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# 1. 12/7/12 12:49 AM by David - Henrietta
No autograph sessions this year?

Editor's Note: hoping to schedule some for next week and the week after

# 2. 12/7/12 5:13 AM by Albert vallone - Livonia ny
thumbsup.gif My friends know I don't like the word "should" or "ought" since I usually consider them weasel word substitutes for may or must .

Today I agree that a true Christian, in the season of Christmas "should" give a sign that even one' s critics might agree shows an effort to be more Christ- like.

Doing what you anticipate with FUBO might indicate such effort.

I wont say you should, but I'll leave it to your free will to choose may or must, and perhaps replace it with something we truly ALL can agree with like possibly incorporating "GH" for God Help, ;I'll let you add the rest.

Merry Christmas

# 3. 12/7/12 5:35 AM
Yawn - get over the whole FUBO thing. You sound so bitter.

# 4. 12/7/12 5:46 AM by hunter - e. bethany, ny
thumbsup.gif Merry Christmas to you and yours.

# 5. 12/7/12 5:56 AM
thumbsdown.gif Elmer Gantry now offering a line of snake oils

Editor's Note: i am so pleased with the literary reference that i will overlook the insult

# 6. 12/7/12 7:00 AM
For a guy who knocks social security and the working man and women who pay into it, excluding your views on welfare, etc... Take your book and t-shirts and shove it up your royal ass.

# 7. 12/7/12 7:14 AM by Rick C. - Rochester,NY 14610
thumbsdown.gif I prefer the FUBOB Sticker that is on the rear window of my Chevrolet CRUZE.

# 8. 12/7/12 7:23 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
From reading the comments on Syracuse.com, it doesn't look like you are any more popular than the last guy Reith who just got canned by public TV.

# 9. 12/7/12 7:47 AM
What about a book about North Clinton, Hudson, Portland, and Goodman? You could start with an introduction, 4o years ago vs today. Chapter 1, would you make it home alive if you walked home after midnight. I'll be looking for it, thanks!!!

# 10. 12/7/12 8:05 AM by Ron - Kenmore, NY
thumbsup.gif The squeaky snake gets the oil?

# 11. 12/7/12 8:10 AM by kittynana - Lewiston NY
thumbsup.gif You're a class act. Bob.

A whore, but class. ;)

# 12. 12/7/12 8:11 AM by pp
Politics aside the FUBO sentiment is classless, disgusting, and idiotic. It says quite a bit about the people who support the line and the sentiment.

I think W was a horrible president, can't stand him for starting senseless wars and leading the country into the worst economic crisis since the depression, but I would NEVER have considered insulting America and a sitting democratically elected president the way you do, especially during wartime. You disgust me.

At least you aren't afraid to show what a classless moron you are. So you have that going for you.


Hey Bob .. .. ...... . ..

Do you ship to Canada?

Editor's Note: i presume there is commerce between our two nations

# 14. 12/7/12 8:34 AM by mike in ogden.
Cool store Bob. It occurred to me that you could write a column on why candy canes are so tasty and someone would take time out of their day to post an insult about you. Merry Christmas to you and yours Bob. Hope you sell a bunch of stuff.

Editor's Note: gracias, mi hermano.

# 15. 12/7/12 8:43 AM by Gappy - Quincy il
thumbsdown.gif Your books don't interest me and your FUBO line disgusts me. There's many worthy causes and organizations to buy from but you're not one of them.

# 16. 12/7/12 8:49 AM
There's no shame in trying to support your family. Have you considered Amway? Or maybe MaryKay? Or condoms?

# 17. 12/7/12 9:01 AM
Are your children's offshore trusts based in the Caymans or elsewhere?

# 18. 12/7/12 9:03 AM
Unfortunately i can not find a spanish translation of your books. Also an audible.com version read by the author in english would be nice.

# 19. 12/7/12 9:07 AM by Susan - Pittsford
thumbsdown.gif Thank you for showing us what Mormons are really like.

# 20. 12/7/12 9:14 AM by Meg - Sandy, Utah
Love for this country should not include putting down the President of the United States. End FUBO.

# 21. 12/7/12 9:16 AM by Earl
Sorry, Bob. I'm not buying anything from a Wall Street puppet that wants to cut my mother's Social Security.

