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# 1. 12/17/12 12:16 AM by Ann - Chandler, AZ
Guns have been in the hands of our citizens longer than we've been a country. Banning all guns is not the solution (plus, how are you gonna take away the guns from all the people who have them?).

If you took away ALL the guns in America, the psychos out there will still find some other way to terrorize innocent people.

It's a sad state of affairs, but our country has changed to the point where we need much tighter security in ALL our schools. Sometimes, even the security we have at Rochester area high schools is not enough. I taught in one of the suburban high schools. We had security guards AND cops there pretty much all the time. However, I always knew if someone wanted to get in badly enough to wreak havoc, they could still find a way to do it.

No school is safe, no matter what you do. No public place is safe anymore either. I don't have any answers. It's just sad when I think of all the places that used to be sacred are no longer that.

# 2. 12/17/12 12:26 AM
Your logic is sound and compromise is probably the only way to get anything done. However, I would rather see an entire school of armed teachers than one or two resource officers. Those officers, in most cases, would not be needed to stop an armed intruder as the rate of occurrence is low (statistically speaking). Weapons and regular training for school staff puts more coverage in place in the unlikely event that it is needed. It also disperses the protection throughout the school. That is better than two roving resource officers whose routines can be quickly learned and whose focus can easily succumb to repetitive boredom. An added benefit might just be that students might just begin to show some respect to these teachers who not only dedicate their lives to educate them but also put their lives on the line for them through armed defense. Arming teachers provides, pardon the expression, a bigger bang for the buck all way around.

# 3. 12/17/12 1:21 AM by Scott - Henrietta, New York
School Resource Officers are only part of the answer. However, for funding them, chop some of the extra, not-needed, administrators.

I have believed for years now what we need in this state are armed, trained civilians who are willing to confront the threat of deadly physical force with deadly physical force. These folks would receive proficient training in when and how to use their personal firearms to defend themselves or others from the imminent threat of serious physical injury or death.

They would not be police; they could make citizens arrests if needed. They would not be acting as agents of New York, just concerned private citizens getting involved and preventing serious injury or death. If something were to happen where they had to use their firearm and shoot someone, then hopefully the equivalent of a Good Samaritan Law would cover them.

The only advantage I would ask is that there be a section in the Criminal Procedural Law saying these specially trained citizens be allowed to carry their weapons into areas that different New York State laws say they are prohibited from doing so. An example: The Education Law says firearms cannot be carried on campuses unless…

Candidates would have to be screened and background checks conducted. I would assume it would take about 60 hours of training. In addition, just like armed security guards in this state, they would have to attend an annual refresher.

South Carolina has a similar program for State Constables. They are armed, volunteer law enforcement, but they cannot initiate anything on their own. Their job is to back up and assist police at a scene. They can't even start directing traffic at an accident scene unless told to by a cop.

Banning firearms is not the answer. The FBI statistics show that armed citizens prevent potential deadly force encounters or defend themselves or others from the use of deadly force over 4,000 times a day.

Members of our current government want to ban guns. Our Forefathers knew armed citizenry were needed to keep the government honest.

# 4. 12/17/12 1:28 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY


Watched the memorial prayer service tonight in New City, CT with the President of the United States attending. All of the Faith leaders there were honoring Jesus Christ except the Muslems who read from the Koran. But they too were very sorrowful and weeping! I saw a lot of healing happening. I saw our President who truly was acting like a leader, sorowful tearfully as a father, bowing before Jesus. When he read the names of the victims there was great sounds of weeping. There has been much caring and love. May this be the beginning of a great healing for our Country, with many turning to God with the POWER OF PRAYER. Yes there is great hope for everyone overcoming this horrible evil for good, maybe even Christian revival!

While we are waiting for this healing to happen, I agree that we should put in armed guards into EVERY school without delay! If that evil monster hadn`t been confronted by first responders, he had enough ammo to kill EVERYONE OFF OF THE 800 STUDENTS in that school!

# 5. 12/17/12 2:22 AM by neil - Cleveland, OH
thumbsdown.gif This is primarily a mental health issue. Beyond that it is a gun owner responsibility issue.

Firstly - it looks like the man who committed this heinous act was mentally ill. Why was he not getting the help he needed. The details are not out yet, but what were the warnings, what did his mother know, and so on.

