Written December 5, 2012     

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# 1. 12/5/12 7:53 AM
Who cares? If the Dem party doesn't like it it won't support them next election cycle it's their party let them figure it out.

# 2. 12/5/12 8:21 AM by Poplar Beach
Sorry Bob, I can't get real excited about this “political power deal”, this state is in the dumper, our new governor, who seemed to want to start to fix it was apparently just posing for national attention, and is now becoming part of the problem.

Did the unions get to Cuomo, did the anti frack crowd get to him, perhaps the democrat power brokers forced him to put the breaks on fiscal reform. Whatever the reason, be it pressure, some kind of “political power deal” governor Cuomo's reform agenda is coming to a screeching halt and it seems to be business as usual (tax and spend) guiding NY. So if another crooked deal can make the state run better, more fiscally responsible, I am all for it.

Two wrongs do not make a right, but for NY politicians two wrongs is a tiny drop in a huge bucket, so for this powerless little guy, I could care less about another crooked deal, if it helps save this state in the long run.

# 3. 12/5/12 8:25 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
This sort of politics has been going on in NYS since I was but a child. I see no real solution except term limits which will not solve it, just limit the damage.

Or do like I did and leave.

VA state government has some term limits. It is not perfect, but it seems to work better.

# 4. 12/5/12 8:29 AM by john - rochester
This goes on in the US Senate as well with the "Gang of Six" or 8 or 12. All of a sudden instead of 100 Senators, we have a body that consists of a small group of individuals deciding secretly amongst themselves what's best for the rest of us.

# 5. 12/5/12 8:43 AM by Mark
thumbsup.gif Politicians make whores look good.

# 6. 12/5/12 8:45 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
The division in New York State is more between upstate and downstate than between the Dems. and Repubs. Valesky who ran unopposed, is really acting to further the interests of his district so let it be.

Editor's Note: valesky ran unopposed because the republicans wanted to curry favor with him. valesky is a liberal in a moderate district. he is not furthering the interests of his district, he is furthering the interests of himself and his philosophy.

# 7. 12/5/12 8:57 AM by tom - penfield, ny
It doesn't matter, we are ruled over by Wall Street and those with big money anyway. The idea that we are free is a scam to pacify the little people so that they can be fleeced. The standard of living has gone down for the middle-class for over 30 years. That is the horror story that needs to be told often.

# 8. 12/5/12 9:04 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsdown.gif Unless its a one way street,I dont believe that Obama will make any deal w/the Republican House to avert the "fiscal cliff". He doesn't want, or need to do such a thing-as the situation now stands. If our Nation slips further into economic decline, the bets are all on Obama again after rolling in sh*t,to come up smelling like roses.With the media, big money (the blowhard Buffet) and millions of voters ready to crown him the Black Czar, Obama is in a most enviable position-to any other U.S. President since F.D.R. But global forces bigger than a U.S. President have, in the past, determined events here. So may it be,again, w/in a very short period of time.As far as New York and the deal to run the Senate-why not? If our State is the most dysfunctional in the country (exception:California) I dont see how cheating the mob is gonna hurt anyone of any consequence.Most of them shouldn't be voting anyhow.

# 9. 12/5/12 9:17 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif A good and informative column that I find very interesting food for thought. Since they have defenestrated the Bible and Ten simple rules for decent behavior, many politicians have adulterated many laws in the covetousness of power and vanity, stealing what little ethics was left after the false witnesses assassinated the character of honorable fathers and mothers...They blaspheme the Constitution and Bill Of Rights while they worship false prophets (and tin gods),in Albany, of all places??? Who knew?

# 10. 12/5/12 9:24 AM by Louise
They should be kicked out of the party. They were elected as Democrats. If the people had wanted Republicans to represent them they would have elected Republicans to represent them.

All these people are looking out for is their own power and influence.

# 11. 12/5/12 9:26 AM by Teresa - Fairport
OMG! They might has well just switch parties! Why didn't they run as Republicans?

# 12. 12/5/12 9:28 AM by Hank
Beware of democrats in republican sheep's clothing. They'd better get their dirty dealings done now because in those democratic districts, they won't be reelected and get a second chance.

# 13. 12/5/12 9:30 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif BRAVO TO BOB, for trying to explain this stupid mess! Whatever happens, from Obama to the lowest level OF politics, the commie libs always seem to win! And the majority of the voters, who are Conservative, are always put on the spot: SAYING, WHAT HAPPENED?!

# 14. 12/5/12 9:31 AM by Al - Pittsford
Karl Rove and Dick Head Morris have been dropped by Fox News.

This is bad news for comedians everywhere.

# 15. 12/5/12 9:34 AM by Tony - Bergin, NY
Benedict Arnold had nothing on these people. You think the deck is stacked against us, just a little? Republicans must love this. You will not see that happening on the west coast among Democrats there, so why is New York flipping so obviously to the Republicans?

Something to do with Israel?

