Written December 4, 2012     

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# 1. 12/4/12 1:11 AM by Chris - Scottsville
thumbsup.gif No welcome from me, Sinclair. Nobody here is thrilled.

# 2. 12/4/12 3:46 AM by Ann - Chandler, AZ
thumbsup.gif For a city its size, Rochester has a very polished news crew at Channel 13. Living in a major city now (Phoenix), I expected at least the same caliber of professionalism in the news programs of such a large city.

Boy, was I wrong. The local news shows here aren't "bad", per se, but they are not nearly on the level of professionalism as Rochester's Channel 13. Sometimes, it seems downright hokey.

I honestly don't remember FOX 31, and never heard the name Sinclair. But I agree that the people of Rochester depend on Channel 13 for unbiased reporting and professionalism.

# 3. 12/4/12 4:07 AM by Jack - Rochester
thumbsup.gif Chop, chop, chop... here it comes. That's what they do. Everything changes. Things that are good disappear. And companies that take over others get rid of the older employees. That is how they do it... this has been going on for generations. Too bad. It happened to my father, it happened to my wife's father. It happens all the time.

# 4. 12/4/12 4:25 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif Sin-cl-air broad - casting... There will be a new pretty face on the news in town. Don Alhart, (Don All-heart), has too much class and integrity to be their Fox clone anchor.

"Sinclair's relationship with Fox/News Corporation was also strengthened after Sinclair agreed to a six-year affiliation renewal for its 19 Fox-affiliated stations."

# 5. 12/4/12 5:20 AM by timmy
Nice job application, Bob

Editor's Note: sadly, channel 13 won't hire me no matter who owns them.

# 6. 12/4/12 5:43 AM by hunter - e. bethany, ny
Bob, you are in Never-Never Land on this one. Reality news instead of real news appears to be on its way to Rochester.

# 7. 12/4/12 7:04 AM by Rick C - Rochester,NY 14610
67 degrees in Rochester,NY on December 4th! You have to love that Global Warming!

# 8. 12/4/12 7:16 AM by Victor
thumbsup.gif Amen. This is a perfect case for the application of "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

# 9. 12/4/12 7:26 AM
Don Alhart really? He's the reason I stopped watching channel 13 should have left a dozen years ago.

# 10. 12/4/12 7:29 AM
If they did pay $54 million they will cut. Homegrown means nothing to them.


As you learned from your experience with your own company, 'Trans-planetary Broadcasting', these corporations are all about the accounting department. They care little about the broadcasting function. As long as an accountant says they can save 15% by carving off a chunk here or a leg there, nobody is safe.

They will quickly make your ch 13 conform to the bland corporate model because that is the easiest for them to manage. Even if revenue falls, as long as costs fall faster, they will have a station that performs within the curve.

"Good night Lou!"

"Good night Ted."

# 12. 12/4/12 8:00 AM by Tom Dey - Springwater, NY
I'm betting they will have people interviewing for their own jobs - like in the movie "Office Space." And "discover" that many of the senior staff are unqualified and overpaid. Shortly thereafter, they will announce the new format and line-up. Especially now that News is perceived as show-biz rather than information.

# 13. 12/4/12 8:02 AM by Carl - Williamson
Fox could rule the national news here if they would move their cable news to fox 31 at six to seven. The local news is covered well 8,10,13,14.

# 14. 12/4/12 8:22 AM
Thanks for the encouragement skippy.....

# 15. 12/4/12 8:42 AM by hc
thumbsup.gif News about the news isn't news. It's inside baseball, and I really could give a rip.

However, that being said, they better not do away with Don Alhart. You are absolutely right about there being uh, "heck" to pay, if they do. He's right up there with Abbott's, Nick Tahou's, RIT, and Wegman's. If there was ever going to be a "Mr. Rochester", it would be him.

RE: Poll:

YNN all the way for local news, with a hint of 13. I don't even bother with TV for the national/world stuff, I get national news from Drudge.


# 16. 12/4/12 8:47 AM by Bill
The poll is a bit askewed: I actually watch a combination of YNN and channel 8. YNN has capital tonight, katie morse, and other state issues and tv8 has Stacey Pensgen.

# 17. 12/4/12 8:58 AM by Scott - Henrietta
Let the corporate looting begin.

# 18. 12/4/12 9:01 AM by Stan
The big shots will fill their pockets and their employees will soon fill unemployment lines. This is Romney model in the making.

# 19. 12/4/12 9:02 AM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
I like to cocktail my local news. Alhart and Ryan for the news, flip over to Scott Hetsko for the weather. Since I don't follow sports, that's when I switch over to Seinfeld repeats, which also gets me off the hook for the post news chirpy banter.

