Written December 2, 2012     

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# 1. 12/2/12 1:56 AM by Jamesblonde - Conesus, NY
Bob, I am one of your friends who take government assistance in the form of SSI Disability. If I didn’t, we would have lost our home years ago, been on welfare and homeless to boot. The liberals set things up that way, knowing that the easiest way to enslave someone is to control their money. This is all because the world is wrapped up in the oldest battle that exists; the battle over free will. And if there is a way to control us, it is by taking our free will by controlling our debt. Now you may think I am crazy, and you may be right. I think living conditions in America will become very good soon. Costs of fuel, food, housing and all of the necessities of life will drop dramatically. People will credit Obama, even if he is not responsible for the improvements. Soon after he will start talking about how he won’t be able to do all he wants to in the little time he has left. His supporters will call for overturning Amendment 22 of the Bill of Rights, thus allowing him to run for a third term, and maybe fourth. This is a step on the road to becoming a dictator. I hope I am wrong.

# 2. 12/2/12 3:45 AM by Hubert - ELK GROVE

# 3. 12/2/12 4:41 AM by little john - Mount Morris, NY
thumbsup.gif "And this past election told us a great deal about the people. Mitt Romney offered a plan to save the nation. Barack Obama offered a plan to benefit the individual. On Election Day, individuals chose to help themselves instead of their nation."B.L.

We the people is not We the wall street silver spoons. A walled street nation of haves still taking it from the have nots in dubious ways..."Is it safe yet?"...

White collar crime syndicates ARE in the board rooms of collusion, conspiracy, and acting in concert, with unconscionable malice, avarice, and greed...

And they are PROUD of it. Proud of their malice. Proud of their avarice. Proud of their greed.

Maybe you can tell me, (us, U.S.), WHERE; the 100 million dollars for Mitt Romneys five sons' "trust" fund in the Caymans; came from... Did he make something? Did he manufacture any durable good? Did he help people in need? Or did he fleece the pensions from companies that used to employ veterans? I don't know. But I have my doubts. Someone told me that Mitt Romney and George Fisher went to the same Simon school of MASTERS of business mis-administration. I don't know that as fact. But the MO or pattern of destruction in their wakes seems very similar...

# 4. 12/2/12 6:14 AM by OldVietVet - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Right! And Mitt Romney, who is a smart and decent individual, successfull in both the private and public sectors, said as much via his "47"% remark.And when he and Paul Ryan spoke of tax reform and budget cuts, they offered the cure. Which is why they lost.The vaunted "middle class",whose votes both parties coveted, was spooked by Romneys mention of tax reform.After all, they've been recipients of govt. largesse for decades now-as much so as the "inner city people".A deduction for this and that,and the benefits from a thinly disguised hand out system means,to them,that they are following the govt. recommendations for health and prosperity-and that cant be bad, can it? Its our right! But the bills are coming due.And regardless whether or not the Congress surrenders its autonomy to the Exec. look out!If you wanna dance, you gotta pay the band.And the band is getting impatient."Fiscal Cliff" anyone?

# 5. 12/2/12 7:27 AM by Abner D

A marxist dictatorship established within the United States thanks to 51% of Americans not smart enough to come in out of the rain.

# 6. 12/2/12 7:31 AM by ALL OUT OF POCKETS
On his deathbed, my father only asked me two things. "Take good care of your mother, and always try to do the right thing."

I have strived to honor him in death as I could never do in life. Don't get me wrong, I never disrespected him, but now that he is gone I see the things all around me that I could have done differently. And better.

Past Christmases have been celebrated and weathered with a variety of hardships and blessings. But this Christmas, as has tended to be the trend the past few years, will be another difficult one.

Yesterday, I received the bill for my mother's recent surgery and rehab. $32,000, give or take a few dollars and cents. I provide her with insurance to supplement her Medicare, but the co-pays for this medical episode run about $2,500 "OUT OF POCKET".

