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# 1. 12/10/12 4:41 AM by Abner D

Seeing senior citizens living under bridges would give you great happiness.

Seeing liberals introduced into the food chain of the Serengeti Plain would give me eternal joy.

# 2. 12/10/12 5:40 AM
Thanks. I have an unusually huge helping of struggles on my plate right now. Just waking up to face them and a new day should be enough for me to be thankful for. I appreciate the reminder.

# 3. 12/10/12 5:45 AM
Except for your spelling of 'existence' I applaud everything you wrote.

Few things in life make me happier than creating electronic devices. Don't know why that's so. Even if I won a $100 million jackpot, I'd still be doing what I do.

Fortunately, what I do is very inexpensive. The transistors are 2.29 cents each (in bags of 1000). The homemade inductors are out of wire scraps. The 32-bit microprocessors are $1.26. The joy of making things come to life?... Priceless!

I figure I've already won the lottery.

# 4. 12/10/12 6:31 AM by Bill - Rochester NY
Choose to have a bright outlook, yes, but also get lucky in your genetic inheritance.

# 5. 12/10/12 6:46 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob,

What words of wisdom! Too bad that the gloomy liberals that write in never realize the secrets of life that you mention. Time for them to get a life! I can see them now trying to find fault with your very positive message. Some people never learn!

# 6. 12/10/12 6:57 AM by gww - rochester, ny
Is my Christmas shopping done? Why? Is it the 24th already?

# 7. 12/10/12 7:34 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
Too bad they don't make tea bags big enough for this column. That's some sound advice that a lot of people would do well to follow.

# 8. 12/10/12 7:36 AM
You better run for something, dummy!

# 9. 12/10/12 7:38 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif I enjoyed your column today. It reminds me of my Father's words.
"No one ever said life was going to be easy." And I will just add aa average son's corollary.
"The real meaning of life, is the attitude with which you meet adversity."
(it may not change the outcome in the physical world, but it, (attitude), has a profound effect on the individual's invisible state of peace of mind and honor.)

# 10. 12/10/12 7:42 AM by rjd
And of course your poll is suppose to say "did you get your Winter Solstice Celebration Holiday shopping done yet?" Ixnay on the Histmass Cray stuff.

# 11. 12/10/12 8:15 AM by Poplar Beach
Hum, Bob, I talk to the birds, marvel at the butterflies, a cloudy day is a chance to skip the sunscreen, not a downer. I really enjoy a good snow storm, or thunder storm, rain on the roof is great for sleeping, if the power goes off, it is an adventure, not a really big deal. Most every argument I have ever had ended a learning experience, never in hatred, or violence.

I am seldom in a hurry at the store, often I let older folks, or pretty girls with fewer items go in front of me.

But what is happening in Washington and Albany drives me up the wall. Every time I see a state, county or town road crew with 6 people doing the work of four my jaw gets tight. When I see how much we are paying to NOT educate our children and I get my share of the bill my blood pressure soars.

When I see Boehner and Obama doing their little dance, I want to slap them both, dump some cold water on them and yell, COUNTRY FIRST you egotistical self serving sons of b---hes!

But for the most part, I am a pretty mellow fellow!


"And I choose to react with optimism and delight."

Blah, blah, blah.

Remind us of your 'optimism and delight' the next time you leave work late on a cold rainy evening to find your truck alone in the parking lot with a dead battery.

It is mankind's refusal to bow down to the fates and happily accept whatever circumstance that is dealt us that has moved the species from the cave toward the stars. You can be happy in life but giving up the natural desire to attain more, to strive to grow, isn't living. It is existing. Your God would not have offered you the opportunity to be unhappy with your life without giving you the opportunity to work to make it better. Had he not, we would still be sharing our cave with the other animals.

And spare us the usual "These things too, were sent to test us." No they weren't. They were sent to make us unhappy with our lives so that we would get off our big fat rear ends, struggle and toil, curse and cry out, and move forward.

Acceptance is nothing but surrender. We were never meant to surrender.

# 13. 12/10/12 8:47 AM by Jodi - Wayne County East
It is all about expectations.

You can be in a dungeon awaiting torture and execution singing praises to the Lord, or in a palace whining that your lobster dinner is too hot or too cold.

The higher you place yourself, your own wants and needs on a pedestal above everyone else the more miserable you will be when you don't get what you think you deserve.

# 14. 12/10/12 8:54 AM by hc

I hereby joyfully announce that I have not one blessed bit of Christmas shopping done!!! YIPEEEE!!!!!

How's that for killing two partridges with one pear?


# 15. 12/10/12 9:07 AM
I always find it odd when people don't seem to expect bad things or sad things to happen. I'm confused by the number of people I know of who are taking anti-depressants. I've even had doctors prescribe them for me, though I've never filled the prescription. Isn't life sometimes depressing? I think it's okay to be a little depressed occasionally - and I don't want a drug-induced numb to cause me to miss all the joys. I'll feel sad when it's appropriate to feel sad and the rest of the time I'll feel happy. And I'll keep reminding myself to be content and to be grateful and to realize the grass isn't greener. I've got it good. Life is good. (My shirt and hat told me so.) :)

# 16. 12/10/12 9:10 AM
You know, some days you can be a saint and some days you can be the devil. I'm so confused, because God forgives all sins, even those on food stamps, disability,and welfare.

