encouraging you to speak up, remember? I'm all in favor of everyone knowing where you stand. I have no problem with two sides of an argument. Just bear in mind that the people you're arguing against are in favor of making sure that what happened in Newtown never happens again. The fact that you think there are two sides to that argument tells us a lot about what side you're really on.

# 21. 12/18/12 9:51 AM by Mike - Stafford, NY
thumbsup.gif You are right, Bob. The left's agenda is not protection, but control. Denying all others a right because one person used that right in a horrible manner makes no sense at all. BUT, if their plan does work and it stops all horrible acts with a gun, the next thing we can do is ban vehicles. That would result in an immediate decrease in DWI deaths. Lets all give up doing ANYTHING. Then nothing can happen. Watch these jerks carefully. They will sieze any opportunity to advance their real agenda - CONTROL!

# 22. 12/18/12 9:55 AM
Mental illness is the battle we all must fight - exposure of mental illness and treatment. No more hiding away in the home and fooling ourselves about our relatives and friends mental issues. Exposure and help, even if they don't want it. Our 2nd amendment must not be messed with or denigrated. Proactivity instead of reactivity is the key to our society's reform.

# 23. 12/18/12 9:56 AM by Gunny2862
thumbsup.gif Bob, the one and only problem I have with the article is: There are no assault weapons mentioned in your article. They are Tactical styled weapons. By Definition an Assault Weapon is a: User Selective Fire Weapon capable of Fully Automatic, Semi-Automatic and Single shot fire. Only a few AR models are capable of 3 round bursts and thus MAY fall into the descriptor(the BATF says they do - and lists them specifically) But no other AR's than those on BATF's list are "Assault Weapons". If we are going to avoid dishonesty let's keep the terminology correct also.

# 24. 12/18/12 10:01 AM by Sean - Brockport
A lot of those on the left screamed about reinforcing cockpit doors after 911 and arming pilots with sidearms for added protection. This is no different.

This is a domesticated 911...it's time to act to safeguard our children.

# 25. 12/18/12 10:01 AM by will - fairport, ny
thumbsup.gif Why focus on the issue of gun control and assault weapons when the real issue behind this tragedy is mental illness. If guns were not available to commit such crimes, other means would likely be used. Mass destruction and mass killings are not a gun issue.

Some insist that lowering the capacity of a gun magazine will restrict the weapon's deadliness. Doubtful.

Some believe that slowing down the rate of fire from an assault weapon will prevent such mass murders. Unlikely.

Then there are some that believe collecting all firearms and ridding the country of guns will end violent crime. Wasn't this crime carried out in a "gun free" school zone.

Laws will not fix this problem. It is an outcome of technology influencing our social norms, change in parenting and socialization, and the fruits of our movement away from the family unit.

# 26. 12/18/12 10:06 AM
#9 I'm on their side for once. We're not "comin' fer yer guns", you foolish people. That's a republican lie. We're coming for the assault weapons...and we're going to get them this time. Yes double d today it's my gun tomorrow it will be your gun this is just the starting point when some body uses a pistol to gun down a bunch of people what do you think they will want to ban next?

# 27. 12/18/12 10:07 AM by Poplar Beach
Those who say where do you draw the line do make the best point. Part of that point, if they ban the sale and there is another massacre (we all know it will happen) do they then demand that all registered assault rifles be turned in/confiscated? Then there is another slaughter with semi auto pistol, what then?

We are so far past the tipping point in this country, if they confiscate all registered guns, there will be far more than enough unregistered guns, the majority of them in the hands of criminals and the slaughters will go on.

While I am a gun owner, I am not a fan of assault weapons or large magazines, (and I left the NRA years ago) but banning the sale of them will pretty much accomplish nothing, other than a step to a total gun ban.

So Bob's idea of an armed security officer, or even armed teachers makes more sense to me.

# 28. 12/18/12 10:17 AM by Thomas M. - Arkport, NY
thumbsup.gif As a follow up to Dick's Sporting Goods no longer selling "Modern Sporting Rifles", Cerberus has just put The Freedom Group (holding company for Remington, Marlin, Bushmaster, DPMS, etc.) up for sale and cited the shooting in Connecticut as the reason.

The list of companies products I will buy is getting shorter as the day progresses. These companies are playing right into the hands of the left. They can now be used as examples of "Good Corporate Citizens" to hammer the rest of us over the head. They're not even attempting to stand up for themselves. I fear the wedge you talk about in your column has already begun.

# 29. 12/18/12 10:19 AM by Kevin - Queensbury, NY
So, do you folks on the "right" have any suggestions on how to prevent this sort of thing from becoming a weekly occurrence or are you too busy protecting your precious arsenals?