It's like the time my brother and his "born again" Christian friend got held up on their way back from Friday night "revival" meeting that they attended mostly out of curiosity, right smack in the middle of an inner city neighborhood. "Empty your pockets!" demanded the would-be thief. "WE AIN"T GOT NO POCKETS!" retorted my brother's friend. My brother says he turned toward his buddy and looked at him in disbelief. The thief, confounded, turned away and left. Quite a foolish, if not outright crazy, thing to do, for sure, but my brother's friend had FAITH! A lot of it, freshly doled out at an old-fashioned, good-time revival!

$2,500 is a way lot too much money for us right now, but $32,000 would be virtually impossible.

Just over three years ago, my mother lost her bought and paid for medical coverage when GM stuck it to her and the rest of America (cash for clunkers?) for that matter, in their "structured" (Mittspeak)(read "trumped up") phony bankruptcy. Just like Kodak and Hostess. (executives at Hostess, by the way, have asked for and gotten their "executive compensation" and bonuses in the millions!) With that coverage, her co-pay would have been ZERO! Twenty years of blood, sweat, and tears for GM and this is what she gets! In addition she lost a $1,000 per year holiday bonus, which really came in handy over her years of retirement.

So this year at Christmas, the "right thing" will be to work off the bill, and forgo the "gifts" of sorely needed clothing and celebrations with fancy food and treats.

Our Christmases have always been ones of generousness and giving to others, but this year we will just have to give less, and that is what really hurts. Barely got change for the kettle, but I will be sure they get theirs.

As for so-called "entitlements", isn't it a fair thing to ask, that after 20 years, an honest, diligent, hard working employee just get what they bargained for 20 years earlier? If the big companies are screwing their once loyal workforces out of hard-fought and hard-earned benefits, doesn't it follow that some folks would have to revert to government assistance to make up the shortfalls?

We take our HEAP benefit, and enhanced Star Tax abatement. We refused food stamps and Medicaid, although we do have some level of eligibility there.

Aren't we sometimes blaming the patient for getting the disease rather than blaming what caused the disease?

Before he left us, my father went blind with macular degeneration, and was ravaged by arthritis. I was his caregiver, and made great sacrifices. But it was all worth it in my mind, as people reported to me that he often confided in them that he wouldn't know what he would do without me.

So blame "us", or "you", or "them" for Obama getting re-elected, but make sure you search thoroughly in your quest for answers.

It's just God's way of reminding us what Christmas is really all about anyway...

# 7. 12/2/12 8:01 AM by Bill - Rochester NY
The middle class is being squeezed as more and more of its money is being siphoned off to the ultra-rich. The GOP is reponsible for this, and the people are starting to understand what's going on. It doesn't bother you because you have this cabin in the woods rugged individualism fantasy you cling to.

# 8. 12/2/12 8:05 AM by hunter - e. bethany, n
thumbsup.gif We have met the enemy, and it is us.

# 9. 12/2/12 8:54 AM by Cal - Rochester, NY
Walmart's New Health Care Policy Shifts Burden To Medicaid, Obamacare from Uncle Sugar!


I think it is more than just us. Obamacare is going to force a government takeover of private industry medical coverage. Walmart, the largest private employer, is headed for Uncle Sugar to take over the private industry medical coverage!

Is this the beginning of the MARK OF THE BEAST(666) predicted in THE BIBLE IN REVELATION? The anti-christ is going to demand that we have to have the number 666 to do any business, including buying of food! I can see it coming now!

# 10. 12/2/12 11:20 AM by Poplar Beach
Bob, I like you would never think of seeing what I might be entitled too in the way of government programs. If you don't really need it, why would you even know it existed, that is the way it used to be.

These programs are no longer the secret kept for folks who really need them, they are the entitlement for all Americans, displayed in neon lights.

All this started long before Obama, but with him, we are now advertising on Mexican TV how to apply for benefits in the USA.

When I got out of the military, I knew nothing about disability, today they are given a very long list of possible disabilities and told how to apply for them.

I recently met a very well off person, (fellow Vietnam vet) who gets a monthly check for 20% disability, according to him, I have these same disabilities and I am nuts to not apply. ("Disabilities" that have nothing to do with how I function in my daily life.)

I know folks who have bad backs, migraines, carpal tunnel, who are on SSI disability, they learned how to apply from their friends, and relatives, and were told, you are a sucker if you don't do it.

