Written December 12, 2012     

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# 1. 12/12/12 12:48 AM by Richard Grande - Grande Tetons
thumbsup.gif Survey Response:

Nahh, I'm just glad to see Salma Hayek.

Editor's Note: roger that

# 2. 12/12/12 1:16 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
You lost me with your statement that "Greece and Spain take the world’s economy down the toilet." Talk about self indulgent, the rest of the world is not as impressed with the US as the far right in this county where we have the highest incarceration rate of any country of the world and are often the last to recognize human freedoms.

Editor's Note: if i lost you, please, no matter what, don't come back

# 3. 12/12/12 1:28 AM
When Yasser Arafat & Carter, Obama got the awards, it was a sign that it was just an empty gesture vs. a meaningful move.

# 4. 12/12/12 2:43 AM
No wonder we are broke.

# 5. 12/12/12 3:27 AM by Abner D

Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize based on symbolism and rhetoric of what may or may not happen at some point in the future. If these are legitimate grounds for winning, then I believe the Nobel Committee erred in not naming Obama's Teleprompter as co-recipient.

# 6. 12/12/12 6:00 AM by rjd
Does anyone even give a crap about the nobel prize anymore? they have basically made themselves irrelevant with all of their goofy awards. Win a Grammy, now there is an award.

# 7. 12/12/12 6:17 AM by Bill - Rochester NY
Yes, the peace prize was pretty weak this year, but there are rumblings of discontent all over Europe regarding the union, and I suspect the Nobel committee was trying to send a msg: "Pleeeease don't dismember the union".

# 8. 12/12/12 6:27 AM by Poplar Beach
The Nobel peace prize is a joke, pretty much the same with Time's man/person of the year.

By the way, is it not high time to bring all those troops home and close all those bases, since the EU is so capable.

# 9. 12/12/12 7:06 AM by Skippy
Bob, calling the liberals on the committee morons is an insult to actual morons everywhere.

# 10. 12/12/12 7:08 AM by Ray S. - North Chili, N.Y.
Like you I've come to believe that the Nobel committee has lost all credibility due to it's apparent eagerness to chastise the U.S. I first became a bit let down when they awarded Al Gore a prize for what is essentially a hyped up home movie about work that other people are actually doing. And I'll confess right now that I believe that I am more alarmed about Global warming and environmental issues that I believe you to be. I'm not a tree hugger, but I do believe that something is happening and we need to understand why.

Then Mr. Obama got a prize for PEACE, and to his credit even expressed surprise because he didn't yet do anything (But he took it when he was told that it was on faith for his future promise.)

He did a nice job when he had the beer party with the two feuding neighbors, but I'm pretty sure that he still has a way to go to actually earn it. And I do not know if even that spat was smoothed out.

I'm sure if we look and analyze we will see many other such example's. And I say this all the while knowing that I'm sure that at times we do deserve to be slapped.

But to demean what was once a highly regarded award rendering it into a meaningless organization to score cheap political coup? There are other ways than to destroy the credibility of what was once a prestigious recognition.

They should be ashamed.

# 11. 12/12/12 7:10 AM by Albert Vallone
I served in Korea under three flags flown at equal hight in front of my United Nations headquarters. One of those flags was the U. N..

While I was there there jJohn F. Kennedy was asassinated.

Do you think He or President Eisenhower would have agreed with today's column and do you consider them to also be "fellow travelers" ?

Editor's Note: eisenhower who, with marshall, created our policy of german occupation, would have cheered this column

# 12. 12/12/12 7:25 AM by hc
thumbsup.gif the peace prize this year belongs to the European Union.

Let's just hope the countries don't fight over who gets to keep the medallion in their trophy case!


Yes, a knife, so no one mess with me. I gave my guns names, but I still need to name my knife. :)


# 13. 12/12/12 7:28 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
The Nobel Peace Prize has become less and less significant as time has gone by. I have known this for years. I think more and more people of the world are now recognizing this as well. It will eventually fade away into obscurity.

# 14. 12/12/12 7:31 AM
Everyday its negativity with you, I'm sick of it.....

# 15. 12/12/12 7:53 AM
thumbsdown.gif Again, with the negativity!

I expect the Committee wanted to acknowledge that the EU countrie's efforts to unify economically would help prevent future armed conflict among its member states. And that'a a good thing, right?

May not have been your choice, but then you don't have a gazillion dollars and a prize committee.

Just a sad little web column, and an abundance of fear and resentment.

Please, get some therapy.

# 16. 12/12/12 8:10 AM
The esteemed Sarah Jessica Parker disagrees with you.

I wish we'd hear more frequent political commentary from the (barely) high school educated Hollywood crowd.