BTW, I do love the comparison of mass murderers with the secret service agents who guard President Obama and Mayor Bloomberg. The thought that it is somehow hypocritical for them to have protection in a nation full of gun nuts.

# 30. 12/18/12 10:21 AM by Rocky Armsden - Campbell, NY
thumbsup.gif What is the definition of an "Assault" rifle? Is it the plastic pieces that make a .223 rifle look like a military weapon? What if I took the same metal parts and changed to stock and forearm to look the same as a typical .22?

# 31. 12/18/12 10:24 AM by Vanessa - Pittsford
More than just being "prepared for the worst," Nancy Lanza has been reported to have long been a survivalist who stockpiled food and weapons, convinced total societal collapse was just around the corner.

OMG Bob...she was just like you.

# 32. 12/18/12 10:25 AM by Margaret Alton - Batavia, NY
Hello Bob, This comment does not pertain to your column, but a remark that you made on your Tuesday, Dec 18th, radio program. You stated that it is a belief that some people hold, that a child in utero is life. I disagree with the word belief. The fact that an unborn child is a distinct human life at conception is not just a belief, but an absolute truth. Just as the truth that the sun rises in the east and sets in the west. Truths do not change because a large portion of our population refuse to recognize this truth. It saddens me that you have bought into the philosophy that truths and untruths, right and wrong, as you will, depend on your personal perspective. Sincerely, Margaret Alton

# 33. 12/18/12 10:35 AM by Dave - Henrietta
Hey Bob, are there any good stats on how many lives are saved by guns every year. People get mugged and shot and they get killed in their homes even with the criminals knowing the victim MIGHT have a gun. You know that would increase dramatically if everyone had to turn their guns in.

# 34. 12/18/12 10:35 AM by Bart - Webster
Today, while I still can, I plan to apply for a pistol permit. I want to protect myself and protect my right to protect myself.

# 35. 12/18/12 10:39 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob,

What a mixed up society. While the commie libs are trying to take away our guns and freedoms in their self-righteous preaching, for the sake of our children, THEN THEY RUSH TO PROMOTE THE ABORTION OF OUR INNOCENT CHILDREN BY THE MILLIONS!!! What hypocrits!!!

# 36. 12/18/12 10:48 AM by Jay
Advocates of strict control typically ignore two facts: 1) its inherent threat to individual rights; and 2) It's only a partial remedy for mass violence, not a panacea.

# 37. 12/18/12 11:05 AM by Macgyver - Rochester, NY

There is no amount of sympathy that can be expressed for what happened in Newtown. Too bad the only defensive weapons available were self-sacrificing adults with only courage, chalk and their own bodies available.

You forgot to mention that you do not have to be a good shot to aim and shoot a shotgun loaded with shot instead of slugs--hence the nickname scattergun. Sort of a modern version of the crossbow (banned by Pope Urban II and Pope Innocent III for use by Christians against Christians and they caused unacceptable devastation). Neither the scattergun nor crossbow require much training compared to longbows, rifles and sidearms.

For all you history buffs--the shotgun, A.K.A. scattergun--was far more important to winning the Wild West than the rifles and wheel guns.

So, which firearm would you like to face if you had a choice--one that requires training a practice or one that pretty much anyone can fire with little training and loaded with shot-shell that, in one not particularly well-aimed shot, can do severe damage?

# 38. 12/18/12 11:06 AM by Carol - Manchester
On arming teachers...Regardless of how you think on this issue...try to remember when you were a student from K-12...How many classes would you have dropped if you knew the teacher had a gun? I can think of at least 3 teachers that I would be scared for more life, and another 3 that I would be scared for the teacher getting their gun taken by a student, and I didn't even go to bad schools!! This idea is ridiculous

# 39. 12/18/12 11:11 AM by Walter - Midvale
Just when you thought Bob Lonsberry couldn't stoop any lower, he stoops lower.

# 40. 12/18/12 11:27 AM by NRA Member
Well let's look at this way:

Alcohol consumption use was once illegal - how did that all work out?

Death's due to alcohol related motor vehicle accidents and reckless driving. Which do we get rid of - alcohol consumption or motor vehicles?

We have laws against illegal use of drugs - how's that one going so far. More violence than ever is associated with it. Drug cartels are becoming increasingly more violent, etc. So, what's the answer? Regulation maybe?

Make certain types of firearms illegal and guess what? Yup, another illegal item to be sought after at a premium price.

Or, how about securing your firearms so that they cannot be taken by someone else to be used or sold? Just be a responsible gun owner!