# 16. 12/5/12 9:37 AM by Rabbi Joe
One of these Democrats is Simcha Felder. Wikipedia describes him as a strong supporter of Israel and a very religious person whose father was a Rabbi. He favors using city funds to establish religious schools. He tried to ban the feeding of pigeons in New York City. He has called the U.N. anti-American and anti-Israel. Within days of his election, he announced his decision to caucus with the Republicans. I think New York will make him a one-termer. Otherwise, WTF is going on?

Editor's Note: except for the pigeons thing, he makes pretty good sense to me.

# 17. 12/5/12 9:39 AM by Poplar Beach
#5 Mark, ever been to a whore house, some of them look pretty darn good and unlike with politicians you pretty much know what you are getting.

Plus the fact whores are pretty much term limited!

# 18. 12/5/12 9:49 AM by Russ
Looks like we have some fake Democrats in NY that need to be replaced.. or recalled..

There should be a recall against Klien and Felder.

# 19. 12/5/12 9:52 AM by Zeke
Talk about CHUTZPAH. The voters will give them what's coming to them the next chance they get.

# 20. 12/5/12 9:54 AM by Kent
So, the new Republican strategy is to Run as Democrats and switch after the election ?

Now, is there a way to charge these guys with Election Fraud? Or do we have to wait for their Constituents to kick them out?

# 21. 12/5/12 9:56 AM by Susan - Pittsford
They are stealth Nazi Republicans smuggled into the country as babies to run as Communist Democrats and then when they get power turn New York into a Nazi Dictatorship.

# 22. 12/5/12 10:00 AM by Kevin - Raleigh, NC
Lets be honest a New York Republican elected Representative is the equivalent to a conservative to moderate Democrat anywhere else. For years they have shown their self interests are more important than the Republic and it's constituents they serve.

# 23. 12/5/12 10:12 AM
Here we go again.....

Citigroup to eliminate more than 11,000 jobs

# 24. 12/5/12 10:16 AM by John - SLC
So, the inmates really are running the asylum now!

Or, perhaps the inmates have seized control?

In any case, New York will be even worse off than it already was. That is not a good thing for anyone, except the crooked and stupid politicians- which includes most of them.

# 25. 12/5/12 10:39 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif # 17. 12/5/12 9:39 AM by Poplar Beach #5 Mark, ever been to a whore house, some of them look pretty darn good and unlike with politicians you pretty much know what you are getting.

Plus the fact whores are pretty much term limited!

Thanx for the grins...


There is no "A" in INTEGRITY, only "grit".
(to "bear" "IT".)

(no "C" or "L" for that matter.)

But there is an

"I" for independent and an
"N" for neutral, a
"T" for tolerance, an
"E" for ethical, a
"G" for grateful, an
"R" for rectitude,another
"I" for insightful, another
"T" for truthful, and a
"Y" for "ye" meaning you, not why, or why not,
.....but why not now...

# 26. 12/5/12 10:40 AM
Wrong Bob. 2 or 3 IDC senators had no opposition (by design that is) from Republicans. David Valesky had a "custom" gerrymandered district made for him by Republicans and Simcha Felder's opponent received no support from his own party . I am really all broken up over the democrats whining and crying and possibly losing the chance to stuff their Fascist agenda down upstates throat.

# 27. 12/5/12 10:49 AM by Ultra bob - salt lake city Utah
To solve the unemployment problem in America, all we have to do is draft every unemployed person who needs and wants a job into a government program Workers Union of America. Then no one would be unemployed.

This would not be welfare but a real job at a living wage, doing the millions of things people want done. The cost of the program would be paid by a flat rate tax on commercial business. Businesses could choose how they want to pay the workers of America. They could employ them and pay wages, or they could be taxed to pay for the workers doing jobs for others.

There would be an incentive to businesses to hire workers because it would reduce the tax. If private businesses hire all the workers, the tax would be zero. Without the threat of unemployment, recession and depression would be a thing of the past. The economy would be stable and business would make tons of money.

Immigration would no longer be a problem because each new worker would also be a new consumer and not be taking a job from an American.

Perhaps we would be able to avoid the troubles like in Egypt and other areas of the world where people are oppressed.

# 28. 12/5/12 11:06 AM by Mike - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif Yeah, ALL us "commie libs" are just SOOOOOO stupid. Let's just ignore the FACT that people who vote Dem and identify as liberal are smarter, more well informed and more educated on average than those who vote repub and identify as conservative. (Especially you genius's who watch Faux news) I know you reich wingers frown on higher education. I also know that you don't like to let those pesky facts get in the way of a good rant, nevertheless, facts are facts. The real morons are you reich wing christian taliban types. Anti science dolts who can't comprehend and are therefore threatened by simple math and science. But it is amusing how you reich wingers feel the constant need to vocalize how superior you are (despite ALL evidence to the contrary) and how totally real and non-fairy tale your bogus religions are. It's the reich wings desperate need for constant affirmation that is so sad and so telling.

Editor's Note: if you were so smart you'd have the guns, instead uof us.