# 17. 12/12/12 8:17 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed your column. I was wondering if Gloria Allred was in the running for all the peace she has spread around the world.

Her "Cleo"-patronizing girls,(intentional sp.)
even have the CIA wondering,
"What in hell was he thinking?"

"The CLIO Awards is the
world's most recognized
awards competition for advertising.


"See, we had to spank the Germans into submission twice before the 20th Century was half over."

You arrived three years late for WW1 and two years late for ww2. But it is always amusing to hear the last girl to come to the party, claim that the party's success was due to her arrival.

Editor's Note: you guys started it, we finished it. and if we hadn't come, you'd be speaking german today.

# 19. 12/12/12 8:36 AM by Mark
thumbsup.gif The Peace prize was an obvious joke when they awarded it to Obama. Enough said.

# 20. 12/12/12 8:39 AM by Harvey - NJ
Europe was in bloody messy wars ALL THE TIME, way before WWI and WWII. It is the first time in Europeen history that no country within IT is attacking another. I think this is a good opportunity to recognize how challenging, but also rewarding that path of unity resulted in.

There is still a lot of work to do in Europe, but for a group of nations with so many different cultures, different languages and values... to finally succeed where very few other nations (if any) succeeded is something to celebrate and commemorate.

# 21. 12/12/12 8:53 AM
So how do Greece and Spain take down the world economy?

# 22. 12/12/12 8:59 AM by Sparky - NC
thumbsup.gif In recent years, I carefully clip every column in our newspaper regarding the latest winner of a Nobel Prize. I use them to line my cat's litter pan. It's a better way than therapy to handle my rage and frustration over such nonsense.

# 23. 12/12/12 9:01 AM by Susan - Pittsford
Oh? I suppose you think that Tutu did not deserve it, and neither did the leader of Burma? Or how about the two Irish ladies, one catholic and the other protestant, who won many years ago during the worst of the Irish 'troubles?

The committee said in '09 that they hoped the prize would lend impetus to Obama's hope for diplomatic solutions to many conflicts around the world, and he certainly was not waging two wars-- he was trying to end them.

# 24. 12/12/12 9:11 AM by Lou - Brockport
I applaud the decision for this prize!

Given the historical circumstances. This is an achievement for the nations of the EU. Nations who throughout history have been archenemies, nations who has merciless waged wars upon each-other for as long as history has been recorded. Nations which borders has been redefined over and over. Nations which populations has suffered atrocities from generation to generation.

# 25. 12/12/12 9:18 AM by Carol - Penfield
It was not the continent of Europe that got the peace prize. It was, you know, the institution that was founded after WW I & II. An institution that so far has prevented war and hostility between nations notoriously known for waging wars against each other throughout the ages. Nation which are now "tightly" allied in terms of commerce and defense. From my perspective, that an achievement that deserves recognition.

# 26. 12/12/12 9:18 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob,

While Obama, Gore, Carter. and even Teddy Roosevelt recieved this phony Peace Prize,the latest Drudge headlines: AP: Surprise new $63 fee in Obamacare...Dems Ask for Delay to Med Device Tax They Voted For... It`s not a good sign when even the illegal Mexicans are starting to leave the US now! I suspect that a criminal element is leading the US now... spelled communism.

# 27. 12/12/12 9:20 AM by Sandy - Hamlin
Man receives price for being human

# 28. 12/12/12 9:26 AM
Peace can never come from the barrel of a gun. Even your militaristic revisionist history cannot alter that fact.

# 29. 12/12/12 9:27 AM by Rex
EUs are people too!!

# 30. 12/12/12 9:33 AM by Sam - Henrietta
We need a War prize. It could be based upon the number of Kills and countries engaged at one time. Bob would love this award.

# 31. 12/12/12 9:34 AM by Oscar
I voted for Mitt for confusing Libya and Egypt...and for pointing out the lack of spontanaity of the bengazi attacks.

# 32. 12/12/12 9:38 AM by Molly - Fairport
I can see why they won. (Obviously they won't win an economic prize though.) I mean, we're talking a continent that pretty much saw non-stop war for about three millenia! Since the EU, not one country in it has had any military conflict with another member. I'm sorry, but I can't help but agree that that's an achievement. But that's just the way I see it.

# 33. 12/12/12 9:42 AM by Abby - Letchworth
A continent that has been ravaged by some of the most brutal warfare in world history has been at relative peace since France and Germany started a free trade agreement post WWII. Free trade stops war. European members are at peace with one another. How is this not a success in the name of peace?

My question is why it took this long to recognize them for the prize.

# 34. 12/12/12 9:44 AM by Tom
Theyre just handing out peace prizes like its bagel wednesday. Everyone! There are peace prizes in the employee lounge!!