Have we gone past the point of no return? This last election would seem to say yes, but I am still wondering why almost 3 million fewer republicans voted for Romney than voted for McCain.

I would have thought that Romney would get more republican votes than McCain, so who did not vote?

My guess, evangelicals who do not think Mormons are Christians, voters in Blue states who thought their vote did not count because of the electoral college, and perhaps Romney did not have the get out the vote ground game he should have had.

Now for democrats and independents, why did Romney turn off single women, the war on women, yes it was manufactured by the Obama machine, but fueled by Romney saying he wanted to defund Planed Parenthood, $365 million, a drop in the deficit bucket, also I know many young women who think Mormons are male chauvinist pigs, a misconception, but it does exist.

Why did Romney turn off Hispanic voters, self deportation, something that is never going to happen, but Mitt thought it was a key to winning the republican nomination.

Add in the 47% remark, no tax increase for the rich, not one dollar in taxes for 10 dollars in cuts, Mitts car elevator, picking Ryan instead of Rubin, and some other mistakes!

Lets us face it, Mitt Romney was the best candidate in the bunch, but he made some unnecessary mistakes and as it turned out he was not the right man to beat Obama.

If I thought all was lost, I would be looking at property in Australia right now, but I still have faith in this country and I think fiscal conservatism is not dead yet!

# 11. 12/2/12 11:35 AM by BSP
Come up to Edgemere Drive in Greece at any time during the week. You'll see countless people fishing in the ponds, usually in the afternoon, as they probably don't get out of bed until noon. These people are not at retirement age, they look healthy enough to work, they drive decent vehicles, and they leave all sorts of garbage behind when they leave, making the area look like the inner city. I doubt very much that any of these people work and are probably on some sort of welfare.

We should go back to how things were in the 1930s, when people needed to work to live.


I'm not saying that some 90-year-old woman should go without, but it's these capable people, the ones who are 20 and 30 and 40-years-old who are healthy enough to work... if they don't work, they should be made to work. No more welfare, no more programs, no more tax dollars funding people's daily fishing trips.


And these people who are supposedly disabled... I have a neighbor who doesn't work, because she says she has a bad foot and has needed 2 operations. Yet she collects a fat check every month while she seems to get around just fine. I see her mowing her lawn, raking leaves, carting her trash to the curb, etc... I've even seen her runnig while playing with her dog. She doesn't use a cane or a wheelchair and she doesn't even limp, but she gets a check each month for not doing a thing, merely because some crooked doctor and a greedy lawyer convinced a stupid judge that she, and thousands like her, is too handicapped to even sit on her ass and be a telemarketer or assemble pens.

People who are on disability (SSI) should be forced to work within their means.


I don't know if there is a whistle-blowing program here in NY, but the time has come for a program where people should be able to report these criminals, report those with false welfare and disability claims, report those who collect WIC, even though they don't need the extra money, etc. And when the whistle is blown and the govt. finds their claims to be phony and without merit, the whistleblower gets a cash reward, money which would have gone to the criminal in the first place. They money the govt. could save on paying out welfare to these criminals could fund the program, could pay out rewards, and could pay for a whole department of employees who would investigate phony claims and bring the phonies to justice.


# 12. 12/2/12 12:08 PM by Albert Vallone - Livonia NY
thumbsdown.gif It is not the generic "us" you refer to but rather you and the rest of the voting minority that see your world as collapsing.

Why is it too much for your sort to accept that it is me and the rest of my majority that won playing by the same rules you claim to respect when convenient.

You people claim to be Constitutionalists while forgetting what the Preamble states so very clearly, the right for all citizens to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

You can be assured that I Am much more content in my pursuit of happiness and much less concerned that your type will now have a more difficult time attempting to abrogate mr liberty or interfere with my life.

That's what you get living in a democratic republic.

Perhaps most of you would prefer living in the land of Zion ruled by some individual claiming divine authority.

I and similar voters would not.

Editor's Note: hey, asswipe, that's the declaration.