# 29. 12/5/12 11:57 AM
Hey # 28, what school do you teach at?

# 30. 12/5/12 12:03 PM by Joe - Rochester, NY
#28 From the editor: "If you were so smart, you'd have the guns instead of us" Bob, this commie lib doesn't need or want the guns. We have the ballot which will beat you (and Cal)every time.

# 31. 12/5/12 12:04 PM by Abner D

First off, libs (commie or otherwise) have no principles. They are morally bankrupt. Next, all libs are turncoats. They sold the country down the river with their votes - not once, but twice. Finally, libs are not Americans. They are domestic enemies bent on destroying our beloved Constitution.

We know libs can be lured from the safety of their burrows with pictures of Michelle Malkin, Sarah Palin's children, or recorded audio clips of conservative talk radio. The only issue left to be determined is which escape routes to Canada libs will favor most.

I hope this helps to clear up any confusion.

# 32. 12/5/12 12:30 PM by Joe - Rochester, NY
Dear #31 Abner D This commie lib has more time in combat defending jerks like you than all of the WHAM talk show hosts combined.

Editor's Note: excluding matthews

# 33. 12/5/12 12:39 PM by jim - Rochester NY
"Editors note If you were so smart you would have the guns instead of us." I do believe there is an implied Reich wing homicidal intent in that comment.

# 34. 12/5/12 1:36 PM by Mike - Rochester
thumbsdown.gif "Editor's Note: if you were so smart you'd have the guns, instead uof us. "

Oh yeah, I forgot, reich wing christian taliban types also really like to broadcast how bad a*s they are and how heterosexual they are. Ironic since most are total pus*ies (looking at you Bob) which is why they need guns in the first place. Guns they need to feel safe venturing into the city with all us wussy commie libs. LOL!!!!

# 35. 12/5/12 1:36 PM by Cami
I feel intimidated by your repeated commie lib statements.

# 36. 12/5/12 1:40 PM by hc
mmm......I dunno..I think that the commie lib voters should have done a better job checking out the voting records/positions of the breakaways. I'm having a hard time believing that they "suddenly" turned. And it's not the Republicans fault that the voters didn't do their homework. In politics "seniority" means nothing to me.

It would be kind of interesting (to me at least),to see the breakdown of where these breakaways hail from, upstate vs. downstate. Not sure what difference it would make, but it is something I'm curious about.


# 37. 12/5/12 1:45 PM by hc
#28....Let's just ignore the FACT that people who vote Dem and identify as liberal are smarter, more well informed and more educated on average than those who vote repub and identify as conservative.

....Uh, Mike? Judging by what you wrote (and how you wrote it);it looks like that's EXACTLY what you just did!


# 38. 12/5/12 1:57 PM by Gappy - Quincy, IL
thumbsdown.gif This liberal and family have plenty of guns. FUBOB and 'lil Abner Dumbass too

# 39. 12/5/12 2:11 PM by Clark - Penfeld
You obviously have no clue as to what communism actually means.

# 40. 12/5/12 3:04 PM by Bill
I do agree with the gist of this column.

I'll make a deal with you. If you stop calling liberals communists, I'll stop calling conservatists ignorant racist rednecks.

# 41. 12/5/12 4:46 PM by Mike R - Livonia, NY
thumbsup.gif Heeeeeeyyyyyy Bob,

Cheating, backstabbing, deception, etc.

Sounds like the standard playbook for both parties IMHO.

Keep writing.

# 42. 12/5/12 5:17 PM by james - avon, ny
Bob, You whine too much. Most of the time you sound like a little girl who lost her doll.

# 43. 12/5/12 6:22 PM by Pete B - The ROC
thumbsdown.gif If you hate NY so much, why do you live here?

Editor's Note: i was here first

# 44. 12/5/12 7:26 PM
Do all your petty bickering now, before the fiscal cliff and tax increases hit. The amount of tax increases at all levels is going to stifle economic growth and put the already fragile economy into a vise not for just years but for generations to come.

The increases are just enough to erase disposable and discretionary income.

Thank the greedy, petty politicians and their co-conspirators, the lobbyists and big business. Stores, malls, and factories will be shuttered and ghost towns will pepper the American landscape. No more Starbucks, no more Cinnabons, no more Kodak Moments...


"Reich wingers"?

Some highly educated liberal corespondent of yours apparently skipped his history class and missed the term "National SOCIALIST". Funny how liberals hate the fact that Nazis were liberals too.

# 46. 12/6/12 7:10 AM by rjd
Well, I guess my reaction is, boo hoo, after the years of voting conservative republicans in only to have them act like commie libs once in office I have to say, welcome to the club. Also the word "fair" is meaningless when you are talking real life. There is no "fair", fair is a word made up for playing board games, it has absolutely no meaning in politics.

# 47. 12/6/12 12:10 PM by ted - lyons
Oh boo hoo we played dirty with the commie libs and got something good for every one. Maybe we have to sink to their level to survive. Sounds like Chicago politics have moved east.

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