# 35. 12/12/12 9:47 AM by Chuck
There you go again with Obama..... every time a story comes up, no matter what its about, it turns into obama. take the needle out of the groove in the record and change the record.

# 36. 12/12/12 9:53 AM by Heidi - Pittsford
I saw the Zweigle ad where you infer that Obama was born in Kenya. I will no longer be buying Zweigle hot dogs.

# 37. 12/12/12 10:06 AM by Bart - Webster
It was ridiculous that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize, having done nothing to deserve it. But ever since then he has used armed drones to kill dozens of people around the world including Anwar al-Aulaqi, a terrorist in Yemen who was actually an American citizen. Al-Aulaqi's 16 year old son was also killed. Obama also takes credit for killing Bin Laden. Not that I disagree with any of these operations because those people all deserved what they got. But its a little hypocritical of Obama to pose as both a Nobel Peace Prize recipient and a self-described executioner. I wonder what the Peace Prize committee and Obama's liberal supporters think about this.

# 38. 12/12/12 10:22 AM
Poor wittle conservative Bob punched in the head by liberals again.

Go Nobel! Go Nobel! Go Nobel!

# 39. 12/12/12 10:43 AM by BIFF
Hmmmm.... the Nobel Peace prize consists of bragging rights, a medal and some cash. Splitting the medal and the cash among so many countries could prove to be tricky... a war might break out!

# 40. 12/12/12 11:18 AM by DJ
Wegmans dropped your arse off their book shelves? I wonder if it had anything to do with that FUBO thing?

Good for Danny for protecting his customers from you.

# 41. 12/12/12 11:22 AM by Rick G - Spencerport, NY
I think a PS to that poll question would be: How many of us who have carried a pocket knife since we were kids out of daily habit have had it confiscated by a TSA agent or in a federal building?

# 42. 12/12/12 11:30 AM by BIG RED - Victor NY
thumbsdown.gif Just heard more comments form you concerning the young hoodlums who made harassing video...You are correct, these people are bad, need additional guidance in life...BUT, SO DO YOU...I think your bumper sticker (FUBO to be specific)...IS DIGRACEFUL,LACKING RESPECT and just PLAIN MEAN SPIRITED...If our youth are to be educated by people to espouse BAD LANGUAGE and NASTY OPINIONS WE GET KIDS LIKE THIS...WE GET NASTY BIGOTTED KIDS... JUST LIKE YOU BOB......

# 43. 12/12/12 11:43 AM
Man attack the Nobel and it brings out all the goofballs.

# 44. 12/12/12 11:44 AM by Dan
thumbsup.gif My thought is that the United States deserves the Nobel Peace Prize much more than the EU, because the USA have not invaded Canada for at least 150 years or more!

# 45. 12/12/12 11:46 AM by Tom - Webster
thumbsup.gif It's fairly obvious that many of your followers are ignorant of world history. In it's a Wonderful Life Clarence shows George Bailey what life would be like if he hadn't been born. Someone should write a book showing what the world would be like if there was no U.S. of A. This could be done in terms of labor saving inventions, food supplies and agriculture, religious freedom, world wars, justice systems,charitable giving, medical discoveries, and much more. The world without America would leave an awfully big hole.

# 46. 12/12/12 12:00 PM
Everyone forgets that Nobel invented TNT! He came up with the peace prize due to guilty conscience.

I like his original concept - blow the bastards up!

Nobel and Dupont made their fortunes off all the damn wars. As did the Rothschilds and numerous other Europeans. Nobel's family fortune was made producing armaments, though he believed in pacifism. How convoluted!

# 47. 12/12/12 12:13 PM by tom - penfield, ny
It is a sad, insignificant, little prize given by a sad, insignificant, little country. They did it to themselves.

# 48. 12/12/12 12:26 PM
Always carry a knife, because knives never run out of bullets.

# 49. 12/12/12 12:33 PM by BILL - victor ny
thumbsdown.gif Whats a matter Bobby...dON'T WANT ANY NEGATIVE FEEDBACK ABOUT YOUR fubo BUMPER STICKER...lIKE YOU TOLD ME WHEN i CALLED IN pre-ELECTION...you're an idiot

# 50. 12/12/12 12:40 PM by Cami
the US Army does not operate on an honor system that many think it does - there's not even honesty about how many US Soldiers died in Vietnam- (clue: more than is claimed)

Greece is uniting with Israel, Russia and other countries to form their own union. The US is broken which is partially due to high incarceration rates here and trying to police the world which makes other countries dislike us. We can have bombs but you can't mentality. We spend too much for defense. If someone attacked us who would defend us? All the real soldiers are in other countries and our borders are open and unguarded.. Any ship could pull up on either coast and start something.

Ghadafi refused to join the EU and he got killed so that is no coincidence.

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