# 13. 12/2/12 2:03 PM by Paul - Rhode Island
All this angst over a moderate centrist Christian family man, who at least in 2011 bent over backwards to work with conservatives, took over in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis that he didn't create and since that bottomed out in early 2009 there has been consistent albeit slow job growth, got us out of Iraq, got Osama bin Laden, and (horror of horrors) wants to allow a temporary tax cut to expire for 2% of Americans and preserve it for every one else, has deported more illegal aliens than any previous President, hasn't taken away your guns, implemented a health care plan cooked up in conservative think tanks in the early 1990s....

NO he hasn't been perfect, But seriously, how much getting things 100% your way all the time have you come to expect?

# 14. 12/2/12 3:21 PM
thumbsdown.gif I disagree with you Bob. I don't think things are nearly as dire as you make them out to be. And I especially don't think you can "blame" election results on the voters.

On the other hand, I hope you saw the big article in the NYT Sunday about all of the corporate welfare you frequently call out.


(Caution -- take your blood pressure meds before reading.)

I feel a LOT more aggrieved by that than I do about social welfare for real people, and I bet the cost is higher in the long run!

# 15. 12/2/12 5:22 PM by PJG - Mt.M
Call me pessimistic, but it seems to me that the natural state of mankind is willing servitude. All this talk of yearning to be free rarely seems to play out. Some, including me, do indeed wish for liberty and the right to make their own way in the world. Most, however, seem to want others to do the thinking for them and desire things to be handed to them as if they were pets. When creature comforts become more important than industriousness and personal responsibility, that premise begin to grow like a cancer in the soul of a nation. That premise became an institution with the National Election of 2012.

# 16. 12/2/12 6:29 PM by Liberty Tom - Rochester, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob - I hate to sound like a gloom and doomer but this country is over as we remember it. When the Demoncats and liberal Republicans succeeded in their plans to exchange goodies for votes, all was lost. Now, it's just a matter of trying to get as much life out of this Republic as we can. I'm approaching that by instilling one thing in my family members...independence. For if you depend on another person for ANYTHING, then that person owns you. I won't raise slaves.

# 17. 12/2/12 7:18 PM by Tom Bastian - Fairport, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob, last week I wrote and e-mailed an essay about the failures of the last election and the problems facing the country. I hope you had an opportunity to read it. We are truly facing a challenge from within. No country or dogma could beat us from the outside but we are destroying ourselves from the inside. Some will say it goes all the way back to The Fair Deal of the FDR years. I argue that most of it goes back to LBJ and The Great Society. It has been unrelenting and only occasionally, most specifically during the Reagan years, has it even been slowed. Even Republicans have fostered the growth of the feeling of entitlement. We used to be able to tell who was productive from those who received "services" by the way people dressed, lived or behaved. Today it's much more difficult because you can by filet with an EBT card and you can't build a factory without a government subsidy. This past election cycle the Republicans who should have been "Educating" the public about how to save our economy and our values spent most of the time attacking their opponents for totally irrelevant garbage. I am glad I have spent a majority of my 69 years in the Old America. I grieve for my children and grandchildren who have to face the "New Amerika"

# 18. 12/2/12 8:02 PM by Bob
thumbsdown.gif The truth is only 20% of the country feels when you do.

# 19. 12/2/12 8:22 PM by Rick G. - Spencerport, NY
My wife and I will be facing a $65.00 per month (each) hike in our health insurance in January, bringing our total annual payment close to $15,000. Out of pocket.

It frustrates me that people did not vote for somebody that could have changed things to make them more affordable, but rather they enthusiastically chose a man who will keep things expensive so they can get them for free.

# 20. 12/2/12 8:28 PM by Jungle Jay - Buffalo
It seems the word welfare is now a derrogatory term. There is a General Welfare clause in the constitution.

One of the primary purposes of the Federal Government is to "promote the General welfare."

Editor's Note: actually, it is your personal welfare that is more than anything else in this country endangering the general welfare. but i wouldn't expect you or any of the neoklansmen of the liberal apocalypse to understand that.