# 22. 12/7/12 9:16 AM
thumbsdown.gif Can't buy. I refuse to cash my Social Security check. Sorry.

# 23. 12/7/12 9:17 AM by Dom Polski
#9 - ever wonder how come there are so many girls named Wanda on "Hoodson" Avenue? And they don't even look Polish.

# 24. 12/7/12 9:19 AM by Rex - Hamlin
I gave my boss a FUBO t-shirt for Christmas last year. It ended up being the most embarrassing day of my life. He did not share my political views and let he me know it.

# 25. 12/7/12 9:21 AM by Steve Clement - Buffalo, NY
thumbsdown.gif Have you no pride, man?

# 26. 12/7/12 9:22 AM
I hope the IRS audits your various income activities including all of your radio payola scams that bring in free food and vehicle payouts.

# 27. 12/7/12 9:22 AM by ED - Palmyra,NY
thumbsup.gif Good luck on your enterprise and Merry Christmas - one complaint - urinal cakes and taste should not be in the same sentence.

# 28. 12/7/12 9:25 AM by Al - Hammondsport
thumbsdown.gif If you loves America and the military so much then why do you slam the Commender in Chief? That is your daughter's boss. What would her commander think of your FUBO business?

# 29. 12/7/12 9:34 AM
"A day that will live in infamy."

# 30. 12/7/12 9:39 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob,

Sign me up! I`ll be in touch. Thanks for giving us a great year! Meanwhile I`ll be praying for your commie lib readers, that they will see the Light and get a life! Merry Christmas to you and your family!

# 31. 12/7/12 9:57 AM by Richard - Penfield
thumbsdown.gif Anyone who pays attention to you should not be surprised by your asinine FUBO malarkey by now, but I still wouldn't have expected to see you promoting it as a parallel effort to a planned line of faith-based merchandise. In the left column on this page I'm selling T-shirts with the message "Glory Be to God." And just to the right of that, you can buy a bumper sticker telling the duly elected leader of my country to Eff Off!

But then I suppose if you weren't a hypocrite, you wouldn't be a "conservative" or a "man of faith."

# 32. 12/7/12 9:57 AM
When you f over the working class when it comes to social security, they more than likely will see you as a moron, nice job.....

# 33. 12/7/12 10:18 AM by Poplar Beach
My opinion, go off the Fiscal Cliff. Many politicians scream about a 9% cut in military spending, I was in the military for 4 years, there was far more than 9% waste. We have bases in 122 countries, including Japan, Germany, left over from post WW-2 and in Thailand left over from Vietnam.

Why can't we close these bases and many more not in the USA, no reduction in force, no unemployment generated in the USA. In fact with more troops stationed at home, employment should go up and with these troops available for deployment to genuine trouble spots our overall readiness would be enhanced.

# 34. 12/7/12 10:22 AM
#13 - Ship what? Guns, ignorance? No, thanks.

# 35. 12/7/12 11:05 AM by cj
how about

"2nd Amendment goes hand in hand with keeping guns out of the hands of dangerous people"

On the O'Reilly Factor last night, Bob Costas said that roughly 40% of gun sales in this country don’t have to go through a background check under federal law.

Ah now I get it.

"Background check before gun sales".

Maybe that would be a better slogan.

# 36. 12/7/12 11:37 AM by BIFF
OMG! Your column is a commercial!!!


# 37. 12/7/12 12:01 PM by tom - penfield, ny
"And, to be honest, we have been planning over the last several months to retire the FUBO line. We figured, after Mitt got elected, there’d be no market or need."

Hey, How about a T-shirt that says; "Is Mormonism a Cult?"

That's no worse than telling the legitimately elected leader of the United States,FU,is it?

# 38. 12/7/12 12:13 PM
Not that Jodi will buy anything from you but on the off chance that that happens, will you be able to ensure delivery to him/her before the Rapture on the 22nd?

# 39. 12/7/12 12:17 PM by Cami
#30 Cal include a prayer for Paul Ryan who was a true believer in the teachings of Ayn Rand, which she called objectivism. At least up until he found out some of the GOP were not impressed.

She's an atheist who proclaimed that egoism was the basic duty of every human being. Any kind of social commitment was a sin against nature. Only by serving his own interest and cleansing himself of any trace of altruism can a person truly fulfill himself. Society at large can progress only when it is based on such individuals, each one striving to serve only himself (or herself).