# 20. 12/4/12 9:05 AM by tom - penfield, ny
This reminded me how little I watch TV. I ditched my cable and DVR rental and bought a RUKO. I glance at the articles in the D&C but don't bother much with the opinions of the editors and other contributors because of the lefty slant (slant is a polite word for it). I get all my news and entertainment from the internet unless I am reading a book. I remember when there were the big three channels and a couple of UHF channels. Those were great days, but times change. Why bother with a paper map when you can use a GPS.

Editor's Note: it's called "roku"

# 21. 12/4/12 9:07 AM by Christopher - Newport News, VA
Bob, I didn't know how good the local news in Rochester was until I moved. The local news here in Hampton Roads is hard to watch. So I don't.

# 22. 12/4/12 9:14 AM by Ted - Henrietta
Hello Beth,

Let's do dinner. I am free just about any night around 5 p.m.


# 23. 12/4/12 9:32 AM by Richie - Caledonia

Sinclair Broadcasting Sex Offense

Sinclair Broadcasting Nightline Controversy

Sinclair Broadcasting Kerry Film Controversy

Sinclair Broadcasting Obama Infomercial Controversy

Bob.....you should apply for work at Sinclair. Once they find out about your FUBO wear business you would be welcome with open arms.

# 24. 12/4/12 9:43 AM by Breaking News Alert
Sinclair makes Fox News look like good natured people.

# 25. 12/4/12 10:00 AM by Andy - Henrietta
Sinclair could bring back its "news" segment that was entitled "Get This" from their News Central concept days.

# 26. 12/4/12 10:09 AM
Methinks Don Alhart picked up his cadence and mannerisms from Ted Baxter. I wonder if he uses a highlighter on certain words on his teleprompter. He may be a member of a cult. I like Don Alhart.

Sinclair will probably not cut the weekend interns. They are cost effective except for the "dead air".

Years ago Channel 13 had the "Pepsi Syndrome" happen on their then state-of-the- art soundstage. Fifty thousand bucks in 1970 dollars...

# 27. 12/4/12 10:11 AM
That figure was just for the damage, not the cost of the soundstage.

# 28. 12/4/12 10:13 AM
New FUBO product: "Sinclair Dinosaur" bumper sticker.

# 29. 12/4/12 10:25 AM by jim - Rochester NY
seeing as how its WHAM channel 13, and WHAM 1180 did sinclare get a package deal on two broadcasters or did they seperate the package? And other than lower ratings what sort of hell would they pay?

# 30. 12/4/12 10:31 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY


Talking about out of control corporations AND TOWNS, I`d like to tell about the thieves at Morgan Real Estate here in Rochester. I have a friend who has lived in East Ave Trailer Park in Penfield for 35 years. She was admitted to the hospital for over a month, and then a nursing home for 4 months. A social worker forced her to sell under threat of legal action to force her into extended care. She chose otherwise and now moved to a different location so that she can remain in independent living. Meanwhile Morgan Management seized her belongings and her possessions and would not let her move them to her new location after stealing her home for nothing! THEY HAD PROMISED HER THAT SHE HAD UNTIL THE END OF DECEMBER TO MOVE OUT HER POSSESSIONS! She went to small claims court and just asked for her possessions to be returned. They refused her and ruled against her with THIS CONSERVATIVE PARTY BACKED JUDGE! Any ideas on HOW SHE MIGHT BE ABLE TO ACHIEVE JUSTICE?!

# 31. 12/4/12 10:41 AM by BSP
I watch channel 8 news.

These days, Don Alhart always sounds like he's drunk, Ginny Ryan's smile always looks forced and unnatural and she has zero sense of humor, and Glenn Johnson still isn't my cup of tea. The rest of the crew sounds nasally.

Sinclaire, it's no big deal if you've got channel 13 now. We are not excited and we really don't care.

# 32. 12/4/12 10:46 AM by Political Observer - Greece, NY
thumbsdown.gif Give it a couple of weeks and Sinclair will be asking Comida for tax breaks.

Your poll should of included none of the above. There isn't a local news TV channel worth watching. In addition the local newspaper is third rate staffed by part time writers.

If you want news, buy the Buffalo paper, watch Fox News, and pick up a copy of the weekend edition of the WSJ.

# 33. 12/4/12 11:03 AM by John - SLC
Place your bets, ladies and gentlemen!

Let's look back here in a year and see what has been done.

Bob is quite often right in his advice, but also quite often ignored, to the detriment of the folks who think they know better than "some guy on the radio."

Will Channel 13 be flourishing and profitable, or a gutted carcass of what it once was, but a really cheap operation to run, although with eroded market share, lost credibility, and no future. Sort of goes along with the story of Rochester.

My bet is on decline. I hope I am wrong.

# 34. 12/4/12 11:16 AM by Cami
#3 Jack so true to keep us confused and pull out the rug from under our feet -

Meanwhile, according to democratic sites Congress is going to again make full out attempts to ram through another extension of the Bush tax cuts for the top 2% and cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid before the end of the year.