# 21. 12/2/12 8:30 PM by Cam
Your friends either must know how to play the system like have their cars in someone elses name because DCFS won't accept you if you have a new car or 2 cars unless they are clunkers - they would say sell them and looks at income very closely and if you are not at the poverty level you will not get assistance and foodstamps vary, depending on where you live like if you live in NJ the most is $200 per adult and children less. A single mom and her child would get $300-$350 at most depending on other income. Or they have friends who work for the DCFS and are given special favors. Same old story the truly needed are told to wait and put on hold or denied for some reason.

# 22. 12/2/12 8:32 PM by Jodi - Wayne County East
I know it's very difficult for those of us who truly love this great Nation and the principles it was originally founded upon to watch it slowly crumble from the inside out due to the pure selfishness and immorality of a democratic majority of it's citizens and leadership.

As our founding fathers knew quite well we were never intended to survive apart from a strong christian faith and moral foundation.

Unfortunately, as goes the United States so eventually goes the rest of the world.

Our former world exceptionalism, as imperfect as it was, was based solely upon our christian faith and morality coupled with hard work and the grace of God.

The more we push the God of the Bible aside and worship our own personal needs and fulfillment instead of the will of our Creator the sooner we will crumble and eventually fall.

We are currently witnessing it before our very eyes.

For all true believers in Jesus and His coming Kingdom remember this world is not our home. We are but sojourners in it but not of it patiently awaiting the rapture His second coming and millennial reign.

Then the new Heaven, new Earth, and new Jerusalem.

All others must and will soon pass through the reign of the anti-christ and great tribulation of the wrath of God against a spiritually adulterous and unbelieving world.

Repent and cry out to Jesus while there is still time. While you are able.

Or prepare to face the wrath of judgement.

# 23. 12/2/12 8:38 PM by Rachel - Greece, NY
What you're saying has actually been confirmed in a recent study. It showed that those people with the lowest opinion of various social services/welfare programs were not the wealthiest people, but the people who were essentially "second to last" on the socioeconomic food chain. Interesting stuff.

# 24. 12/2/12 8:39 PM by Don - Hilton
thumbsdown.gif I am 48 and I do know anyone on welfare ,maybe you need to change friends

# 25. 12/2/12 8:47 PM by Heather - Henrietta
One person's "subsidy" is another person's "welfare."

# 26. 12/2/12 9:01 PM by tom - penfield, ny
Oh Bob, Get over it. Mitt was just an out of touch clown who believed in a strange religion. Listen to Jodi and Cal, the Evangelical freaks that say that they rest in God's grace but always seem to be more afraid of the future than their fellow man. Buck up Bob, and show a little faith. You and Cal and Jodi have as little faith as any people I have ever seen. Remember God is in charge and doesn't need you phonies to help Him.

# 27. 12/2/12 9:02 PM by Les - Hammondsport
Something is wrong.

You work two jobs. Your wife works. You write and sell books. You have a t-shirt business. You have speaking engagements. You hunt for your food. You buy at second hand stores. And you can't afford a decent health care policy.

Something is wrong.

# 28. 12/2/12 9:19 PM by Bills Fan
Why do we have to give the NFL welfare to build stadiums?

# 29. 12/2/12 9:30 PM by crabby 'ol woman - Ottawa, IL
I'm liberal, a Democrat and strong union. I've managed to retire after 28 yrs. in corrections with a modest pension that I faithfully paid into every two weeks. Of course the politicians want to take it away so perhaps I retired too soon. My conservative friends (that's all in my area other than Tea Party "patriots") just commiserate about our possible losses, shrug and say that we can all let the government take care of us just as you've used as example in your article. Yet they scream about smaller government and Obummer being the great Satan or some such crap. You are right Bob.....conservatives are oft times blind. It's such a TERRIBLE thing to be on the dole for anyone but themselves to feed at the trough.

# 30. 12/3/12 12:07 AM
I'm not completely sure how to answer your question. I pride myself on not taking any form of welfare. However, when I file my taxes I will take a deduction for my mortgage interest. I will take deductions for each child. I will take deductions for my charitable contributions. That all reduces my "fair share" (geez, I hate that expression). Is that welfare? No, I tell myself. It is just playing the game wisely. Rationalization ...it is the first value we give up on the way to the dole.