The second issue is this: Rights bring responsibilities, and the right to keep and bear arms brings some of the heaviest responsibilities. Weapon owners have a responsibility to know who has access to their weapons and to keep them secure. If you have a deranged person in your home, you should not be letting them have access to firearms. Closer to my home we had the case of TJ Lane, much the same story, a school shooting using a firearm legally possessed by a family member, carelessly allowed to be left in the control of a person they should have known was not to be trusted with it.

So as a liberal townie it comes to this - I don't want to live in a world where I feel like my kindergarten teacher needs to pack heat. Seriously have you met many kindergarten teachers? If gun owners can't be responsible with their weapons and if we can't deal with the mentally ill among us then I will push for more gun control. I will push for a national bill of responsibilities for gun owners and I will push for restrictions on the second amendment for anyone who does not keep to their responsibilities.

# 6. 12/17/12 3:49 AM by john treuthart - dansville ny
thumbsup.gif There has been no talk about the drugs that are prescribed for our kids and parents who allow these drugs to be taken by their children. Why hasn't this become a major topic? School psychiatrists are alot of the problem, with these kids.

# 7. 12/17/12 4:33 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
Not only would the cost be staggering to hire that many "resource officers", but you surely would have a great many accidental shootings. How many of these new people armed with guns would be unstable and end up misusing their guns on their own family members or someone they got into a dispute with. How many would use them to kill loved ones or even themselves.

Let's draw a line on guns. What does one need to hunt game and not the human type. No fast acting weapons of any kind should be allowed.

The last thing we need is another silly war of liberals vs. conservatives because so far the statements from the right have been as bad or worse than those from the left. I realize that many on the right have a fantasy that they will take over the world with guns when the government that they hate falls apart and can't tax them anymore, but that is about as realistic as thinking everyone is entitled to their own block size atomic weapon.

# 8. 12/17/12 5:12 AM by hc
thumbsup.gif So I told him that he was welcome to our school building, but that he needed to use the main entrance.

He told me that he was going to use any entrance he wanted, took out a gun, and aimed it at me.

What happened next were not just the most frightening moments of my teaching career, but of my life. And the thought that 20 precious children's last moments of life (and six staff) were just as terrifying is reason why I'm writing this at 4 am as opposed to a more godly hour. This whole thing is making me physically sick right now.

So, my private "school attacks" have begun. Time to "set up the perimeter". Anti-anxiety Bible verses, check. Monitor or curtail media intake. Check. Put hubby, a friend, even a pastor on standby in case I need to vent. Check. Reread my own old journal entries, prayers, and writings for perspective, or write some new ones. Check. Lastly, make sure the doors and windows in my mind have been locked down with forgiveness. (The most difficult step of all, but I have had many years to work on this.) Check.

So I have my plan. And I must confess that in times like this, my feelings say it won't help. But I do have a plan, and it works when I work it. I've had to shoot down a lot of evil images and thoughts this weekend before they got into my heart. Even while writing this.

But what about the kids? What is the plan for them?

SROs in each building?


But ONE SRO per building?


Some of our schools, our high schools in particular, are practically villages onto themselves. We wouldn't think to have one mall security guard patrolling an entire shopping mall. And malls are not roomfuls of vulnerable children. The number of children and staff in the building, the schematics of the building itself, and the proximity of school buildings to other school buildings within a given district (or whether they are in high crime areas) should determine HOW MANY SRO'S we have, not IF we have ONE.

And yes, have to grow up and admit that armed personal is what is needed here. An elderly desk greeter at the main entrance, and a metal detector or two is not going to be enough. And no, we can't just arm teachers. We teachers are not trained to shoot bad guys at a second's notice. Just like my personal plan has multiple facets, we need multiple people on the ground guarding our kids. In additon to an alert staff, we need professional officers who have the training, the strategies, and the legal authority; and are willing to shoot to kill if necessary.

We also have to consistently revisit and rework these plans. It's not enough to simply have them.

We can't let Sandy Hook happen again. The problem is, we keep saying stuff like that. Why? Because we have to.


# 9. 12/17/12 5:13 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I don't know the answer. The first two as you said, are not probable. The lawyers union will make hay out of both but in the end common sense should prevail... In the end, I'd like to see unemployed veterans who volunteered, be assigned as armed custodians and teachers aides paid by the National Guard and Reserves...A "presence" of peace with honor, and integrity, for the children of all...

# 10. 12/17/12 5:36 AM
Obama's remarks were so completely inappropriate for a memorial service. He turned it into a political forum - not surprising, considering the source. He'd have been the last person I would want at such a sad and solemn occasion.