We live in an evil and violent world full of instability. The are bad people who want to do bad things to others. They will use whatever means necessary to inflict that harm. Especially those who are mentally unstable and have access to firearms, motor vehicles, etc. The mother of the mentally unstable shooter (her son) paid the ultimate price with her carelessness and so did many others. She was not a responsible gun owner.

I, for one, want to be able to defend myself if and when evil comes looking for me or others. And that includes using my assualt rifle if need be that I keep secured in my home and what I use for target shooting.

To be unarmed and helpless is to be unarmed and HELPLESS.

# 41. 12/18/12 11:54 AM by jg
I didn't like shopping at Dick's Sporting Goods anyway.

# 42. 12/18/12 12:15 PM by Poplar Beach
#38 Carol, when I was in school many of my teachers were WW-2 vets, even then, I am not sure all of them would past the test to be armed on the job, but there were at least 5 teachers/administrators in my very small school who would have been more than qualified for the duty.

Just as in law enforcement, psych testing and training, before arming teachers or administrators would be a prerequisite. Say only the principal, or one of those teachers had been qualified and been armed last Friday, would there have been fewer dead kids?

Lets say we ban the sales of assault weapons, or we arm totally vetted, qualified teachers, which action will save more victims in the future? That is the real question!

# 43. 12/18/12 12:21 PM by Mudd - Wayne County
A man in Tampa, Fl is on trial for killing his wife with a baseball bat. We better get these weapons off the street also. Lets ban together, and work on this right away.

# 44. 12/18/12 12:26 PM by DSW - $#@%chester, NY
thumbsup.gif I like how the liberal commenters bang the drum of peace and soft feelings, then end their comments with thinly-veiled threats like "better get ready for that cold ,dead fingers thing". So just be honest, you want to disarm everyone but don't mind having force used to do it. Good afternoon, hypocrite.

I also like how guns are the problem, not mental illness. Not murderous intent. Recently in another country, a knife-wielding attacker killed 20 children in a school. No gun there, just the will to kill.

There is a problem here, but it is in the anti-social personality that is becoming more common lately. It has no empathy, and strikes out violently even when mildly opposed. If there is a starting point, it is in identifying these disconnected people and getting them help before they hurt others or themselves.

Any weapon is useless without the hand that wields it. We need to attack the roots of the problem and not its outgrowths.

# 45. 12/18/12 12:31 PM by Mark
thumbsup.gif Guns are already banned in schools. How is that working out?

# 46. 12/18/12 12:31 PM
thumbsdown.gif 4 dead in murder/suicide in Colorado. Of course a handgun was the killing weapon but I'm sure these deaths occurred because of the video games the family played or that saying grace at the dinner table was being omitted. Nope, we don't need to talk about no stinking gun control.

# 47. 12/18/12 12:55 PM by Al - Victor NY
This is slightly off topic but one thing I have yet to hear on any of the media is a debate about banning (or restricting) the availability of "first person shooter" video games. According to one article I read this psycho was obsessed with those gory "shoot everything in sight" video games. Perhaps if those games were not so popular the idea of trying it out for real wouldn't come up as often. Then again that genie is probably already out of the bottle.

# 48. 12/18/12 1:13 PM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
Dishonest indeed and capitalizing on grief. I think they almost celebrate the incident as an opportunity. Regarding yesterday's column: The guy's action (suicide when officers arrive) underscores that even a psychopath is of course taken down or self-destructs when met with impending doom. By all means, arm and train at least a few capable sane adults in every public gathering place. It's not unlike having fire extinguishers in public buildings even though the Fire Fighters are a few minutes away. It's so ~~DUH~~ I can't believe the auto-anti-gun nuts would argue otherwise. BTW - when I go for my long walks cross Springwater hill, dale, woods ... many neighbors are packing a long, shot or sidearm. How does that feel? SAFE ! Would a nut attack a Springwater home (likely protected by dogs, guns and semi-red-necks) - not likely. It's kind of primal, but it works!

# 49. 12/18/12 1:17 PM by Michael - Pitts
I don't know how this can shock anyone! We have become a nation of "idiot proof America". Except for those that sit on their Arse. Those are the good kind of idiots according to the left. I wonder how many kids die of starvation and mistreatment each year because we don't ban certain items bought with EBT cards. Anybody want to answer that question? I'd bet my paycheck it's more than 20. But that doesn't fit the liberal model of taking away a citizens rights. Constitution vs EBT...hmmmm. I wonder which is more important? We've clearly lost our way.

# 50. 12/18/12 1:33 PM by Andy - Fairport
thumbsdown.gif Had it not been for an irresponsible gun owner these guns would have never fallen into the hands of a nut.

The most important, and too often forgotten, component of freedom is responsibility.

If you don't secure your own weapons so that no one can ever use them, then you too have blood on your hands.

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