I don't know if it's true. could Romney & Ryan have stood against the cuts?

I hear many spiritual people say that is what the elites want for us to be confused, at war, fired, layed off, hated and broke and they want to be worshipped as Gods hence the tax cuts for them and to force us to pay for a health system that we don't want.

# 35. 12/4/12 11:30 AM by Matt - Rochester, NY
I am sure someone there will read your column-----NOT.

# 36. 12/4/12 12:05 PM by Abner D

@# 16. 12/4/12 8:47 AM by Bill "... and tv8 has Stacey Pensgen."


# 37. 12/4/12 12:21 PM by Mary
Haven't sat down to purposeful watch the local news broadcast in over 20 years. Between the teasers, over inflated meteorologists, and press release stories there is nothing I find informative about TV news. How much actual news is presented in 30 minutes...? Local TV news will go the way of the printed newspaper.

# 38. 12/4/12 12:25 PM by cj
if it's not broke then I agree, leave it alone

# 39. 12/4/12 2:20 PM by Heh - #@$!chester, NY
thumbsup.gif You know, if those guys are still around, I hope they will keep those same guys operating the cameras. You know the ones I am talking about Bob. The twins? I wonder if they are still there. They were cool as %$#@.

I saw Ginny at a family gathering recently. She favored me with a small smile that made my day :)

Maybe with the millions Sinclair paid, they could turn up the heat in the studio. Of course, it's probably that way on purpose.

Editor's Note: i love the twins. i had a chance to visit with them a couple of years ago on that dancing stunt 13 did. the twins are the nicest gentlemen ever -- and they are second amendment guys

# 40. 12/4/12 3:18 PM by Nick - Irondequoit, NY
I agree with #31 and would add that Channel 8 is fun to watch. Their weather guy (Scott) is hilarious, the weather girl (Stacy)is a babe, and their anchor (Maureen McGuire) is a cutie.

Editor's Note: kevin doran also is very strong

# 41. 12/4/12 3:38 PM by John
#32 Doesn't all radio and TV get federal funding? Aren't our Congressmen getting paid? They are collecting our taxpayer's money so they ought to give up some of that money or how about all of it? Since they all get paid under the table by this corporation or that. Let's start there with funding cuts. Their retirement! Their social security, their health care, their perks.

# 42. 12/4/12 4:02 PM by Cami
#30 Cal tell her to get an atty! Sad that many of our elderly/ill aren't taken care of properly and people just want to rip them off!

# 43. 12/4/12 4:57 PM
Sinclair doesn't give two hoots about Rochester. It's all about the money.

# 44. 12/4/12 5:08 PM by Larry - East of East Webster
Bob, Your comments about Sinclair for the last couple of days are saying the same exact complaints about Sinclair as the voters were saying about Romney. Really, everything you said about Sinclair is just what they said about Romney. How can you dislike Sinclair but admire Romney?

# 45. 12/4/12 6:25 PM
#44 - Larry: Yeah, binders full of accounts in the Cayman Islands! There are some things that Bob will NEVER get! Being in a union was OK when Bob was at Gannett, but a no-no for everybody else!

Editor's Note: being in a union was COMPULSARY when bob was at gannett. the same when i was at channel 10.

# 46. 12/4/12 6:27 PM by The Donaldo
Thahteen - yer all fiyad!

# 47. 12/4/12 6:36 PM by Cal - Rochester, NY
RE: # 42. 12/4/12 4:02 PM by Cami #30 Cal tell her to get an atty! Sad that many of our elderly/ill aren't taken care of properly and people just want to rip them off!

Cami, Thanks.... I took your advice and went to an attorney. He told me it would cost $2000 to represent her! Morgan gets away with stealing her belongings and then I`m told by the attorney that it would cost me more if I tried to steal them back and would be charged with trespassing and go to jail, while scrooge Morgan Management gets off scott free as robbers! She was also insured by Allstate and they won`t cover her lost furniture and possessions either!

# 48. 12/4/12 7:19 PM
Howsabout a column about the "virtual surveillance" of every single American by the NSA? Story today on Drudge.

# 49. 12/5/12 4:53 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsdown.gif The best straight news reporting is done by Ch.8 morning newscaster Mark Gruba. He has improved that program in a big way.I dont watch Ch. 13 much, finding D.Alhart to be cheesey, and the rest of the cast inconsequential.I never watch Channel 10 since it is nothing more than a front for the Democratic Party, and its cast of Bimbos a collection of giggling dolts.But Funke must be a hell of a poker player.

Editor's Note: gruba is a very strong talent. he really doesn't have a weakness.

# 50. 12/5/12 7:57 AM by #45

Editor's Note: boobs don't need to spell

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