Her books are boring by the way and no one needs or wants to be objectified. No original thoughts there but many Republicans and Conservatives do worship her. She's a cult figure with in the tea party.

# 40. 12/7/12 12:34 PM by Al Quiam - USSA
Comrade Lonsberry,

I think a lot of readers misinterpret the meaning of FUBO. Isn't it F@#%ED Up By O'Bama?? That is the more correct linguistic meaning of the acronymn...at least that is how I have always thought of that to be.

Merry Christmas and remember..that in 2013, there is no more BLAMING BUSH, Czar Barry!

# 41. 12/7/12 12:52 PM by Bill - Dallas, TX

I'm no expert, but I suspect a lot of the comments on your site are coming from the same two or three people, posting under different names.

I come to that conclusion as it makes no sense that someone who dislikes you so much would come to your site so often to read what you have written.

By the way, I clicked the Google ad for the car dealer. Enjoy your check.

# 42. 12/7/12 1:03 PM
The picture of the dog taking a crap on your FUBO site is pure class all the way. Way to make your children proud.

# 43. 12/7/12 1:28 PM by GEORGE (the other one) - GANANOQUE ONTARIO CANADA

"i presume there is commerce between our two nations"

I will assume that this is your 'humourous' way of saying 'Yes'. Do you have any friends Bob?

Editor's Note: not that i'm aware of

# 44. 12/7/12 1:42 PM
RE: #41 Google ad? I don't see any ads. Merry Christmas, Bob, to you and your family.

# 45. 12/7/12 2:59 PM by Cal - Rochester, NY

RE: # 43. Do you have any friends Bob? Editor's Note: not that i'm aware of

We ARE ALL your friends! Also may capitalism be your friend this Christmas!

# 46. 12/7/12 3:18 PM
thumbsdown.gif Thanks, no thanks on the FUBO wear, and on the "I earned it, you can't have it" stuff.

I'll also pass on the Gadsen Flag crap.

Honestly, what are you all compensating for???

I've never met a more selfish, ill-informed and mean-spirited bunch.

# 47. 12/7/12 3:36 PM by Rick C. - Rochester,NY 14610
thumbsdown.gif I believe that Your Guest Salvatore is The Demographic of the listeners of The Lonsberry Show and WHAM Radio. If it wasn't,Salvatore would have been cut moments after he got On The Air. That a way to throw out Red Meat to all the Racist Bigots that listen to WHAM. If I hadn't heard it with my own ears I wouldn't of believed it.

# 48. 12/7/12 3:57 PM by hc
I think if you were planning on selling me anything at this point, I'd wish you'd make it a running* book!! I'm sure you'd have no problem weaving a few spirited tales into some of those city runs you've been making. Niche-y, maybe, but I bet you would still get a large enough audience from the (local and national)running crowd, regardless of their stances on things. That is, if you hawk it right. I'm vaguely remembering a column about an old woman who gave you her journals while you were out on a run. Maybe something like that could be a good starting line.

As for this year, and the whole FUBO thing... Bob, in all honestly....it's getting wicked-old, man. And "Christian" clothing by a company named "FUBOwear" probably strikes some as a bit brackish. Sorry... just sayin'; but at least I'm saying it a bit more politely that some of your other commenters. I wish you a ton of success but I'm a firm believer that the ends don't justify the means.

Maybe next year, though. If the running book idea is not palatable to you; or is too much to tackle with another newborn in the house than I'd be grateful for a "best-of" compendium of (non-political)columns. :)


* Okay, I have TOTALLY behaved myself with the off-topic running comments this year. You were due for one.

# 49. 12/7/12 4:42 PM by GEORGE (the other one) - GANANOQUE ONTARIO CANADA

"Editor's Note: not that i'm aware of"

I would like to say you are probably wrong, but you are probably right. Does that tell you anything Bob?

Editor's Note: that you're an asshole?

# 50. 12/7/12 9:11 PM
The only upside to your disgusting FUBO tee shirt wear is the fact that it's made by Bayside, a strong USza union shop affiliated with the Teamsters. So thanks for that but I hope it makes you grit your teeth, given your disdain for people making a dignified wage.

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