# 11. 12/17/12 6:13 AM by Bill - Rochester NY
thumbsup.gif I agree with one caveat. There will be a temptation to impose airport type security with the removal of shoes and scanners and pat downs etc. We must not turn our schools into quasi-prisons. Even the good kids would start skipping.

# 12. 12/17/12 6:27 AM by Rick C. - Rochester,NY 14610
I believe in The 2nd amendment,but I would tax The Bullets the same way Cigarettes and Alcohol is taxed. You can't purchase a pack of cigarettes in New York State for less than $10.00 a pack,the majority of that $10.00 purchase is tax. I would tax bullets the same way. I was once a smoker until I couldn't afford to purchase them. Tax The Bullets..Problem Solved.

# 13. 12/17/12 6:32 AM by pp - rach
Adding school resource officers would probably be the quickest way to deal with the issue. It could be done by the beginning of next semester. Neat trick you have there - renaming armed guards as school resource officers. You must be in politics.

Anyway, as a short term answer it will work. I'd support it.

But it doesn't get to an issue that is clear: Assault weapons with big clips. I own guns, and I support hunters and self defense. I can see no reason why we need assault weapons. It makes no sense. You don't hunt with them, you don't shoot competitively with them, etc. We don't need them. There's no reason they public needs them.

Regarding the impact on the constitution, I will leave you with this:

"I am not an advocate for frequent changes in laws and constitutions. But laws and institutions must go hand in hand with the progress of the human mind. As that becomes more developed, more enlightened, as new discoveries are made, new truths discovered and manners and opinions change, with the change of circumstances, institutions must advance also to keep pace with the times. We might as well require a man to wear still the coat which fitted him when a boy as civilized society to remain ever under the regimen of their barbarous ancestors.' - Thomas Jefferson


# 14. 12/17/12 6:42 AM by Dave B - Elma, NY
thumbsdown.gif I'm with you on most things, Bob, but your suggestion is an overreaction, just as is most everything I've heard in the media since Friday. We need to step back and calculate the actual threats and risk and then determine the response. While an officer at each school is a noble idea, it will be circumvented by the insane, just as will a gun ban.

# 15. 12/17/12 6:45 AM
Please be more fair in your claim that people want to "ban guns". I've heard no cries for "banning guns", but rather for banning assault-type weapons. I'm not in favor of banning all guns, but I also don't see how banning assault type weapons is going to impact the lives of gun owners who use their weapons for legitimate reasons.

# 16. 12/17/12 6:49 AM by Skippy
Or we can keep putting up signs that state "gun free zone."

# 17. 12/17/12 7:02 AM by albert vallone - livonia n.y.
One well armed resource office in each classroom?

Banks with armed guards and armoured cars with armed drivers can't guarantee absolute protection against attack.

How do you expect your plan to work better than some banks and armoured car services employ?

# 18. 12/17/12 7:03 AM by Poplar Beach
School resource officers is a good idea Bob, sad we have come to this, and expensive, but under the circumstances, something must be done.

In the meantime, while they debate this for months and months, how about if we issue bear spray pepper spray canisters to each teacher and teach them how to use them.

These are not little purse canisters, they are like those wasp and hornet sprays that shoot 30 feet. They will turn a grizzly bear in a split second and hitting a person in the eyes/face will temporarily blind and debilitate them.

Sounds like a goofy idea, maybe, but I have seen them work, on bears & people and right now, today, in the immediate aftermath of this horror, far better than months of debate with nothing done.

At a cost of $35 a can, including a holster, all schools could do this tomorrow.

# 19. 12/17/12 7:26 AM by Larry - Virginia
thumbsup.gif This is the best idea I've heard yet, between the two extremes. Actually, if just a small number of teachers, or the principal, custodian, or some had a gun it might be enough without arming the whole staff.

# 20. 12/17/12 7:31 AM by rjd
I agree except it will NOT make liberals happy, anything short of banning guns will not make liberals happy. Can liberals even be happy? I'm also not so sure that guns cant be banned, not after 4 years of Obama and looking down the barrel of 4 more years. Also why are they called a resource officer? why not a security officer?

# 21. 12/17/12 7:40 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
When we were in Europe, public buildings (not sure about schools) were patrolled by officers carry Heckler & Koch submachine guns. They usually patrolled 2 or 3 abreast dressed in full battle gear. They were very visible. At first it was a little disconcerting, but you know what? That’s what it takes.