# 17. 12/10/12 9:29 AM by Carl - Williamson
thumbsup.gif Nice. Thanks Bob and Merry Christmas to all.

# 18. 12/10/12 9:43 AM by tom - penfield, ny
I felt pretty good when I got up this morning, then I read this article. Now I will go through the day with a sense of loss and frustration. I think this quote got to me.

"Life is like an old-time rail journey -- delays, sidetracks, smoke, dust, cinders and jolts -- interspersed only occasionally by beautiful vistas and thrilling bursts of speed."

I think I'll go back to bed and try again tomorrow. Thanks for ruining my day.

# 19. 12/10/12 10:50 AM by derek - highland, ut
thumbsup.gif i'm ready to charge out onto the field and do better in the 2nd half!

Editor's Note: hoo-ah

# 20. 12/10/12 11:25 AM by Jack - Bergin
Nice column.

The quote was written by Jenkins Lloyd Jones. It is well known by religious leaders.

# 21. 12/10/12 11:30 AM
As we progress more deeply into the holiday season, I find that I derive my greatest pleasure in finding new ways to piss people off.

# 22. 12/10/12 12:07 PM by PJG - mt. morris
thumbsup.gif As a prodigal son, this made cry. Please Lord, let me come home.

# 23. 12/10/12 12:22 PM by Mott Rimney - Cayman Islands

Antidepressants are the biggest scam ever perpetrated by "Big Pharma" on the American people. I wish you could see the binders full of people that fill the bookcases of my office. People would be much happier and better off if they made a deduction for therapy animals on their tax returns. (Like for their kitty kats or pomeranians. Them little boogers are expensive to keep and feed, not to mention what a full-time handler costs!)

# 24. 12/10/12 12:25 PM by Steve
Can't you screen the stupid comments about hating old people and food stamps and all the unimaginative childish comments? I hardly read your column comments anymore sine most are from idiots trying to be smart asses

# 25. 12/10/12 12:55 PM
#12-George - he just called you an "asshole" and you come back for more? Obviously, the "Lord" failed to teach Bob to respect others.

# 26. 12/10/12 1:11 PM
The quote was written by Jenkins Lloyd Jones. It is well known by religious leaders.

Jones was an anti-christian pacifist. Not impressed.

# 27. 12/10/12 1:50 PM by Cami
thumbsup.gif Good for you Bob! takes some courage to choose to be happy, it's easy to be gloomy and always look for the bad because you'll always find it. I also like the quote "would you rather be right or would you rather be happy?" I would rather be happy. Great X-mas message.

# 28. 12/10/12 2:20 PM by Mark
thumbsup.gif #19 - Said no one ever, from the Buffalo Bills!!

# 29. 12/10/12 2:22 PM by Adk Hiker
To #12: It sure sucks to be you.

# 30. 12/10/12 2:23 PM by cj
It looks from what I understand the Dems are waiting for the GOP to name their entitlement cuts and to quit stalling. I hope they cut corporate welfare which is more than half of the welfare budget but is never specifically mentioned and I hope they put an end to the war on drugs which is costing taxpayers too much.

# 31. 12/10/12 2:53 PM by John
if we want to reduce spending and lower the deficit then we cannot get into anymore military contracts as that raises the deficit and we already spend more than any other country in defense. China is 2nd to us in military spending and they spend $143 Billion. We spend $711 billion! Enough is enough. thanks

# 32. 12/10/12 7:16 PM by RMS - Rochester, NY
As usual Cal #5, you are living in your own dream world.....in your post, substitute the word "conservative" for "liberal" and you will then have written the truth. It is ALWAYS the gloom and doom Republican responders to Bob's columns who are unhappy, miserable people critical of absolutely everything and everyone who doesn't think like their narrow-minded selves. Get your own nose out from under Drudge and all the other crap which you read and believe, and look up and out, and see the world for the really wonderful, beautiful, diverse, and special place that it is!

# 33. 12/10/12 7:38 PM by TRW - Churchville
thumbsdown.gif FUBOB, What a pile of crap. So how does the FUBO scam fit into this little world of yours BOB, other then to insult the President.

# 34. 12/10/12 11:27 PM by GEORGE (the other one) - GANANOQUE ONTARIO CANADA

"#12-George - he just called you an "asshole" and you come back for more? Obviously, the "Lord" failed to teach Bob to respect others."

As I said, he has no friends and he only continues to show why.

# 35. 12/11/12 8:34 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
RE: # 32. 12/10/12 7:16 PM by RMS - Rochester, NY


You sure sound miserable today. I`ve never seen so many miserable people, liberals, writing in everyday to attack Bob Lonsberry while he is telling it like it is. Get a life and be positive for happiness. Help others, like Bob does, to achieve happiness. I`m meeting many great happy young people working at the dialysis center interacting with me. I tell them that I feel like I`m in heaven. They say I`m one of their favorites. I tell them that they are all super! Is that positive enough for you in this great Country? (smile)

# 36. 12/11/12 9:09 AM by Marlene - Allegany County
Perfect. Didn't get a chance to read this until today due to the chaos of Monday, but you're absolutely correct. Another to print for my lonsbarchive. (I also liked the comment of rushing on to the field for the second half. Great thought for a fifty year old.)

# 37. 12/12/12 9:23 AM by Tammy - rochester, ny
thumbsup.gif He gets it!

# 38. 12/12/12 11:15 PM by trucker bill - boomtown, nd
Success is getting what you want. Happiness is wanting what you get. From Brother Dave on the Sirius. From me; Enjoy the easy, Endure the hard, in Everything give thanks for the peace that passes understanding.

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