# 31. 12/3/12 1:43 AM by Jod9
Good point and Paul Ryan also admitted he had his hand in the cookie jar wanting money for his state. In 2012, the state with the highest percentage of people using food stamps is Mississippi (20.7%) which is a red state.

Jesus only had a few loaves of bread yet he feed many people. Spiritual laws of compassion and generosity aren't logical. There is always enough with love.

Ex: Reagan cut food stamps, aid to families with dependent children, medicaid, school lunch programs and made poor people sell any assets over $1,000 and during his administration the number of families living below the poverty line INCREASED by one third. You still think the opposite would happen. It didn't. Giving a tax break to the rich also didn't create jobs.

I think our Lord and savior knows more about things that you do Bob so please listen again to what he says about the poor and do what he instructs and quit arguing about it.

Being prideful is thinking you don't have to obey spiritual laws and all other sins follow the sin of pride. Such as gluttony, jealously, lust, envy, anger, greed and sloth. Pride is at the base of all of them.

That doesn't mean you get to throw stones at poor people and then go get in the welfare line and commit welfare fraud. I hope your friends who are that pitiful get caught.

# 32. 12/3/12 1:45 AM by Dave - Henrietta
Bob I'm getting worried. I haven't heard any dates for book signings this Christmas?

Editor's Note: none are coming

# 33. 12/3/12 2:03 AM by Sam
Clinton did welfare reform when he was president so you cannot be on welfare longer than 5 years and you have to be looking for work 8 hrs. a day and have proof of that or you don't get a monthly check. They are stricter than the unemployment office!

WIC is for low income families and gives you milk, cereal and juice if you have a newborn. A small family spends easily $50 on milk alone or a milk substitute monthly.

Maybe you need to be more discerning of your choice of friends if they are against welfare yet getting on it. No one is putting a gun to their heads to do this. Did you report them?

# 34. 12/3/12 2:15 AM by jolene - sandy utah
Romney didn't win because God didn't want him to. Besides the fact of Mormons everywhere being blamed for everything if Mitt had won...their is another reason. The world is meant to get more and more wicked. Which is ideal with Obama as President. So hang on tight...get your guns...food storage...safety kits ready for unruly behavior and unruly weather. Now isn't the time to be sctewing around. Families need a plan. It is sickening for half of America to vote a person in office who thinks full term abortions are a good idea. Everyone who agrees with this should be forced to google one. Barbaric. Wicked.

# 35. 12/3/12 2:32 AM by Fairport mom
You know what worries me? That voices like yours are becoming increasingly marginalized.

# 36. 12/3/12 2:47 AM by Brandon - Logan, UT
Of course, this essay has echoes of Romney's "47%" comment, which very likely was a major factor in his loss.

But there is a lot of truth in it. It's painful for many, but maybe that 47% idea will stick in people's minds, long after Romney is forgotten. I hope so. He was wrong to say it wasn't his job to care about that 47%, that he couldn't win them over, etc. But he was right that we have fostered a dependency attitude, an entitlement mindset.

Maybe we 47 percenters need to really look close at what we're doing, what we're expecting, and how that relates to good government. Because it's obvious to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that the slippery slope we are on is NOT an upward one.

# 37. 12/3/12 2:52 AM by Biker Bob
Bob, I don't like Obama or anything about his agenda either. I voted straight Republican. My neighbors who live on each side of me don't like him either. However, they did NOT vote because they feel their vote isn't going to make a difference. The first "change" that has to take place is that more people have to vote. I really feel that most people disaprove of Obama because I never hear anyone say what a great job he is doing. I always hear people gripeing about him but when pressed, you will find that they didn't even vote. THAT is where the problem is.

# 38. 12/3/12 2:56 AM by Biker Bob - P.S.
I wish when a listener calls your show, you would ask them if they voted and if they say "no" just hang up on them and then go off into one of your tirades about what an idiot they are and how unamerican they are as well.

# 39. 12/3/12 5:02 AM by Chelsie B. - Queens, NY
thumbsup.gif Bob:

Do you take the mortgage interest deduction? Isn't that also welfare?