If certain people think that this will frighten the children, they really need to open their eyes and look at the alternatives. We haven’t come to this because of guns (again, think of Europe where guns are nearly impossible to come by for the average citizen). The reasons why are varied but the way to stop it is exactly as you suggested.

# 22. 12/17/12 7:55 AM
“The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it.”

? Thomas Jefferson

Editor's Note: if you're going to fabricate a jefferson quote, at least try to be artful and respectful of his brilliance.

# 23. 12/17/12 7:56 AM
The far left know that they can never truly control this country unless they take the guns away. You are probably aware that the largest standing army in the world are legal gun owners in America.

The shooter, according to what his mother told neighbors, had a form of autism called asperger's which is being declared as non-violent by some, but not all. Maybe Mom lied about that to protect her son and keep him from being institutionalized. Let's check with the Dr. or Dr's involved.

Maybe we should be looking at whether 'main streaming' is a factor and allowing schools to decide if kids needed certain drugs to 'behave'.

School resource officers? Think about it, every school would need 3 or 4 to cover all the time the school is open and allowing for other gov't perks like sick time, personal leave, vacation days, etc. Just like every other profession in the world including teachers, 20% will be incompetent and in the end, we will just be growing gov't and adding more and more people to pension and healthcare plans.

Let's look at all the drugs that are being passed out, not only to kids but to all the people you wrote about the other day - those that were led to believe that they were special and cannot understand why they are failing. We declare marijuana to be a gateway drug to coke and heroin yet we can't wait for a Dr to give us something to help us sleep or make us feel better about ourselves.

No one holds a gun to our heads when we give our kids that first dose of school recommended ritalin and start them on a drug culture that will span their lives.

Maybe, it's not the guns.

# 24. 12/17/12 7:56 AM by A. Patriot
I'm waiting for someone to write an article putting the blame on divorce, broken homes, "medication" and a lack of institutional options for those who need mental health counseling.

We used to have institutions for folks who posed a threat to themselves and society.. now we just medicate them with drugs with side effects such as: violence and suicidal tendencies... and let them run around among us.

# 25. 12/17/12 8:02 AM by Sad American
How can you have an answer if you don't understand the question?

Have you visited an elementary school in this country lately?


Multi-combative disorder? Gimme a break!

The entire school system in this country needs to stand down. And not for just one day either.

Just as is done in the military, stop everything and get some freakin' direction to our mission.

Stand down, pick up the pieces, and go all the way back to square one if necessary.

Leave no stone unturned and bring all available resources to the table.

It took a monster like hurricane Katrina to bring adequate (sorta?) levees to New Orleans.

And it took a monster with just 2 pistols to get our attention regarding the future of our children.

Now they say that Adam's mother was preoccupied with the "fiscal cliff" and the state of affairs in the world today.

"Mommy and daddy said that the world is going to end on December 21st!"

I wonder what Adam thought when he was exposed to such drivel?

Future? We don't need no stinkin' future!

And he took theirs away...

# 26. 12/17/12 8:03 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY

This from God in the Bible to us:

2 Chronicles 7:14

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

# 27. 12/17/12 8:22 AM by Joe L - Rochester
thumbsup.gif How about retired special forces like Navy Seals, Army Rangers etc...

# 28. 12/17/12 8:28 AM
thumbsdown.gif Sorry, this time we ARE coming for your guns.

At least for your assault style weapons, high capacity magazines, and armor piercing bullets.

This isn't about liberty -- you can keep your hunting rifles, your personal and home defense weapons (unless you think you have to be able to ward off Red Dawn).

But look at the pictures of the 20 first-graders slaughtered Friday, and just try to convince yourself that your selfish desire to have any weapon you want was worth their lives.

Bull!*&!@, and you all know it.

Editor's Note: cold, dead fingers, my friend. cold, dead fingers.


Firstly, the most revolting spectacle I have seen in a long time, was that POS who inhabits the White House making the deaths of these poor children and teachers into a political event. His using these deaths to advance his party's anti-gun agenda was ignorant and unforgivable.

When the first Shuttle came apart at the launch pad, Ronald Reagan didn't appear on television to console the nation with tears in his eyes and a quaver in his voice. He told his American people of the tragedy, quoted a famous Canadian poem and rallied his people to get on with the job.