When Obama, or Bush gave us all $200.00 back as a tax credit, did you mail that $200.00 back to the US Treasury?

Not trying to justify anything, just seeing how far you personally go with your philosophy.

# 40. 12/3/12 5:06 AM by Brian
Go re-read Mark Twain's "Corn-Pone Opinions". He effectively captured why people do what's wrong and/or shelve critical thinking in favor of group-think if they believe it's in their best short-term interests to do so.

Once government engages in ANY kind of welfare or assumes responsibility for retirement savings or health care or anything individuals should be responsible for, it's only a matter of time until the size and scope of hand-outs ensure what we have today: dependency coupled with economic catastrophe.

# 41. 12/3/12 5:08 AM by Ray Wagner - Locust Grove, VA
thumbsup.gif The majority of the voters who voted in the recent election are selfish and short-sighted. Liberals will someday realize that they lost the election, too. The goose that lays the golden eggs has its head on the chopping block. Liberals are trying to force God out of our society but assume His blessings will never end. Only a spiritual revival in this great country will reverse this trend and save this country.

# 42. 12/3/12 6:06 AM by Mark - Rochester
So with the healthcare you are skipping wellness visits and eventually something will happen and off to emergency where tax payers can pick up the bill. How is that responsible?

# 43. 12/3/12 6:10 AM by DD
thumbsdown.gif Billions of tax dollars are sent overseas to foreigners annually, but nary a peep out of the right. It's only when our American brothers and sisters receive help that you utter your voices against them. Screw you! Your continued whine long after the election is over will do little more than ensure your defeat in elections to come. Your hardheartedness will never gain a foothold on American soil again.

# 44. 12/3/12 6:48 AM by rjd
Yes I'm afraid that this election really made it clear that folks are in it for themselves. Every body is a conservative until it moves from talking principles to actually living by them. What do you do about it? really nothing. You keep doing what you're doing and eventually it will take care of itself, the money will run out, the crap will hit the fan, and then our folly will become obvious. Think Germany after WWI, people starving on the sidewalk, eating stray dogs. Think it cant happen? it has happened and it can happen again. People are basically stupid in a way, we always seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over again. Instead of learning from the wisdom of our past we mock it and foolishly believe that it can never happen to us. Everything in nature is in cycles and we are in a constant cycle of feast and famine. Empires rise and Empires fall, mostly because man is a victim of his own ignorance and arrogance.

# 45. 12/3/12 7:10 AM by B Smith - Syracuse New York
What puzzles me, is that somehow you think with nine kids (soon to be) you are on the moral high ground. Frankly we would be in a lot more trouble if everyone took your road rather than getting a little help from the government. Overall birth rates are down and that is a good thing.

While I respect your right to have nine kids, I have to think that desire is just another notion in the conservative mind set that makes you feel that you are far superior to the rest of us and gives most of us just another reason to find your type scary.

# 46. 12/3/12 7:20 AM by Larry - Virginia
thumbsup.gif Well said, as usual. I see people getting many things for free that I paid for when I was young. There was no child care credit. My wife stayed home and I worked two jobs. Neighbors with one more child than me (same income) got help with their mortgage interest from the federal government, while I paid all my own and part of theirs. It's a new world and, as they say about so many things today, it is not sustainable. Too many takers and not enough earners!

# 47. 12/3/12 7:29 AM
thumbsup.gif "I’m not talking about inner-city stereotypes. I’m talking about suburban and rural families with two cars, swimming pools and bachelor’s degrees."

Not to mention the E-reader, the Tablet, the Smartphone and/or the Laptop.

# 48. 12/3/12 7:50 AM
Mitt Romney's own party betrayed him and let him down. The majority of his former opponents did not support him or just remained silent in their sulking. The republican party let us down. Major changes need to be made in this party's leadership.

# 49. 12/3/12 7:58 AM
#27- Nothing is "wrong", according to Bob's urologist. His pecker is fine and performs well! Several times a day, for that matter!

# 50. 12/3/12 8:10 AM
I hate it when others always include me in the evaluations of their own human foibles and shortcomings...

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