When the twin towers came down in New York, George Bush didn't weep, fall to the ground and cry over the 3000 ( some of whom were Canadians). He rallied the people from this terrible tragedy and told them that America would move onward and upward.

After this tragedy the POS in chief is pushing for gun control. He knows full well that even if every gun in the country was registered, they are still in private hands and still available to the mental defectives who would use them on children. He knows that anything short of seizure would be entirely ineffective and yet, before the bodies of these tiny victims are even cold, he is lying to the American people and trying to advance a political agenda before the first shovel full of earth is thrown.

Canada had a gun registry. Every privately owned gun was to be registered. In a surprisingly, near revolutionary protest a majority of Canadians refused to partake of this liberal boondoggle. It cost us billions of dollars and achieved nothing. The POS knows this and yet demands it at home.

So aside from Police officers in the schools, how about enforcing the gun laws that exist? How about making it mandatory that every gun in every home is locked in a fire-proof, break-proof, locked box to which only the gun's actual owner has access? How about charging the owner of every gun used , as well as the perp, for any crime committed with that gun? How about taking the gang banger who parades with his pistol, the owner who knowingly allows access to his gun by anyone, the parent who leaves his guns in an unlocked cabinet and sending them to the big house for a long long time?

Gun control? - No

Access control? - Yes

Making owners of guns responsible with mandatory jail time? - Hell yes!

# 30. 12/17/12 8:47 AM by Mindy - Williamsville
Why did God let this happen?

# 31. 12/17/12 8:52 AM by Harold - Hamlin
“But be that as it may, the response of the anti-gun crowd was clear: Ban guns."

Not all guns.....just assault rifles. There you go again stretching the facts.

# 32. 12/17/12 8:54 AM by Jodi - Wayne County East
Wake up people. Open your eyes, your ears to the evil around us. The evil within.

God's Word, the Bible, tells us that unless the last days be numbered no flesh would survive.

The war is not against flesh and blood but against the spiritual powers of darkness. Against demonic principalities and powers in high places that control both individuals And nations.

Satan and his minions are on a full court press.

The reelection of Barak Obama is a sure sign in the heavens that we have passed the tipping point, the point of no return and are accelerating exponentially into the NWO, the 0end of Days, the reign of the antichrist, the Great Tribulation and the second coming of Jesus.

# 33. 12/17/12 8:54 AM by Lester - Henrietta
Do we put a “resource officer” in day care centers? MCC has an on campus center. The Rush Henrietta School District houses UPre-K programs in several day care sites. Would they be covered under your plan?

# 34. 12/17/12 8:56 AM - Fairport
I agree with #28. Rather than arm a teacher with a gun, arm them with a stun gun. Likewise, for home protection use a stun gun or what you have said in the past, a shotgun. No need for pistols or assault weapons.

# 35. 12/17/12 8:56 AM by Boomer - Scottsville
Assault weapons and high-capacity clips for all nut jobs Right Bob?

# 36. 12/17/12 8:57 AM by prick - webster

#28 said it best, but, of course, your reply exemplifies what is wrong with the supporters of the 2nd amendment. Maybe you would feel differently if this nut had visited Mt. Morris Elementary School.

# 37. 12/17/12 8:57 AM by Zeke - Brockport
There should be yearly registration and taxing for every gun to cover the cost of our first responders. Insurance aginst death or injury for every gun - just like cars. Limits on ammunition. Automatic psychiatric evaluations for people who own many guns and start stocking up on them. Responsibility for gun control would pass to the insurance companies, which they would like, as it would be a GREAT source of income. After all, people like Bob profess to value capitalism, right?

# 38. 12/17/12 8:57 AM
thumbsdown.gif Re #28:

Better your cold dead fingers than the children slaughtered on Friday.

Find some other toys to make you feel macho.

And I am most definitely not your friend.

# 39. 12/17/12 9:00 AM
When they started closing churches, that's when you realize what kind of world we are living in. When they started airing reality TV, that's when you realize what kind of world were living in. When you have a floozie Georgetown Law student talking about birth control at the Democratic Convention, and Viagra commercials during dinner time, you realize what kind of world were living in. When we have a 50% graduation rate in the City of Rochester, we realize what kind of world were living in. People, start thinking about your own priorities, not your next big apple i phone or HD TV. Society must change, behaviors must change, and deviance must be attacked upon the best interest of today's children.

# 40. 12/17/12 9:00 AM by Mark - Corning
Can we start with some common ground? The majority of NRA members believe:

1. People on terriorist watch lists should not be able to own guns.

2. The gun show loophole should be closed. There must be a mandatory background check on guns purchased at gun shows.

Let's begin with these two.

# 41. 12/17/12 9:01 AM by Kevin - Raleigh, NC
thumbsdown.gif "The resource officer is a one-person army"

Are you serious? Bob, these are rent-a-cops. No self respecting cop; much less the best of the best as you put it wants to be a babysitter in a school.

You took one too many puffs off the wacky tobaccy pipe before writing this one.

# 42. 12/17/12 9:01 AM by rjd
#28, you are a moron and a coward, who is this WE that you are standing behind? thank you so much for letting us keep out hunting rifles, that was mighty white of you. You mention home defense, well the weapons folks use for home defense are very similar to what was used in this shooting so you obviously dont even know what you are talking about. If there would have been one teacher or one resource officer with a gun this probably wouldnt have happened. Bad guy walks in with gun and is shot dead where he stands. If you really care about the children then lets try defending them. Also just a thought but you have an unhinged teenager living in your house try a decent gun cabinet. there is no way in hell i would have had guns around when my kids were teens, they were just too explosive and too stupid, and just about everyone who has had kids knows what i mean.

# 43. 12/17/12 9:02 AM by North Chili Patriot
thumbsdown.gif Your obsession with guns is sick. Clearly, the second amendment has become your god.

And your hatred of Obama has turned you into a dishonest commentator. You willfully misrepresented what President Obama was saying last night and you know it. He made the statement that our country has to change, an obvious and true statement. He was talking about change on a much greater scale than simply gun control, and you know that as well.

But your hatred and your gun obsession has brought out your true colors (not that they've been exactly hidden from most of us).

Slaughtered children - only collateral damage to the greater virtue of unlimited guns, even machine guns. Don't talk about what or who is immoral until you've taken a good look in the mirror.

# 44. 12/17/12 9:04 AM by Mary - Fairport
Assault weapons have no place in the hands of civilians. They are nothing but killing machines. No good for hunting. Certainly not needed for individual protection.

The 2nd Amendment was written when there were only muskets for protection & hunting. 

Time to rethink............

# 45. 12/17/12 9:06 AM by Mike - Leroy
Like you Bob, I have a small winky and need guns to feel like a man.

# 46. 12/17/12 9:19 AM by Mike - Pittsford NY
"It was a shameful spectacle, an immoral exploitation of murdered children to advance a pet political cause. The compassionate liberals didn’t seem particularly compassionate toward the families of innocent victims. Their loss was merely an opportunity to make political hay."

Have you heard the promos playing all weekend on WHAM? "We'll get through this together."...by the way...don't forget to check out the WHAM website.

# 47. 12/17/12 9:22 AM
The President wasn't talking about politics but you are. Looks like the senseless slaughter will continue. Peace.

# 48. 12/17/12 9:23 AM
How is it that a folding knife with a blade longer than 6 inches is not legal under any circumstances but a semi automatic assault gun complete with a clip of 30 rounds can be obtained legally with the proper paperwork.

# 49. 12/17/12 9:37 AM by tom - penfield, ny
Sounds good, but probably not able to be implemented. The guard would probably call in sick or be asleep when the attack occurred. That is the problem with this type of attack. No one knows where or when. Military bases here and abroad are attacked all the time and the military personnel who are armed take losses. The failure in this case was the mother. She should have not had any guns anywhere near her freak son. The freak son should have been in an institution. The airline industry does a great job of protecting against crashes but they still occur. People like Bob always see themselves as the hero racing in with their guns drawn to protect the innocent. That's the way it is in the movies, not real life. Nothing is going to happen to change the current situation. You may have noticed that not much happens in this country anymore except blowing big holes in the ground of small foreign counties and passing a confusing and expensive healthcare bill. We just aren't set up to fix things anymore.

# 50. 12/17/12 9:42 AM by U.S. Taxpayer & Voter
Why would a seemingly intelligent, concerned mother keep guns in her home when she has a son who appears to have mental problems? At least lock these weapons up in a secure place when not in use.

And I agree, try as hard as we can, there will always be a way for people with bad intent to get access to firearms. Besides being mentally deranged these people are COWARDS.

Besides sending our prayers to the victims' families, let's also pray for the people who survived and will have problems with guilt feelings for a long, long time. This will affect them mightily.

God Help America!!!!

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